Ooh, That Smell! What are Terpenes

Ooh, That Smell! What are Terpenes?

If you smoke weed, you probably have tried strains that tasted fruity, berry, earthy, spicy, skunky, etc. But have you ever wondered what gives cannabis flowers their distinctive scents and tastes? Terpenes are the compounds that give cannabis flowers their pleasant distinct aroma. Currently, there are over 100 terpenes commonly found in cannabis. Furthermore, terpenes are more than just small bursts of pleasant smells; they work with cannabinoids to get you high, producing the aforementioned entourage effect


Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common terpenes you can find in cannabis plants.


The Major Terpenes

Although over 100 terpenes in marijuana, some are more common and prominent than others. Below are the seven most common terpenes found in cannabis that provide the smells you’ve grown to love as a weed smoker.


What are Terpenes?


Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes and is a sedating terpene known for its fruity yet musky aroma. So it should be no surprise that this terpene is responsible for many fruity and berry weed strain flavours and smells. In addition, it produces the overall calming effect we all love about weed. 


What are Terpenes?


The second most prolific terpene, limonene, produces a stress-reducing effect. You’ll find this terpene in lemons and recognize its citrus-like scent right away. This terpene is what gives specific cannabis strains their citrusy and lemony flavours and smells.


What are Terpenes?


Pinene is a terpene also found in pine trees and is what gives some cannabis strains their pine taste and flavour. Increased alertness, boosted memory function, and the generally pleasant smell is all the work of pinene. 



Caryophyllene can be found in spices such as cinnamon and rosemary. No doubt, you’ll recognize it for its sharp, spicy odour that is attributed to some marijuana strains. In addition, this terpene works wonders as a stress reliever and doubles as a cannabinoid.



If you’ve ever tried to get away with smoking weed and had the smell give you away, you can thank linalool. This is the terpene that gives marijuana its infamous smell. The strong and noticeable odour is primarily due to this terpene. Known for its sedative properties, linalool is what makes weed so relaxing. 


Known to boost your energy levels, terpinolene is also found in lilacs and nutmeg. This terpene is known to provide a floral and herbaceous scent and flavour. Terpinolene is not as abundant as other terpenes, but it does provide very noticeable effects. 


Bisabolol has a luxurious floral aroma enjoyed by the beauty industry for its ability to enhance cosmetic products. It also has pain-relieving properties, making it an excellent addition to first aid products. 


In Conclusion on What Terpenes are

Terpenes are what give cannabis flowers their distinctive aromas and tastes. In addition, the wide range of terpenes gives each weed strain its unique smells and flavours. Currently, there are thousands of different cannabis strains out there, each with its own terpene profile. 

So, how many different tasting and smelling cannabis strains have you tried, and which ones did you enjoy the most? Let us know because our readers are always looking for new weed strains to try. 

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