What Is Kush Weed

What Is Kush Weed?

Whether or not you follow lots of cannabis media, you’ve probably heard of Kush weed. Kush is associated with top-quality, exceptional cannabis, but what is Kush marijuana? This top-performing variety has a long history. Kush delivers excellent results, so it’s in high demand at Canadian dispensaries. 


Learn what Kush weed is, explore the difference between Kush and other types of marijuana, and find out everything else you need to know about Kush.



What Is Kush Weed Known For?

Kush weed is one of the oldest and most recognized cannabis varieties. However, some historians believe that the name comes from Afghanistan and Pakistan’s mountainous Hindu Kush region. Since Indica cannabis was initially found in this region, it’s reasonable to think that Kush is one of the most ancient pot variants around.


Kush has made a name for itself because it’s highly potent. The term “kush” is now synonymous with the best quality. Thanks to Kush’s presence in music and movies, even people outside the cannabis community are probably familiar with this term. If you ask what kush weed is in some areas, people will tell you about the best cannabis on their shelves—whether or not it’s a true Kush variety.



What Is Kush Marijuana Like When It’s Growing?

Kush is very potent, but it also has other defining characteristics. What’s the difference between Kush and marijuana? People might talk about these substances as they’re different, but Kush is a type of marijuana. All Kush is marijuana, but unfortunately, not all marijuana in Kush.


What is kush weed known for, then? Kush grows rich, deep green leaves with slight purple tones around the stems and leaves. Hairs and pistils tend to be orange, rust, or bronze in colour, creating a dramatic contrast against the dark foliage. Kush buds are generally thick, chunky, and dense, typical for Indicas. 


What Is Kush Weed’s Main Flavour?

You’ll find an exciting range of flavours and scents when you try Kush. Many different terpenes are present in Kush buds, creating a diverse list of smells. Here are some familiar Kush scents:

  • Incense
  • Sweet
  • Citrus
  • Fruity
  • Pepper
  • Hash
  • Pine
  • Herbs
  • Pungent
  • Diesel

These smells run the gamut! So what is Kush marijuana like when you taste it? With so many terpenes creating a range of flavours, it’s hard to know what to expect. Luckily, Kush has a pretty pleasant taste. Most Kush lovers report tasting grape, citrus, or floral notes. A few people also identify earthy and diesel flavours. 


What Is Kush Weed Like To Smoke?

Like many Indicas, Kush has powerful sedative effects. So Kush is perfect for days you want to veg out on the couch or nights when you need a little help sleeping. It’s also a great tool if you need a little push towards meditation, journaling, and other introspective activities.


Kush is a classic cannabis variety that’s worth a try. If you’re curious about this famous option, we recommend giving it a whirl and buying weed strains online in Canada from trusted sources. We prefer sourcing our Kush from dispensaries listed on Cannabis Ontario. Their site has a vast range of Kush blends, plus they offer guaranteed delivery and top-notch customer service. So give CannabisOntario a visit, find the best online dispensary or WeedDelivery service, and make your Kush order today! Or, if you are from the west coast, you can visit BCWeedDelivery and find listings of top dispensaries in BC.



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