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How To Smoke Weed: Different Ways to Take Cannabis


Whether you learned how to smoke weed a long time ago or today will be your first time lighting up, we want to help you have a great experience. Unfortunately, even though cannabis is legal in Canada, there’s a lot of misinformation about marijuana floating around the Internet. Still, this guide will help you learn everything you […]
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What Does Weed Feel Like?


If you’ve never smoked pot before, it’s normal to be curious and wonder what weed feels like? Even experienced marijuana lovers might still want to know exactly what happens when you smoke weed. Cannabis is a unique natural gift that creates unforgettable experiences. So let’s explore all the details about using marijuana so you can understand what […]
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How Does Weed Feel Like

What is Cannabis? A Brief Overview of Marijuana


The legalization of cannabis in 2018 has ushered in big business in the cannabis industry. There are now more online cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services than ever before. With the increased availability of cannabis, you may be wondering what marijuana is and should I try it? Indeed, many are trying marijuana for the first time, and […]
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What is Cannabis

What Are the Best Marijuana Strains For Pain Relief?


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Updated on April 8, 2021 By the Cannabis Ontario Team   What Are the Best Marijuana Strains For Pain Relief? Cannabis provides users with a wide range of therapeutic properties that can help with various conditions. One of the common uses of weed is to ease aches and pain. There are many in the running […]


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