How to Smoke Hash

Hashish, more commonly known as hash, was first used in ancient Arab and South Asian cultures. Since it is likely one of the oldest cannabis concentrates ever, there is a good chance you have heard of it. However, if you are unsure how to smoke or even how to use hash,  there is nothing to fret over! Once consumed, users report feelings of euphoria that seem to wash their worries away. Whether you have Moroccan, Afghan, or Bubble hash, there are many techniques to smoke hash. If you are up to try something new, sit tight as we are about to tell you the top 5 ways of consuming hash:

  • Use a Bong

It may not surprise you that using a bong is one of the easiest and most common forms of ingestion and can be a simple solution to the commonly researched question: how to smoke hash? First, ensure that the bong bowl is clean. Afterwards, place a screen in the bottom of your bowl before packing in the hash. Next, ignite the hash with either a torch lighter or a regular lighter. If you notice that the hash is not burning correctly, begin blowing on the hash to help it burn evenly. You may have to continually blow on the hash depending on how well it is burning. When the hash is gently burning, inhale and enjoy.

  • Grab Your Pipe

The smoking pipe will never go out of style, and neither will you, once equipped with the knowledge of how to smoke hash in a pipe.  If you are familiar with smoking regular flowers using a pipe, you will be glad to know that smoking hash in a pipe is not much different—fun fact: you can mix your hash with your favourite cannabis flower or smoke the hash by itself.

To smoke hash using your pipe, first heat your hash. Grab a small metal object with a flat surface, such as a spoon, and place your hash on one end. Hold a flame underneath the scoop to heat the hash until it gets soft and crumbly. Wait a few seconds to make sure the hash is back to average temperature, then use your fingers to crush and crumble it before putting it in the head of the pipe.

Enjoy smooth and potent hits while partaking in what some consider the classiest form of smoking. So join in, confidently knowing how to smoke hash in a pipe. 

  • Roll a Joint

A joint is one of the more traditional ways to smoke hash and even smoke bubble hash. Besides rolling a joint, which only contains hash, you can also roll what is known as a spliff. A spliff includes a mixture of hash and tobacco together. The main thing to remember is to heat your hash before rolling until it crumbles easily. 

  • Vaporize

Besides consuming cannabis via edibles, vaporizing hash has been shown to be one of the healthiest ways to consume hash. However, vaporizing hash is more complicated than it may seem. A lot of people who own portable vaporizers are still unsure how to control them properly. To prevent this, doing some research before purchasing your first vape for smoking hash would be wise. Get familiar with the meaning of certain specifications to decide what will best suit your needs. For example, burning hash requires a reasonably precise temperature, and not all vaporizers are programmed to burn substances like hash, shatter, etc.

If you are interested in how to smoke hash with a vaporizer, it is essential to educate yourself on both vaporizers and portable vape pens before purchasing one for yourself. 

  • Hookah, Hooray!

A hookah is a great option if you like an old-school feel and want to get the gang together. While you can certainly enjoy a hookah alone, it is designed to be used by a group of people. 

The top part of the hookah, called the chillum, is where the hash is placed. Usually, flavoured tobacco is smoked with a hookah, but you can also roll hash into tiny balls to smoke hash with the hookah. 

After putting the hash in the chillum, ensure that the base is filled at least halfway with water. Then light the charcoals on fire until they are entirely burnt on all sides. Once the coals are red hot, carefully set them on top of the chillum. Now you can begin inhaling. You might have to inhale several times to get the hookah operating correctly. Once you get an excellent ember burning, you’re in business. Now that’s how to use hash for the whole party!


Concluding Words on How to Smoke Hash

As you can see, there are many styles and schools of thought on how to smoke hash. Want to sit alone and feel like nobility? Grab your pipe. Want to chill with your friends? Plan a hookah party. 

With that being said, it is always recommended not to overdo the amount of hash you intake. Start small, then increase as you gain a sense of comfortability. There is a thin line between enjoying hash and taking entirely too much of it. Be wise and start slowly.

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