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Updated January 21, 2021, by the Cannabis Ontario Team

Since legalization, cannabis dispensaries and stores are popping up in communities all over Canada. Niagara Falls is no different and has one of the fastest-growing cannabis industries. As dispensaries and online stores open, they offer new convenient shopping methods such as the same day weed dispensary delivery in Niagara Falls Ontario. You can order some weed the same way you can order pizza in most of these communities. While regular cannabis users may opt for the more efficient method like same-day delivery, there are still dispensaries for first-time users exploring their options. Niagara Falls is home to many different cannabis stores. Some are online or physical stores, while others are medical clinics. Among a sea of providers, we took the time to research all of them and provide you with a list of all the best options in Niagara Falls. These providers all carry similar products such as concentrates, distillates, cannabis buds, and edibles. Some even have nonrelated cannabis products like magic mushrooms. Check out the full list at Cannabis Ontario.

Same Day Weed Delivery Niagara Falls


Should I Buy My Weed at a Dispensary or Have It Delivered?

When deciding to buy your weed in person or online, there are a couple of things to consider, but ultimately one way is not necessarily better than the other. Picking your method should revolve around your preferences. For example, are you a first-time user who wants to have expert help while you browse the various products? If so, go to a dispensary. On the opposite side, are you a regular stoner who knows the kind of strain you like and are looking for a refill? Buy your weed online then. Convenience, guidance, and experience are all factors you should consider when deciding how to purchase your weed. We will cover each in more detail below.


Niagara Falls Cannabis Dispensaries 

Marijuana dispensaries are like weed grocery stores. They carry all different kinds of products but also things like weed cookbooks, tools, and paraphernalia. You may want to go to a dispensary if you are a first-time user because a salesperson will be able to guide you through the process of buying your first bud and the right tools depending on your plans to consume it. These stores are also known as weed stores, cannabis shops, and many other names. If you are shopping for your first high, these are the best place to go. Or, if you are exploring new methods of consuming THC, we’d recommend a dispensary.


Niagara Falls Online Cannabis Stores 

If you are a regular stoner and know what strain or products you like, there’s no sense in driving down to the dispensary; unless you prefer it. Online weed stores offer a much more convenient route for purchasing your favourite CBD products. The online market is outpacing the physical stores because more and more stoners are preferring the convenient method. Additionally, these online stores offer insane discounts on a lot of their products. We recommend avoiding a first-time user purchasing your product online because having the dispensary representative with you may help you make a more informed purchase.


Niagara Falls Cannabis Delivery

Ordering weed is as easy as ordering pizza. Many weed dispensaries and businesses started same-day delivery for their customers. So, you order your cannabis, and a delivery driver will drop it off within hours of making it. This service is relatively new, but there is no reason stoners shouldn’t take advantage of it. You just order your weed and wait with your feet up until it arrives. This makes same-day weed delivery in Niagara Falls one of the most convenient ways to source cannabis.


Niagara Falls Medicinal Cannabis Clinics

Cannabis has a wide variety of medical benefits, and as such many medicinal cannabis clinics are opening in the greater area of Niagara Falls. Usually, medical marijuana products are stronger than the recreational ones, so it is also more regulated. To use these clinics, you need to be an approved medical user. Many cannabis doctors can help you get a prescription for your ailments. Keep in mind that the products sold at these clinics are significantly more potent than what you would find at an online store or a dispensary.

Cannabis Store Near Me Niagara Falls


What CBD Products Are Available at These Stores?

Your experience shopping in a dispensary versus an online store may be slightly different, but you can almost always find the same products at both. Below we outlined all the available products at these stores. Using our guide, you should be able to find the right product and store. Make sure to compare all your options because stores will carry the same products but different brands. Good weed hunting in the greater Niagara Falls area!


Marijuana Flower Strains

Cannabis bud is the most recognized form of consumption. Almost every store carries this product, although each will have different strains and brands. The stores in Niagara Falls and the surrounding area carry thousands of different strands, but you can find your favourite Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa strain. The weed farmers in Canada are some of the best in the world, so there will not be a supply of high-quality weed. Prices also remain relatively low because of the steady supply. If you are trying to be economical, most dispensaries also let you buy some cannabis bud wholesale, which means you buy a lot of weed at a significant discount. Check out our list of dispensaries and online stores to find who carries your favourite strain.


Weed Concentrates & Distillates

Distillates and concentrates are made by using chemicals to remove all the plant material and leave only the THC compounds behind. These are potent forms of THC consumption. They are also fantastic alternatives to smoking. Concentrates and distillates are often sold as tinctures, oils, resin, shatter, or creams. Our list of dispensaries and online stores is a great resource to point you in the direction of distillate or concentrate. 


Weed Edibles

Marijuana edibles are the second most common form of consumption for cannabis. There are so many different ways to infuse weed into your favourite food or beverage. The common products you will find in a store are weed brownies, cookies, gummies, chocolate, and tea. Some websites have many different edible recipes. To be safe, we recommend buying your edibles from reputable sources like an online store or dispensary.


Cannabidiol or CBD

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound in weed products. Many dispensaries or medical clinics carry tinctures, oils, capsules, gummies, and vapes containing this substance. It has many therapeutic benefits and has no intoxicating side effects of THC. The product is becoming more popular due to its medical benefits and can be found in most stores.


Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are a natural hallucinogenic on the rise in Canada because of their various therapeutic benefits. They have no relation to cannabis products but are still sold at many dispensaries and online stores. They also come in many forms, such as tea, gummies, dried, and chocolates. They are known to produce strong hallucinogenic and psychedelic effects.

Marijuana Dispensary Near Me Niagara Falls


Why was Marijuana was Legalized? What Makes It So Great? 

Cannabis was legalized because the government saw the overwhelming evidence that its therapeutic benefits vastly outweighed the dangers. Officially legalized through the Cannabis Act of Canada, weed is known to be an effective treatment for pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. It offers numerous benefits for the recreational user consuming it to unwind after a stressful day at work and bears no damaging side effects. Keep in mind that each province also has its laws regarding cannabis. We recommend reading about the local statutes in your province.

The rise in popularity is because everyday people also began recognizing the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. With the government’s and the public’s support, weed has become a household object among many Canadians.


Finding the Right Weed Store

Our detailed list should help you find the right product and place to purchase it. Check out the full list at CannabisOntario. We double-checked our research and tracked down all the licensed cannabis stores and delivery services in the greater Niagara Falls area. We hope through our research, you find your favourite brand, and store. 


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