How Does Weed Feel Like

What Does Weed Feel Like?

If youve never smoked pot before, its normal to be curious and wonder what weed feels like? Even experienced marijuana lovers might still want to know exactly what happens when you smoke weed. Cannabis is a unique natural gift that creates unforgettable experiences. So let’s explore all the details about using marijuana so you can understand what causes the sensations in your body.


Cannabis can have different effects on people due to a variety of factors. Your experience level, tolerance, and personal body chemistry will impact what cannabis does to you. These factors play a part in how users respond to weed.

1. The Strain

When youre wondering what marijuana does to you, start by considering the strain or type of cannabis youre using. Different forms of the cannabis plant will cause other effects because of their unique properties.


2. The Dosage

The amount of pot you use is essential when youre asking what weed feels like. You should know your tolerance and try to stick within your comfort zone for the best results. Using a bigger dose than youre ready for will lead to a bad experience. If youre a new user and are still figuring out what it feels like to be high on weed, we recommend starting with a low dose. You can always work your way up from there.


3. The Potency

The strength of your cannabis concentrate or weed strain plays a significant role in what happens when you smoke weed. Stronger or more potent products create a more powerful effect. Therefore, you should learn about your pot products when youre still determining what weed feels like.


4. Method of Smoking Or Consuming

What does it feel like to be high on weed? If youre like many stoners, you can have a different experience just by using a new method. For example, you may have a stronger reaction to vaping than to smoking a joint. So be mindful when youre experimenting and pay close attention to what marijuana does to you in new formats.

5. Sublingual or Tinctures

Studies have shown that using sublingual cannabis and marijuana tinctures are some of the fastest and most powerful ways to discover what cannabis does to you. These methods kick in much faster than eating an edible or smoking a bong. 

6. Using Alcohol Or Other Drugs

If youre curious about what weed feels like, you might also wonder about other drugs. Curiosity is only natural, but be cautious when combining substances. Alcohol and other drugs act differently on your body and mind than pot does. Therefore, we dont recommend mixing weed with other substances.


7. Other Miscellaneous Factors

A variety of other factors impact your pot experience. Age, gender, and physiology play a part in determining your high. Your regular marijuana use is also important to consider. If youre a new user, youll have a different experience than someone whos smoked for years.


How Weed Makes Us Feel

  • Relaxation. The main reason for many pot lovers to smoke up is for the calm, relaxed feeling they enjoy.
  • Euphoria. Marijuana can cause a sense of being happy, excited, or overjoyed.
  • Giggliness or easily amused. What does cannabis do to you? It might make everything seem much funnier than usual. So enjoy it while it lasts!
  • Creativity. Frequent weed users often report they feel more creative and open to inspiration while theyre high.
  • Hunger. The munchies are no joke. You can expect to feel hungry during or after your weed session. Enjoy your favourite snacks or treat yourself to a special meal.
  • Sensitivity. Many users feel their physical senses of taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight become sharper after taking marijuana.


Unpleasant Marijuana Side Effects

Cannabis has more good effects than bad, but you should be prepared for some unpleasant symptoms.

  • High blood pressure
  • Panic
  • Psychosis
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Rapid heartbeat

You can avoid these side effects by sticking within your tolerance range. Try not to take more cannabis than youve used before. We also recommend smoking with friends when you have the chance. This way, youll have company and people who can help you if you start to feel poorly.


In Conclusion

Before we finish, it’s important to mention that the quality of cannabis will play a prominent role in what you will feel when taking weed.  It will be much different from high-quality and potent marijuana from reliable sources of weed delivery in Mississauga if you have weak or contaminated weed. 




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