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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Afghani Strain Review

The Afghani Kush Strain is a hybrid with some pure Indica genetics. It originated from the Middle-East and got to the United States around the 70s, right before Cannabis was started. This pure Indica Strain provides a relaxing sedative high and excellent for conditions involving fatigue and pain.

When used on its own, this potent Strain manages to address typical wellness concerns, often including mood disorders, physical discomfort and stress. This Strain gains recognition not just from recreational users, but also from the medical marijuana community. Over the years, Afghani Kush continuously and consistently receives positive reviews from its growers due to its ease in growing, especially for new growers.


Afghani Strain: What Is It?

The Aghani weed strain falls among the most resinous Marijuana varieties available on the market in Ontario. Furthermore, its steady genetic lineage enables its cultivators to easily adopt it. Named after its geographical origin, you can picture the land where this Indica comes from, growing massively wild in groves where locals can easily pick the Cannabis and utilize it for its medicinal characteristics.


Wondering where to Buy Afghani Strain in Canada?

Afghani Kush is available on several online cannabis stores that offer home deliveries as an after-sales service. Their prices differ depending on the quality and quantity ordered. Just request for a premium grade of the Kush from a top online weed store where freshness and quality are assured. Browse through our listed dispensaries at Cannabis Ontario and find the perfect weed store for you. 


Afghani Strain: Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

The scent of sweet flowers that overwhelms the senses in a wave of earthy, spicy and floral aroma accompanies this Strain. The scent’s mind-blowing flavour impresses its users. It comprises a blend of spicy, herbal, piney and earthy aftertaste, displaying the flower’s delicateness and smoke of potent herbs.

Afghani Weed is bushy and short in stature, similar to other Indicas. It possesses long and big water leaves that are broad and dark green. The buds are densely packed and thick, ranging from a pale green colour to deep green with subtle hints of vibrant orange pistils that curl and bend among frosty sugar leaves. Its blunt nugs at the top boast of a full flavour. This Strain showcases a classic Cannabis look that influences the genetics of several other Strains. 


Afghani Strain: Grow Info

This Kush Strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoor cultivation takes an average of 7 to 8 weeks for the plant to flower. On the other hand, outdoor plants begin to flower around late September and expect a harvest from early October.

Even those who do not have adequate space for growing Cannabis can plant them for personal consumption. Outdoors, its short stature helps keep the operation discreet, especially if you have neighbours that aren’t used to Weed.

Outdoors, a warm Mediterranean climate, ensures the yields are optimal. Therefore, the grower expects an output of about 21 ounces. However, the maximum yield for indoor cultivation falls around 16 ounces for every square meter planted. Further, this Strain is quite resistant to mildew and moulds, making it an excellent option for low maintenance crops.


Effects of Afghani Strain

This Marijuana strain is predominantly felt at the physical and mental level and shares many indica-like effects. It starts as a body high and melts out in the brain after a short while. This Weed helps deal with deep negative thoughts. The Kush helps bring mental clarity for individuals who consume the Weed regularly. It is relaxing and produces deep sensation and sedation that exhibits a euphoric bliss.

Consumption of Afghani Kush during the night gives the body a heavy feeling due to its potent THC content. It is not energizing Marijuana, hence, causing a lazy feel to the entire body. Ensure you have the essentials you need close, as it possesses a powerful couch lock effect.

Specific properties it possesses make it a good appetite booster. Afghani Kush Strain gives you the ability to eat to your fill without reservations, thus great for individuals who experience a lack of appetite. It helps keep your stressful thoughts at bay.


Medical Benefits of Afghani Strain

The Afghani Strain deals with ailments at a mental and physical level. As long as you don’t have any pending activities to indulge in, you need to rest and let Afghani marijuana work its magic. This herb’s medicinal properties stem from its sedative effects that often bring a mellow euphoria unmatched by other weed strains.

Mentally it helps deal with anxiety, PTSD and depression. It alleviates these ailments for a while and helps your brain gain some mental clarity while easing your thoughts. It further extends to the physical aspect and a tranquillizer euphoric wave that proves restful and peaceful hits the body.

From a physical point, Afghani is best for handling chronic pain, migraines, and backaches. This condition quickly alleviates, thus making it possible for the body to function comfortably. Particularly for those individuals who are involved in a severe accident and experience significant injuries, this weed strain will assist numb the pain helping the individual stay away from prescription medications.


Possible Side Effects of Afghani Strain

Like other marijuana strains, Afghani presents several similar side effects. This effect often happens when the consumption of Weed is high, resulting in a build-up in the body’s THC content. In several circumstances, this cannabis strain’s consumption accompanies the cottonmouth effect and itchy dry eyes, with an additional feeling of dehydration.

You can quickly manage the dry mouth and eye effect through the consumption of adequate liquids. Continuously hydrating the body before and after the use of Cannabis helps maintain a moist mouth. Ensure you also have a moisturizing eye dropper; you can get one from a local pharmacy store nearby.

Afghani Strain Final Thoughts

The harsh smoke Afghani gives off, and the strong sedative effects accompanying it may discourage you. However, it not only offers a historical and ancient experience but also medically benefits its users. Those in search of herbal alternatives to conventional medical treatment find comfort in this herb. At CannabisOntario, we provide a listing of the best marijuana dispensaries in town. This includes services that offer weed dispensary delivery in Mississauga & other cities throughout Ontario Canada.


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