What Is Cannabis Oil

What Is Cannabis Oil? A Breakdown of THC Oil

Cannabis oil is a potent marijuana concentrate full of active ingredients. Are you curiously asking what cannabis oil is? This product contains the THC and other potent cannabinoids you’d find in dried flowers but without any unnecessary plant material. Once you know how to use cannabis oil, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of weed whenever you want. Explore our guide to answer common questions, including, what is THC oil? Why take cannabis oil? And what’s the best cannabis oil online in Canada? Keep reading to find out!


All About Cannabis Oil

First thing’s first: what is cannabis oil? This concentrated product includes active ingredients like THC and other beneficial cannabinoids in an oil-based form. Cannabis oil is made by extracting the active ingredients from marijuana plants. There are many ways to harvest these cannabinoids, but directly infusing the oil over gentle heat is most common. This step pulls THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and other valuable compounds from cannabis buds and into the oil. 



What Is THC Oil?

What is THC oil, and is it different from cannabis oil? These terms get used interchangeably, but they do have meaningful differences. THC oil is a type of concentrated cannabis oil. The main distinction is that THC oil contains THC, the psychoactive compound that makes marijuana users feel high. Not all types of cannabis oil contain THC. CBD oil is also a form of cannabis oil; however, CBD oil typically doesn’t contain THC.


If you want to learn how to use cannabis oil to get high, make sure your oil contains THC. Many blends do, so you have lots of choices. However, if you’re looking for pain or stress relief without getting high, then CBD oil is the best cannabis oil for you.



How To Use Cannabis Oil

What is cannabis oil used for? You can explore many methods when learning how to take cannabis oil. Many people prefer an oral or sublingual method for their oil. Why take cannabis oil by mouth, you might ask? This method is easy, effective, and subtle. It’s also easy to customize. You can swallow cannabis oil by itself or with food or drink for long-lasting effects. For faster results, hold a few drops of oil under your tongue until they’re absorbed through your mouth. You’ll feel the effects much quicker. 


You can also try other options for how to use cannabis oil. For example, rub it into your skin for rapid pain relief, vape it in an adjustable-heat vape pen, or add it to your favourite recipes for a cannabis-inspired boost.


The Best Cannabis Oil In Canada

Now that you know what THC oil is, why you take cannabis oil, and how to use cannabis oil, we should cover where to buy cannabis oil! Cannabis Ontario features some of the best online weed dispensaries in Canada and same-day weed delivery in Toronto, and other Provincial cities, that carry the best cannabis oil available. Explore our wide selection of lab-tested, well-reviewed oils from today’s best companies. We offer reasonable prices and guaranteed shipping to help you have the best experience. Our customer service team is also ready to answer any of your questions.


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