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Ooh, That Smell! What are Terpenes?

CBD, Concentrates

If you smoke weed, you probably have tried strains that tasted fruity, berry, earthy, spicy, skunky, etc. But have you ever wondered what gives cannabis flowers their distinctive scents and tastes? Terpenes are the compounds that give cannabis flowers their pleasant distinct aroma. Currently, there are over 100 terpenes commonly found in cannabis. Furthermore, terpenes […]
4 days ago contario
Ooh, That Smell! What are Terpenes

What Are Cannabis Cannabinoids?


Cannabinoids are the chemicals in marijuana responsible for the therapeutic and medicinal benefits commonly attributed to cannabis. You might know that some cannabinoids get a user high when they take cannabis, but did you know not all cannabinoids get you high.  In fact, each cannabinoid serves its own purpose and many works together with your […]
2 weeks ago contario
What Are Cannabis Cannabinoids

Could Marijuana Be Better For Sex Than Erectile Dysfunction Pills?


Cannabis takes a different approach to erectile dysfunction treatment than most pharmaceuticals. By increasing blood flow to the penis, pills like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra make it simpler to get an erection. But, on the other hand, they do nothing to make you feel aroused. Marijuana is different. Pot can assist with getting into a sensual […]
3 weeks ago contario

How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Last?


4 weeks ago contario
You can expect to stop feeling the effects of a weed edible within 8 hours, but the THC remains in your body for longer. So how long do edibles last when it comes to drug tests? The short answer is, there’s no hard and fast way to know.  When you’re talking about how long do edibles last, THC plays […]
How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Last

The Different Grades of Weed Quality


1 month ago contario
The first step to procuring quality marijuana is to buy from a trustworthy shop. The quality of your weed will determine the taste, aroma, and high you experience. Below we outline the different levels of quality available on the cannabis Canada market. Good quality cannabis is not just grown, it’s crafted, and a certain level […]
The Different Grades of Weed Quality

Wondering How To Roll A Joint?


1 month ago contario
With cannabis legalization in full force, knowing how to roll a joint properly could be helpful. Smoking a joint might be simple, but that doesn’t mean that knowing how to roll a perfect joint is easy! So if you’re still figuring out how to roll a joint, we’re here to get you started. We’ll walk […]
Wondering How To Roll A Joint

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?


2 months ago contario
We have already discussed how to smoke weed and the various cannabis products available. However, it is essential to remember that just because you’re not currently smoking weed doesn’t mean that the weed is out of your system.  So how long can you expect THC to stick around? It varies from hours to months depending on six […]
How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System

How To Smoke Weed: Different Ways to Take Cannabis


2 months ago contario
Whether you learned how to smoke weed a long time ago or today will be your first time lighting up, we want to help you have a great experience. Unfortunately, even though cannabis is legal in Canada, there’s a lot of misinformation about marijuana floating around the Internet. Still, this guide will help you learn everything you […]

What Are Marijuana Edibles?


2 months ago contario
Weed edibles are any food or beverage that’s enhanced with cannabinoids. If you’re asking what are marijuana edibles, these products can be infused with THC, CBD, or both. That’s right, the questions of what are THC edibles and what are cannabis edibles can give you two different answers. It all depends on the active ingredients. […]
What are Marijuana Edibles

How to Smoke Shatter


2 months ago contario
Cultured cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with the most popular ways to consume the marijuana plant. Knowing different ways to consume cannabis is like learning how to drive. Whether the transmission is automatic or manual – if you know how to drive, you will be able to do so in an intelligent manner. To enhance your […]
How to Make Shatter


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