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What Is Cannabis Oil? A Breakdown of THC Oil


Cannabis oil is a potent marijuana concentrate full of active ingredients. Are you curiously asking what cannabis oil is? This product contains the THC and other potent cannabinoids you’d find in dried flowers but without any unnecessary plant material. Once you know how to use cannabis oil, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of weed […]
2 months ago contario
What Is Cannabis Oil

What Is Shatter Weed?

Cannabis, Concentrates

Shatter is a potent cannabis concentrate perfect for experienced users and anyone who wants an elevated weed session. Like all concentrates, shatter contains lots of active ingredients in a small amount of material. So what is shatter weed’s best use? You can learn how to smoke shatter to enjoy powerful, reliable highs. Explore everything you […]
3 months ago contario
What Is Shatter Weed

Ooh, That Smell! What are Terpenes?

CBD, Concentrates

If you smoke weed, you probably have tried strains that tasted fruity, berry, earthy, spicy, skunky, etc. But have you ever wondered what gives cannabis flowers their distinctive scents and tastes? Terpenes are the compounds that give cannabis flowers their pleasant distinct aroma. Currently, there are over 100 terpenes commonly found in cannabis. Furthermore, terpenes […]
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Ooh, That Smell! What are Terpenes

What Are Cannabis Cannabinoids?


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Cannabinoids are the chemicals in marijuana responsible for the therapeutic and medicinal benefits commonly attributed to cannabis. You might know that some cannabinoids get a user high when they take cannabis, but did you know not all cannabinoids get you high.  In fact, each cannabinoid serves its own purpose and many works together with your […]
What Are Cannabis Cannabinoids

How to Smoke Shatter


6 months ago contario
Cultured cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with the most popular ways to consume the marijuana plant. Knowing different ways to consume cannabis is like learning how to drive. Whether the transmission is automatic or manual – if you know how to drive, you will be able to do so in an intelligent manner. To enhance your […]
How to Make Shatter

How to Smoke Hash


7 months ago contario
Hashish, more commonly known as hash, was first used in ancient Arab and South Asian cultures. Since it is likely one of the oldest cannabis concentrates ever, there is a good chance you have heard of it. However, if you are unsure how to smoke or even how to use hash,  there is nothing to […]


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