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Blue Diablo
Cannabis Flower
20% THC
per 1/4 oz
Bruce Banner
25% THC
per 1/4 oz
Shatter - Godfather OG
Cannabis Concentrates
Premium Shatter
per 1 gram
Bentley Hash
Cannabis Concentrates
Premium Hashish
per 2 grams
Faded Edibles: THC Tincture
Cannabis Concentrates
All Natural full Spectrum THC Distillate & Organic
per 500 mg
CBD Move Tincture - Mango
Other flavours available
per 1000 mg
Aura Edibles CBD Orange Bombs
Weed Edibles
Top-grade ingredients
per 240mg
Secret Garden Extracts Vape Cartridge
THC: 95.35 W/Terpenes
per 1 gram
Penis Envy Dried Shrooms
Dried Shrooms
Top-grade psilocybin mushrooms
per 1 oz
Dames Gummies
Shroom Gummies
Fruit Shroom Gummies
per 1500 mg
Shroomies - Milk Chocolate Shrooms
Shroom Chocolate
2 x 500mg doses
per 1000 mg

WeedSmart Dispensary Details

Name: WeedSmart

Business Type: Online Cannabis Dispensary

Website: https://weedsmart.cc/

Business Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: British Columbia (Main) & Ontario

Service Areas: All of Canada


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Lucy B
One time I ordered an oz of strain but it did not seal very well. The smell was not organic as it should be. I contacted their customer service and they gave me free gifts. That's awesome
Helen P
This has become my go to site. I still shop around for the deals, but WS has quality weed, and fast delivery.
Everytime i get the delivery on time in spite of covid times. Must give you credit for that
Mark Perry
i give this last batch my highest rating so far, nice sweet fruity taste
Laila P
Great service...parcel arrived fast.. absolutely nothing negative to say

WeedSmart Coupon Codes, Deals & Promotions

WeedSmart Store Thumbnail

5% Off + Free 3 Grams of House Kush on All First Orders (New Members Only)

Free Shipping Over $99

Up to 25% off on Premium Flowers

Multiple Weekly Promotions

Bundle Offers

Free Gifts With All Orders


–You can also find a range of discounts and WeedSmart promo codes at Your Weed Coupons

WeedSmart Cannabis Dispensary Review

WeedSmart Logo

Name: WeedSmart

Business Type: Online Cannabis Dispensary

Website: https://weedsmart.cc/

Business Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: British Columbia (Main) & Ontario

Service Areas: All of Canada

Verified by TrustPilot: 4.7/5

Cannabis Ontario Rating: 9/10

Average Customer Rating: 9.5/10 

At Cannabis Ontario, we have spent a lot of time analyzing and review the WeedSmart cannabis dispensary. We conclude that they do a fantastic job in maintaining a happy customer base and making buying weed online fun and exciting. Did we mention that they are tops in providing value for their customers? Let’s take a look at who WeedSmart is and what they stand for.

Business Overview

WeedSmart is a well-established online weed dispensary that has a massive and loyal following. They originated in British Columbia, Canada and quickly expanded to cover all of Canada. Although they do not operate store-front locations anymore, they express mail order marijuana to all parts of Canada. 

The Weed Smart team commits to changing how marijuana is perceived. They strongly believe the benefits of cannabis are great and that all Canadians of age should have easy access to high-quality products. WeedSmart is determined to change the weed industry’s face by taking power out of criminals’ hands and placing it into the users’ hands. 

WeedSmart Services

You could visit their store in the past, but as times have changed, WeedSmart was one of the first to switch its focus to online weed sales. By doing this, they quickly became one of the top online weed dispensaries in Canada. With the growing boom in the E-commerce sector, Weed Smart took the initiative to set the tone in the online cannabis industry. 

Also, they make it as easy as ever to buy weed online with their beautifully designed website. The WeedSmart website is very user-friendly, which allows customers to find what they are looking for conveniently. Simply visit their shop, add items to your cart, register, and check out. All that is left is to send an E-transfer and patiently wait a day or 2 for Canada Post to deliver your discreet package. Buying cannabis has never been easier.

Weed Smart Products

For anyone that enjoys a wide selection of top-grade products, then WeedSmart is definitely for you. We’ve gone through their entire site and have tried many of their products, and we conclude that they only deal with quality items. Also, it is clear that they take outstanding care of their inventory and keep it fresh and up-to-date regularly. Let’s take a look at some of the products Weed Smart has to offer.

Cannabis Strains

The prized treasure of the WeedSmart inventory is their marijuana flowers. They typically have over 50 weed strains in stock but regularly cycle in different varieties for their customers to enjoy. They offered over 150 of these strains in the past six months. This includes some of your favourite Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains.

Marijuana Edibles

Perhaps the hottest items on Weed Smart’s menu are their cannabis edibles. This includes some top brand-name weed gummies, chocolates, baked goods, beverages, and more! One thing for sure is that there is a tonne of options. You can even find other oral consumption products such as weed capsules and tinctures. 

Weed Concentrates

For anyone looking for potent THC products, then WeedSmart has you covered. They provide a wide-range of cannabis concentrates such as their famous hash, oil, shatter, budder, live resin, and kief. But the list doesn’t stop there because they have a long line of other weed extracts.

Cannabis Vapes

For all your vapers out there, you’re in luck. The Weed Smart vape collection is very encompassing. They carry many top brand-name vape products and offer them at affordable prices, including a variety of weed pens, vape cartridges, and e-juices.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

You can even find non-psychoactive products that do not get you high. These CBD products include a long-line of CBD oils, vapes, gummies, topicals, and more. You can even find CBD oil for dogs and cats. All their CBD products are made from premium quality Canadian hemp.

Magic Mushrooms

Let’s not forget that you can buy shrooms online at WeedSmart now too! That’s right; you can now purchase magic mushroom products such as top-grade dried shrooms, chocolates, gummies, capsules, tea, and more! Just be sure to know your limits because WeedSmart shroom products are known to be extremely potent.

WeedSmart Deals & Promos

When shopping at WeedSmart, you can be confident that you will be getting some of the best deals and lowest prices in Canada. They even have a price matching option, where if you find a lower price elsewhere, they will match it for you. Also, they provide customers with a guarantee of delivery. This means that if your package is not delivered by Canada Post, you will get a refund or a store credit. Furthermore, they offer free shipping on orders of over $99. All this together means a much lower risk for customers.

Here’s a list of some of the features that make up the WeedSmart sales package:

  • 5% off and a free 3 grams of house kush on all first orders (new members only)
  • Free express shipping on orders over $99 with tracking included
  • Up to 25% off on premium flowers
  • Multiple weekly promotions
  • Bundle offers
  • Free premium gifts with each order
  • Monthly contests 
  • WeedSmart coupon codes
  • Frequent sales
  • Bulk savings

Why You Should Choose Weed Smart

The CannabisOntario team gives WeedSmart full marks on product quality, prices, and services offered. We have had nothing be positive experiences while doing business with the Weed Smart team. They seem to care about their customers and seem committed to helping Canadians in any way they can.  We highly recommend this online dispensary, as they are a highly trusted source of cannabis and magic mushroom products with glowing reviews from sources such as BC Weed Delivery.

Here are some of the reasons why WeedSmart is a great option:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Customer-first policy
  • Safe and secure handling of information and transactions
  • Highly trusted in the cannabis community
  • A highly-trained team of weed experts
  • 100% privacy and discreet packaging
  • Verified by TrustPilot: 4.7/5

Cannabis Ontario Rating: 9/10

Average Customer Rating: 9.5/10 

Visit: https://weedsmart.cc/


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