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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

White Russian Weed Strain Review

The White Russian weed strain is a multi-award winner. Some of the awards won include the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup and the 2005 El Punto Cup. The potent THC level and balanced effects give you the best experience of its high.

The stunning appearance and delicious flavours make you want the Kush more and more. Besides, it effectively treats various health distresses, including pain, fatigue, depression, and PTSD.


White Russian Cannabis Strain: What is it?

The White Russian marijuana strain is a genetic cross between the White Widow and AK-47 strains. It has a hybrid ratio of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Furthermore, its THC content ranges between 19%-25%, thus highly potent. The high of White Russian Marijuana strain sets in quickly, making you uplifted, energized, euphoric, and creative.

The Cannabis strain’s bud structure leans more on Sativa. The medium-sized buds have pale green, fluffy and widely-spaced leaves. Additionally, each plate has a sprinkling of resin that makes it sticky and potent. Finally, a layer of small white hair gives them a shiny appearance.


Wondering Where to Buy White Russian Weed Strain in Canada?

This Marijuana strain is readily available online. You can also find it in a nearby Cannabis dispensary. The breeder gives a serial number to each bag and traces it right from packaging to sale. This measure ensures that you do not consume counterfeit products. At CannabisOntario, we have compiled a menu of some of the top-rated weed dispensaries, cannabis stores, and mail order marijuana services. Find the perfect cannabis dispensary in London and surrounding areas. In fact, we service every city in the Province of Ontario. 


White Russian Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

The White Russian weed strain fills the air with a mixture of earthy, floral, and citrusy perfume. When you burn and smoke the bud, you will feel earthy and citrus flavours during inhalation. Moreover, herbal and spicy essences dominate during expiration.  However, they remain on your mouth for hours after the last puff.

The plant grows short and bushy with a bud structure that leans more on Sativa. The medium-sized nugs have pale green, fluffy and widely-spaced leaves. Additionally, each plate has a sprinkling of resin that makes it sticky. This resin not only enhances the Kush’s appearance but also contributes to its potency. Lastly, a layer of small white hair gives them a shiny appearance.


White Russian Cannabis Strain: Grow Information

The White Russian marijuana strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is resistant to diseases and pest attacks, thus easy to cultivate. Furthermore, it thrives in a wide temperature and humidity range. The plant has a short stature. These plants do not necessarily need pruning because of their characteristic scanty leaves.

The indoor crop flowers after nine weeks. Its outdoor counterpart blooms by mid-October. Farmers harvest around 13 ounces of bud per square meter of land indoors. When you grow your Kush outside, you will reap approximately 17 ounces per plant.


Effects of White Russian Weed Strain

The White Russian’s high sets in immediately after a single or two puffs. Initially, you will experience pressure on the temples, sometimes accompanied by slight disorientation. Secondly, a cerebral buzz leaves you energetic, motivated, and creative. It also enables you to tackle challenging analytical tasks.

As the Indica effects set in, a consumer experiences a body thrill and euphoria. It consequently makes one cheerful, talkative, and giggly. Eventually, this Marijuana strain leaves you relaxed, pain-free, and glued to your chair. If your environment is calm, you will fall into a deep sleep. This weed strain is suitable for both daytime and night use.


Medical Benefits of White Russian Marijuana Strain

The Cannabis strain is a potent mood elevator, hence useful in treating depression, mood, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It treats muscle pain and spasms because of its muscle-relaxing effect. This Cannabis strain is a great energy booster that alleviates fatigue.

Moreover, the strain has a moderate anti-inflammatory effect that reduces the symptoms of arthritis, SLE, and fibromyalgia. It also reduces pain and nausea in patients suffering from chronic diseases. Furthermore, it alleviates inattention in ADHD.


Possible Side Effects of White Russian Weed Strain

Unlike other Weed strains, the White Russian cannabis strain’s adverse effects are few and mild. The common adverse effects include dry mouth and eyes. They occur if you do not take adequate water during the smoking period. However, they resolve immediately after drinking a hydrating drink.

Other less common side effects include paranoia, dizziness, and headaches. These happen when you consume an excessive quantity of Kush. Do not exceed your tolerance limit when using Ganja.


White Russian Weed Strain: Final Thoughts

There are many counterfeit products in the market today. However, the White Russians weed strain’s breeder cushions you from consuming them. Always choose a strain that is consumable both during daytime and night time.

This Cannabis Strain is ideal for energy-boosting and treating fatigue. It does not leave you lazy but rather energizes you and makes you relaxed. However, keep hydrated and maintain discipline when enjoying this strain to prevent adverse impacts. 

At CannabisOntario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical weed dispensaries around. You can pick and choose your favourite marijuana store in Markham and many other cities in Ontario Canada. 


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