How To Smoke Weed: Different Ways to Take Cannabis

Whether you learned how to smoke weed a long time ago or today will be your first time lighting up, we want to help you have a great experience. Unfortunately, even though cannabis is legal in Canada, there’s a lot of misinformation about marijuana floating around the Internet. Still, this guide will help you learn everything you need to know about how to smoke pot. 

Well explore choosing cannabis strains, finding the correct quantity, and picking the best method for you. Of course, smoking any substance is never entirely risk-free, but you can learn how to smoke weed properly and have a great time with optimal effects.



Smoking A Joint

Rolling a joint is a traditional method for smoking marijuana and remains a popular choice for how to get high at home. You can start rolling your own joints with a bit of practice and some simple supplies. All you need is a bit of your favourite strain and some rolling papers. Joints are a classic choice for how to smoke weed for a reason!



Hit A Bong

If youre not interested in joints or want to explore how to smoke weed without papers, consider adding a bong to your arsenal. Youve probably seen bongs in movies, on sale at smoke shops, and maybe in your friendshomes. Bongs are an efficient method for getting high at home, so buying a bong is an excellent choice for any budding bud lover.



Vape Your Weed

Today, many marijuana lovers are transitioning to vaporizers. If you want to know how to inhale weed with less risk from smoke inhalation, you should consider vaping instead of joints or other smoked methods. After all, a vape is an excellent option for how to smoke weed without papers. Many vape users also report that vaping gives a stronger effect, so learning how to smoke weed from a vape can help you enjoy a better high.



Spliffs And Blunts

What can I smoke weed out of? If youre still asking that question after reading this list, you should try spliffs and blunts. These methods are similar to smoking a joint but use different wrapping techniques. Spliffs contain cannabis and tobacco leaves, and blunts are rolled in a tobacco leaf instead of a rolling paper.


Other Methods

If you want to know how to get high at home but dont want to smoke, youre in luck. There are other ways to get high that dont include how to inhale weed. Thats right; you dont need to know how to smoke weed properly to enjoy marijuana! So instead, check out these effective alternatives for how to smoke pot.


Most Popular Delivery Method

Cannabis Edibles

There is no need to ask yourself, What can I smoke weed out ofwhen you have a batch of edibles. These delicious treats are infused with THC to provide a potent, smoke-free experience. Edibles can take a relatively long time to kick in, but the effects also last longer than smoking. This is one reason why knowing how to smoke weed isnt the only part of enjoying marijuana. Explore many tasty options like baked goods, candies, and more.



Sublinguals are easy to consume. Simply place them under your tongue and let the THC be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Sublinguals are potent and easy to use, so give this category of pot product a try.


THC Tinctures

Tinctures are liquid marijuana extracts that you can add to drinks, food, and more. Simply add a few drops to your favourite beverage for a simple, fantastic high.



If youre more interested in the therapeutic effects of cannabis than having a fun recreational experience, you can look into topical products like creams, balms, lotions, and more.


In Conclusion

Now that you know some of the different ways to take cannabis, let’s look at some places where you can get some for yourself. At Cannabis Ontario, we make this easy for you by featuring some of Canada’s most popular marijuana dispensaries.  These cannabis stores are ideal for those looking for mail-order marijuana throughout Canada.  If you are looking for local same-day service, you can try top-rated sites such as Weed Delivery Vancouver in BC. For those in Ontario, you can visit our weed delivery page and find a list of featured options.




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