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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Northern Light Weed Strain Review

The Northern Light weed strain is a Sativa-heavy strain. It’s a pretty bud on its own, and it’s famous for its unsophisticated demand for breeders.  It is well-known for its delicious fragrance and prestigious background. Hardly any strains accompany as much boundless fame as Northern Lights, inarguably one of the most famous strains ever. An ingrained relative of unique Afghani landrace strains.

It is affected by body pains, an energetic blend of happiness. The hybrid is a plant that grows bushy and stocky, with hollering yields of superb quality. Further, the strain is a grower’s favourite due to its ease of cultivation.


Northern Light Marijuana Strain: What is it?

Most cannabis enthusiasts fall in love with this strain due to its combination of sour and sour and sweet tastes. THC levels can reach 16-21%, making this one of the most potent strains available on any market. It is the resultant product, and like the parentage genetics, the crossbreed strain is a Sativa-leaning herb.

Although it is a slightly Indica herb, its effects start like a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Therefore, the strain uplifts the moods of consumers, making them feel somehow giddy. However, the typical Indica high sets in some minutes later. This combination of effects makes the hybrid hub a suitable medication for an array of mind and body ailments.


Wondering Where to Buy Northern Light Weed Strain in Canada?

The Northern light weed strain is a favourite indoor herb for most Canadian growers. You can find this cannabis strain type in your local dispensaries. Further, you can find it in several recreational shops or online. In short, it’s ideal for checking out the current menus of local dispensaries and asking around for help. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide a list of some of the best marijuana shops so you can find the best weed dispensary for you. Find the ideal cannabis dispensary in Cambridge, Toronto, Ottawa, and every other city in Ontario. 


Northern Light Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Northern light bud has a sweet and sour aroma with hints of its top-notch parentage. The crossbreed reasonably smells of fresh earth and citrus after a short rainfall. Also, the flower leaves behind a heavy sour and delicious scent.

The herb has a robust pungent palate that will catapult the toker into an enjoyable experience. The slightly Sativa-dominant strain has a sweet and spicy flavour that can make your tongue tickle. The natural berry and citrus aftertastes will make you want a puff with hints of herbal and earthy buds.

This strain has a sweet, natural flavour with traces of citrus. Aurora Borealis is generally famous on the West Coast and in Colorado, yet it’s most loved essentially wherever else cannabis can be found.


Northern Light Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

The Northern light weed strain grows into a bushy, medium-sized plant that may grow taller in indoor settings. It’s crucial to follow the right procedures like trimming not only to control heights but also to increase strain’s quality and yields. Generally, the plant grows well for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Plants are around 18 inches tall; you can force them to flower outside by planting outdoors during the spring when grown outdoors. It takes an average of nine weeks to mature when indoors. Further, the outdoor herbs flower in September and are ready for harvest in early October.


Effects of Northern Light Marijuana Strain

The Northern Lights cannabis strain displays Sativa-induced effects, especially at the beginning of the high. A buzz of positivity surges through the smokers, making them outburst into uncontrollable giggles while encouraging them to socialize. The effects tend to make tokers talkative while boosting their confidence.

Its beginning is set apart by a surge of elation that in a split second clears the brain and upgrades the disposition. It leaves clients feeling extraordinary as one review happy recollections. With a grin all over, devotees can slip into quieting satisfaction.

It is a profoundly valuable clinical strain, successful at treating nervousness, agony, and a sleeping disorder, just as the absence of hunger. Cottonmouth is normal, as are red eyes, while other negative impacts are substantially more restricted.


Medical Benefits of Northern Light Marijuana Strain

This hybrid herb is a favourite medical weed among individuals seeking alternatives to soothe their body pains and minds. It allows smokers to find relief for their stressing issues while uplifting their energy to remain active. Also, this strain is suitable for those dealing with inflammations, migraines, and muscle spasms.

It has an elevating head high that incidentally pushes back the staggering fear that accompanies work or school. The upgraded temperament additionally settles feelings, making it a successful upper that oversees manifestations of emotional well-being issues like wretchedness, tension, and PTSD.


Possible Side Effects of Northern Light Weed Strain

This Sativa-leaning northern light nurse has several adverse effects related to the genetic hereditary. The cannabis strain will leave a toker with a cottonmouth, dry and itchy eyes, and a bit dehydrated. A higher dosage can make one feel dizzy and unable to accomplish the tasks ahead. Therefore, it’s advisable to take adequate water and control your doses to enjoy this hybrid’s effects fully.


Northern Light Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Are you seeking an herb that can induce an energetic, uplifting high that comes with a body relaxing buzz? Then you have to try out northern light strain. It’s a unique strain that is popular for relieving stress, depression, and anxiety. Also, it boosts energy levels while stimulating creativity. The flavour and aroma are enough to make you try this delicious hybrid bud. Find the best weed delivery for recreational and medical cannabis in Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa, and many other cities at CannabisOntario, your source for information on trusted recreational and medical marijuana in Canada. 


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