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Updated January 21, 2021, by the Cannabis Ontario Team

If you are a new consumer or a regular stoner, Waterloo has some top-quality cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services in the country. With so many options, you know you are getting top-shelf marijuana products but selecting the right one may prove difficult with so many options. We are here to help. We organized a list of all the cannabis shops and weed delivery services in Waterloo

Our research involved collecting as much information as we could about the various shops and services. We tried to find information regarding the type of products they sell, customer reviews, and other crucial details. Hopefully, after examining all of the available stores and services in your area, you find the right one to satisfy your cannabis craving. When looking throughout the list, keep in mind all the different service types. There are marijuana dispensaries, online cannabis stores, mail order weed, and even same-day weed delivery in Waterloo. Whichever method interests you the most, the Cannabis Ontario guide should help you find the right provider.

Same Day Weed Delivery Waterloo

There Are Numerous Ways You Can Buy Weed in Waterloo.

The perks of the rising popularity and legalization of weed in Canada is not only that you can indulge worry-free. It is also that providers are going to find innovative ways to get you your cannabis. As the demand in the market grows, so will the number of ways you can buy it. To find the right method, ask yourself what you like when purchasing things. Do you enjoy shopping online? Do you like having a sales representative available while you shop? Are you a first-time user who will need help picking out a product? Asking yourself questions like these will help you determine your best method for purchasing weed. 


Medicinal Clinics in Waterloo

These medicinal cannabis clinics in Waterloo are not necessarily for the average recreational user. These dispensaries usually have a marijuana doctor that can prescribe a medical permit for potent THC capsules and other medical THC products. These products are stronger than the products you would find at a recreational weed dispensary, and as such, they are more regulated. Usually, you cannot purchase or own these medical-grade cannabis products without a card. Most users are turning to the growing recreational dispensaries and online stories. Medical marijuana is meant to treat people with severe chronic pain, depression, or anxiety.


Recreational Dispensaries in Waterloo

Recreational weed dispensaries in Waterloo are the most common way to purchase marijuana. You can find these throughout the country and in the greater Waterloo area. If you like to shop in-person or are a first-time user, this is the right option for you. You can browse many different products and brands while also having access to a sales representative to ask any questions that may come up. These are also commonly referred to as weed stores, cannabis shops, or bud stores. We researched the top dispensaries and weed delivery in Waterloo Ontario and created a list you can reference when choosing which to go to first.


Ordering Marijuana Online and Delivered by Mail

Online cannabis dispensaries in Waterloo are becoming the preferred method for buying weed. This part of the market is quickly growing due to its convenience. You can find many reputable online stores that will deliver by mail to almost anywhere in Canada. You can order many of the same products you would buy at an in-person dispensary with just the click of a button. If you are a regular stoner, who rarely switches up your preferred cannabis product, this convenient option is probably the best for you.


Same Day Weed Delivery in Waterloo

Going to a smoke session with some friends and forgot it was your turn to bring the weed? No worries, many cannabis stores offer same-day weed delivery in Waterloo. You order your preferred cannabis product, and within hours a cannabis delivery driver will drop off your order. Now it is just as easy to get high as it is ordering takeout. Of the various methods, this is the most convenient and fastest to get your weed. Many different businesses offer same-day delivery, browse all of them, and find the store that offers your favourite brands and products.  

Cannabis Store Near Me Waterloo


What Are Products Are Typically Offered?

Most weed dispensaries and online cannabis stores in Waterloo offer the same products. You often will not find much difference in product availability when choosing a purchasing method. The only cannabis store that will carry different products is a medicinal marijuana clinic in Waterloo. The common products you can find at a dispensary or online store are cannabis flower strains, edibles, concentrates, vapes, resin, CBD, and magic mushrooms. While these stores all offer these products, the brand quality and price will often differ. Our list of weed stores includes available brands and prices so you can make the best decisions when picking a store to shop at in Waterloo.


Weed Strains or Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis flowers and the various strains are the most common type of marijuana consumption. They are many different beautiful and delicious strains on the market. Most of the stores in Waterloo carry your favourite Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains. Also, Canada has some of the best weed farmers, so you know the quality of the bud is high. Top-quality weed can come at a high price, but if cheap weed is more important, there are many dispensaries where you can buy less expensive options. If saving money is a goal, consider buying your favourite strain at wholesale, which involves buying in bulk at a discounted price.  



THC oils, tinctures, resin, or shatter are considered some of the most potent cannabis products on the market. Through a chemical process that removes the plant material using butane, producers can concentrate the THC at levels as high as 80 percent. Sometimes stoners purchase THC concentrates to blend into their favourite recipe to create an edible. However you plan to use them, these products are available at most stores across Waterloo.


Weed Edibles

Marijuana edibles are the most common alternative to smoking marijuana or a THC concentrate. Edibles are one of the fastest-growing weed products in the country, and as such, they are readily available at almost any store. They come as brownies, cookies, chocolates, gummies, or tea. Even as food, the weed in these is still potent, especially since THC reacts differently when entered into the bloodstream via weed edibles. They are great for newcomers or regular stoners who want an alternative to smoking.



CBD products differ from other marijuana products because they do not contain THC, so they do not produce an intoxicating effect. These are great for users who want the health benefits of CBD without the potential side effects. Producers typically out CBD in oils, skincare products, gummies, vapes, creams, and so much more.


Magic Mushrooms

Unrelated to weed, but still sold in the same place, magic mushrooms are a natural hallucinogenic filled with psilocybin that induces euphoria paired with a spiritual journey. People add these mushrooms to chocolates, teas, and gummies. You can buy them easily from any dispensary or online marijuana store in Waterloo.

Marijuana Dispensary Near Me Waterloo


Why Do People Like Weed?

The therapeutic benefits of marijuana vastly outweigh any potential side effects. The Canadian government legalized it recreationally and medically because of the health benefits. Every day people use it because it helps them relax after a long day at the office or to treat many chronic health issues. 

Officially legalized in 2018 by the Cannabis Act of Canada, you can own and use any form of cannabis, recreational or medical. However, be sure to stay up to date on individual provinces and their rules regarding it because they are all different. You can find out more about the individual laws and national laws on their government page


How Do I Pick the Best Weed Store?

If you want to make sure you are buying top-quality weed, the easiest way is to buy from a reputable source. Only licensed providers will carry the best brands and products. Luckily, we researched all the online marijuana dispensaries, cannabis stores, and weed delivery in Waterloo so you can find the perfect product and the best provider.  At CannabisOntario, our goal is to make finding the ideal weed dispensary or delivery is as easy as can be. You can even find same-day weed delivery in Port Coquitlam BC and neighbouring areas. 


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