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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

LSD Weed Strain Review

The LSD weed strain, an Indica-dominant strain, is a cross between Mazar I Sharif and Skunk #1. The unique set of genes come together to create an excellent cannabis strain. It is a natural strain containing highly potent THC levels of 20% to 24% that will give you strong sedation regardless of the individual’s tolerance levels. LSD strain is highly preferred due to its cerebral high effects as well as deep relaxation experienced by its users. It has a unique flavour taste of berries, bubblegum and pine.

The buds of LSD strain are round and cone-shaped with the colour ranging from dark to wintergreen. Due to its high levels of THC and CBD, it gives an assurance of medical benefits. It helps to suppress stress and depression as well as relieving pains.


LSD Marijuana Strain: What is it?

The LSD cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. This Marijuana strain is crossed from Mazar I Sharif and Skunk #1. The genetic hybrid has approximated THC levels ranging from 20% to -24% making it a potent and above-average strain. It also has a high CBN content ranging from 2% to 5%. The LSD Cannabis strain is not recommended for first-time users and should be used under controlled dosage to produce effects such as happiness, muscle relaxation and sedation. The strain has reliably shown its ability to suppress stress and depression, relieve pain and a solution to users with insomnia.

The LSD strain has a unique smell and taste of lemon and an additional menthol flavour.


Wondering where to Buy LSD Weed Strain in Canada?

LSD weed strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation for Canadian growers. This Cannabis strain is available on our local dispensaries as well as on our online platforms. Ideally, you can check the menus on the local dispensaries and make comparisons and select the best. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide a list of some of the most trusted cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery in Toronto and neighbouring cities. 


LSD Marijuana Strain: Aroma, flavour and Appearance

The LSD weed strain has a robust smell of pine alongside skunky notes that dominate it. If you get past its potency, you may experience a charming sweetness.

The Indica-dominant strain has a taste that is quite similar to its smell. LSD s flavour has a heavy pine taste with a dank skunkiness, however, it has some berry notes that linger on the tongue alongside a small bubble-gum taste at the end.

The LSD strain has round and cone-shaped buds. It has a thick bud arrangement with a dark to wintergreen colour. It has limited orange pistil coverage with rather small trichomes.


LSD Cannabis Strain: Grow Information

Cultivating the LSD weed strain is relatively easy and straightforward. It can be grown both in indoor and outdoor environments due to its high resistance to pests and diseases. It does well in a sheltered climate with a lot of sunshine and warmth. When in an indoor setting, it yields up to 21ounces per square meter and flowering period ranging from 7-8 weeks. In the outdoor setting, the yield is 18 ounces per plant and is usually ready for harvest in mid-September.

The temperature range should be between 65-80 degrees during the day. In an indoor setting, this means the lights will be on. For outdoor settings, be cautious of the rainfall since the buds are thick and vulnerable to bud rot.  

The plant’s height is short and thick. Growers are encouraged to prune their lower branches to ensure the buds on the upper level of the plant develops well. Its plant must be nourished with a moderate level of nutrients to increase its yield.


Effects of LSD Weed Strain

It is an Indica-dominant strain with potent effects that keep you high for longer. Its effects begin with a happy and uplifted mental experience. As you continue using it, a heavy body feeling shows up as an effect. LSD is recommended for experienced users due to its high THC levels. Beginners may become totally confused and mentally stuck. Despite its strong cerebral stimulation, it also stimulates creativity and some users become very social.

This strain is recommended for smoking in an hour or two before going to bed. Avoid using it if you expect to interact with people.


Medical Benefits of LSD Cannabis Strain 

It is medicinal marijuana due to its high THC and CBD levels. It’s useful for suppressing stress, depression and anxiety as it has a strong relaxing ability. It is also used for relieving chronic pains and useful for people with insomnia conditions as they take a few hits before going to bed and they enjoy quality sleep.


Possible Side Effects of LSD Marijuana Strain

Like other marijuana strains, the LSD strain causes dryness of the eyes and mouth. This symptom is managed by remaining hydrated before, during and after smoking. Dizziness, anxiety and headaches are also experienced by inexperienced users.


LSD Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a strain that offers sedation and cerebral high? Then try LSD. It keeps you in a relaxed state while inducing creativity as well as helping you to have sound sleep. This strain is popularly used for suppressing stress, depression and anxiety as well as relieving chronic pains. It has a unique flavour and aroma that persuades you to try this hybrid strain.


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