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Updated January 21, 2021, by the Cannabis Ontario Team

New or regular stoner, there are plenty of cannabis dispensaries, online marijuana stores and same day weed delivery in Peterborough where you can buy weed. With so many options, you may feel lost. We took the time to research all your options and compile a list of the best purchasing options in the area. Our list includes information like customer reviews, product and brand inventory, and prices. After searching through and examining your options, we hope our list helps you satisfy all your cannabis cravings. Whether it is buying from a marijuana dispensary, ordering cannabis online, or through same-day weed delivery, we hope you find the method that works best for your high.  Browse through the Cannabis Ontario weed dispensary listings and find the best deals on the hottest products in Ontario.

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All the Ways You Can Buy Weed in Peterborough

As the popularity of weed grows, so do the ways suppliers are willing to get it to you. Do you enjoy shopping online? Or maybe you like working with a sales representative in person? Are you a new stoner and need help picking out your first product? Whatever your situation, there is a method of buying weed that benefits everyone depending on their preferences. When analyzing our list of cannabis suppliers in the Peterborough area, ask yourself if you have any shopping preferences.


Peterborough Medicinal Cannabis Clinics 

Medicinal Cannabis Clinics in Peterborough are not intended for recreational stoners. These are medical offices where a doctor prescribes cannabis products for patients suffering from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Most regular users cannot even purchase marijuana from these stores because they require a specialized card. Products sold here like THC capsules are more regulated because there are more potent than regular products. If you are a recreational user, you are better off heading to a nearby dispensary or shopping online.


Peterborough Recreational Dispensaries 

Weed dispensaries in Peterborough are the best option for recreational cannabis users. These are common throughout the entire country, and there are many options in the greater Peterborough area. If you prefer in-person shopping, like to browse or think you will need help from a sales representative, we recommend using a dispensary. They have many different brands, products, paraphernalia, and other related products. Sometimes they are also referred to as bud shops, cannabis stores, or weed stores. Our list includes all the licensed weed dispensaries you can shop at in the area.


Order Online and Get Weed by Mail

Ordering weed is becoming quite popular among the Peterborough cannabis community. Many chose to use weed eCommerce because it is more convenient. There are many reputable stores online that you can buy from, and most will deliver to any area in Canada. If you are a regular stoner and know your typical buying patterns or weed cravings, we recommend using online cannabis stores because you cannot beat the convenience.


Same Day Weed Delivery 

Maybe you wanted to get high this Saturday, but you forgot you smoked the last of your weed last weekend. You cannot make it to a dispensary, and the weed you order online will not make it until next week. Luckily, ordering weed is now as easy as ordering pizza. Many businesses now offer same-day delivery for cannabis orders. Of all the methods, this is the quickest when it comes to getting weed. Browse our list of Peterborough cannabis stores that are offering same-day weed delivery in Peterborough, and never worry about running out of weed again.

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What Are Products Are Stores Offering?

The products you will find at these weed stores in Peterborough will almost always remain the same. Online and physical dispensary rarely offer any difference when it comes to their product inventories. You will usually find weed strains, concentrates, edibles, vapes, resin, CBD, and magic mushrooms. What you will notice is that each of these stores offers different brands at varying prices. You can check out our list of stores to find your favourite brand at the right price.


Weed Strains 

Weed Strains or Cannabis Flowers are usually how people consume marijuana. While all the strains are different, each with unique looks and tastes, you can easily find your favourite Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strain at most stores. Also, some of the best weed farmers live in Canada, so you know these stores have the best quality products. These high-quality products will be more expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives at other stores.



Concentrates are made using a chemical process that separates the plant material and the THC. The product at the end of the process is some of the purest THC you can buy on the market. Some concentrates are as high as 80 percent. These are usually sold as tinctures, oils, resin, or shatter. Some people use the oils to infuse THC into their favourite recipe, creating the ultimate edible. You can buy these from almost any store in the Peterborough area.


Weed Edibles

Edibles are the go-to alternative to smoking weed or indulging in a concentrate. They grow in popularity every year, especially among first-time users. These products involve mixing weed into your favourite food. They typically include brownies, cookies, gummies, chocolates, and teas. When baked into food, the weed becomes more potent because more it enters your bloodstream than when you smoke. 



CBD products differ from other marijuana products because they do not contain THC, so they do not produce an intoxicating effect. These are great for users who want the health benefits of CBD without the potential side effects. Producers typically out CBD in oils, skincare products, gummies, vapes, creams, and so much more.


Magic Mushrooms

Unrelated to weed, but still sold in the same place, magic mushrooms are a natural hallucinogenic filled with psilocybin that induces euphoria paired with a spiritual journey. People add these mushrooms to chocolates, teas, and gummies. You can buy them easily from any dispensary or online store in Peterborough.

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Why Do People Buy and Use Weed?

The Canadian government legalized marijuana because it saw its growing popularity among the public, but also because the drug’s therapeutic benefits vastly outweigh any potential side effects. When used medically, it can treat chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and other mental diseases. Recreationally, it provides an incredible outlet for stress among many Canadians. Many people come home from work and wash away their stressful day by smoking a joint or taking a drop of a concentrate. 

Officially legalized in 2018 through the Cannabis Act of Canada, the country as a whole agrees weed provides more benefits to society. If you are 19 or older, you can use marijuana recreationally or medically in any form. However, be sure to check your province’s laws regarding it. Many of them vary province by province. You can read more about Ontario weed laws and statutes about marijuana on our page here.


Which Brand and Weed Store Are Best?

There are many different factors you should consider when trying to figure out what cannabis product to buy. However, when it comes to your purchasing method, there is much difference between them. You should ask yourself about your shopping preferences and pick the one that matches them the most. We do recommend you only buy marijuana products from a reputable supplier. Buying from them is the best way to get top-quality products and stay safe while getting high. Browse through the CannabisOntario dispensary listings and find the best deals on the hottest items in Canada.


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