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Updated January 21, 2021, by the Cannabis Ontario Team

Canada made strides in recent years regarding marijuana. Now that the recreational drug is legal, cannabis communities are cropping up all over the country. Sudbury, Ontario, is now one of the fastest-growing cannabis communities throughout the whole state. There are cannabis dispensaries with same day weed dispensary delivery in Sudbury opening up all over. As more and more cannabis stores pop up, we took the time to research all of them and provide you with a list of the best cannabis options in the greater Sudbury area. There are many different options like weed stores, cannabis delivery service, or mail order cannabis. 

All of these options provide top-notch products like medical marijuana, cannabis concentrates, distillates, edibles, and so much more. Some of these also carry products like magic mushrooms or an array of CBD goods like skincare and beauty creams. You can find the full list of nearby cannabis dispensaries at Cannabis Ontario. You can find a nearby dispensary to visit, order weed online, or get same day weed delivery. The weed community in the greater Sudbury area is growing, so take advantage and get the right CBD product for your high. Let us help guide you through this new booming industry in the community with our expert cannabis knowledge.

Weed Dispensary Near Me Sudbury

What is the Difference Between Weed Delivery or Buying It from a Dispensary? How Are Stoners Buying Cannabis?

There is no real difference between all the different methods of buying cannabis products. Your preferences should guide which service you ultimately choose. For example, do you enjoy the experience of browsing all the available products at a dispensary? Or maybe you want to speak to an expert in person while you browse. Convenience could also be a factor for you. Buying weed online is the easiest method but offers little in the way of advice or guidance. These business types all give a different experience, and the right one for you depends on your preferences. We will explore each in detail so you can ensure you pick the right one.


Cannabis Dispensaries in Sudbury

Weed dispensaries in Sudbury Ontario are stores where you can browse and buy a wide variety of cannabis and other products. They are also known as weed stores, cannabis shops, and many other colloquial titles. These stores typically carry almost any kind of marijuana product you would want and any associated paraphernalia like grinders, bongs, or vapes. The advantage of purchasing weed this way is that the store is a physical location. So, if you like the idea of shopping in person or knowing there is an expert on standby to answer any questions you have while browsing, your local cannabis stores are your best option.   


Online Cannabis Stores in Sudbury

If you are not interested in browsing or exploring product options and do not need any guidance through your purchase, an online cannabis store may be the right choice for you. As opposed to the physical dispensaries, these online stores’ primary advantage is their convenience. The online marijuana community is outpacing physical stores due to how easy it is to order your favourite products online. Online stores also offer unbeatable discounts on high-quality products. If you are a regular stoner and know what type of weed products you like and need little to no guidance, then the online stores may be the best choice for you.


Same Day Cannabis Delivery

In Sudbury, you can order a weed much like you order a pizza. Businesses are starting to offer same day weed delivery in Sudbury for many of your favourite cannabis products. Usually, a delivery driver will drop off your order within hours of making it. If you know what type of product you want and are solely looking for convenience, this is the best option for you. You just order your weed and relax while you wait for it to be delivered later that day.


Medicinal Cannabis Clinics in Sudbury

Cannabis has a wide variety of medical benefits, and as such many medicinal cannabis clinics are opening in the greater area of Sudbury. Usually, medical marijuana products are stronger than the recreational ones, so it is also more regulated. To use these clinics, you need to be an approved medical user. Many cannabis doctors can help you get a prescription for your ailments. Keep in mind that the products sold at these clinics are significantly more potent than what you would find at an online store or a dispensary.

Cannabis Store Near Me Sudbury

What Products Do These Stores Offer?

While the experiences of shopping in an online cannabis store versus a dispensary are different, they usually have similar inventories. We have outlined the various products available at all of these store types, including the prices and effects. You can find the right store and the best product in the Sudbury area after comparing all the options outlined here. Below are the main product types you will find at most online stores, dispensaries, and medical clinics in Sudbury and throughout the country.


Marijuana Flower Strains

Almost every store online or physical will carry cannabis bud strains. The strains themselves might all be different, but this is the most common type of marijuana product. There are thousands of strains at these locations in Sudbury, and you should find your favourite Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa strains. Luckily, Canada has some of the best weed farmers, so the supply of high-quality weed never really runs out. The prices also stay low because of the high availability. Another great point about cannabis buds is that some dispensaries let you buy them wholesale, which means you can buy a lot of weed at a huge discounted price. When looking through our list of local Sudbury dispensaries, you can find out which of them have your favourite strains available.


Weed Concentrates & Distillates

You can extract THC from cannabis buds using a scientific process involving chemicals like butane. The chemicals remove the plant and other organic material and leave only the THC compounds. After the remaining THC is made safe for consumption, you have a great product called a THC distillate or concentrate. These are fantastic alternatives to smoking bud. Many dispensaries carry these as THC Oils, tinctures, or resin. Check out our list of dispensaries and see which of them are offering distillates and concentrates.


Weed Edibles

Another great alternative to smoking weed is eating it. There are so many different weed edibles on the market. An edible is when you infuse weed or THC into some food or beverage. Typically, common food types are candy, baked goods, or teas. Most dispensaries carry simple products like weed cookies, gummies, chocolate, and brownies. You could also find a variety of websites that have recipes for other weed edibles. To be as safe as possible, make sure you buy your edibles from a reputable source like an online store or dispensary.  


Cannabidiol or CBD

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound in weed products. Many dispensaries or medical clinics carry tinctures, oils, capsules, gummies, and vapes containing this substance. It has many therapeutic benefits and has no intoxicating side effects of THC. The product is becoming more popular due to its medical benefits and can be found in most stores.


Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are a natural hallucinogenic on the rise in Canada because of their various therapeutic benefits. They have no relation to cannabis products but are still sold at many dispensaries and online stores. They also come in many forms, such as tea, gummies, dried, and chocolates. They are known to produce strong hallucinogenic and psychedelic effects.

Same Day Weed Delivery Sudbury

What Makes Recreational and Medical Marijuana Great? Why Do People Support Legalization? 

The rise in popularity and legalization of marijuana in Sudbury and other places all over Canada is largely due to the therapeutic benefits both the recreational and medical drugs offer to users. It can treat pain, anxiety, and depression. Or some people use it to relieve the stress built up over the day. Whatever the use is medical or recreational, the benefits are plenty, and the damaging side effects are little to nonexistent.

The overwhelming popularity and benefits sparked lawmakers to recognize both recreational and medical marijuana users should be allowed to indulge without the threat of legal repercussions. The Cannabis Act of Canada legalized recreational and medical use all across the country. However, while it is legal across the county, make sure you stay up to date on the different laws in each province because they are different.


Finding the Right Weed Store

You can find the right way to get your cannabis products through our detailed list at CannabisOntario. We did our research and tracked all the cannabis stores and delivery services in the greater Sudbury area. You can examine different companies and see which one offers the highest quality products at the best prices.


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