How To Make THC Distillate?

How To Make THC Distillate? 

Previously, the purest product in the market was cannabis extract, but a more potent, refined weed product is gaining popularity: THC distillates. 

THC distillate is the main ingredient for many of the cannabis industry’s favoured products, like gummies, disposable vapes, lotions, and soft gels. During the production process, distillate infuses the products with the desired cannabinoid.

What makes THC distillates unique? Making distillates involves removing everything else to remain with cannabinoids of high potency that are pure for use in making cannabis-infused products. During distillation, individual cannabinoids are separated to create an effect of almost 99% pure THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids.

Read on and learn more about how to make THC distillate at Cannabis Ontario.


What is THC Distillate?

THC distillate, in simple words, is a highly-concentrated extract of pure THC obtained through a molecular distillation process using specialized equipment for cannabis distillation. THC distillate contains high levels of THC and is highly potent.

The distillation process uses a combination of heat and pressure to separate the desired cannabinoids from the rest of the compounds and cannabis plant matter. 


How is Cannabis Distillate Different Than Other Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis distillate is purer and more highly refined than cannabis concentrates. The distillation process removes terpenes that give cannabis its flavour and aroma. You can add terpenes to your vape cartridge to enhance flavour and aroma when vaping THC distillate.

Cannabis concentrates don’t require distillation; you use solvents (butane or alcohol) or pressure(rinse) methods. Unfortunately, both methods are imperfect, leaving behind unwanted compounds, including solvent residue and plant matter.

Through the molecular distillation process used to make distillates, the final product is made of a single refined compound (THC or CBD) separate from other molecules and with no residues.

How to Make THC Weed Distillate?

How to Make THC Weed Distillate?

Now that you know what THC distillate is, let’s dig into the process of making it. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do it at home because of the process and equipment needed, but knowledge is power and understanding the process of making THC distillate is beneficial.

 The following are the steps and processes used when making distillates:

Step 1: Primary Extraction 

The process involves extracting oil from cannabis by separating the plant matter from resinous trichomes. The resin glands in the flowers, also known as trichomes, contain the needed compounds (cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids) of the cannabis plant. An excellent way to save is to 

Wikileaf refers to three methods of separating the resin glands from other cannabis plant matter.

  • Sieving involves humans sifting cannabis flowers through a sieve to collect resin. The final product from this method is chemical-free, but the final crude extract has higher impurities. The procedure is time-consuming and not suitable for large-scale production.
  • Solvents: The method uses chemical solvents like butane, ethanol, or propane for extraction. To separate resin, cannabis buds are soaked in the solvent, and the mixture is put in a tank where pressure is applied to extract the cannabinoids.

Never try to attempt the process at home. There are reported injuries and fatalities resulting from explosions as people try to make butane hash oil at home.

  • Carbon dioxide: The use of CO2 for extraction is a popular method. It involves compressing CO2 into a supercritical level, both in a liquid and gaseous state. The process is cleaner and has no residue. 

Step 2: Winterization 

In this step, the concentrate is further purified by removing excess plant matter, other impurities, fats, and chlorophyll. After the purification process, the concentrate is mixed with ethanol for storage under freezing temperatures, which helps further separate the impurities from the concentrate.

The concentrate is then taken through a rotary evaporator. Finally, the equipment removes solvents through evaporation.

Step 3: Decarboxylation 

After winterization, the extract is clean and almost complete. But the extract needs a further decarboxylation step to convert the cannabinoid to have the desired effects. THCA is converted to THC or CBDa to CBD when making CBD distillate.

Decarboxylating involves heating the product at temperatures of 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4: Distillation 

After decarboxylating the concentrate, the last step is distillation, separating cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The separation process involves heating the mixture while carefully monitoring the temperatures. The three compounds in the combination have different boiling points; each will vaporize individually upon reaching its boiling point. Therefore, vacuum pressure is the best equipment for temperature control when working with the compounds in the mixture. The result is pure THC concentrate in the form of weed distillate. 

How Should You Store Cannabis Distillate?

How Should You Store Cannabis Distillate?

Storing cannabis distillate properly helps preserve the potency and flavour of your extract for months.

Preserving the cannabis distillate quality is easier than flowers if you know how to store it properly. If you keep heat, moisture, light, and air away when storing weed flowers, you can extend their life and quality for an extended period. This may be different with distillates. We’ll give you the necessary tips on how to Store Cannabis Distillate.

The Best Containers for Storing Cannabis Distillate

The consistency of the distillate determines the choice of container material. For example, not all cannabis oils can be kept in glass containers; some types get stuck on the surface. 

Weed naturally grows under different environmental conditions. This factor makes the preservation of cannabis distillate possible worldwide. Nevertheless, the best container for storing cannabis distillate depends on the form of the individual extract.

Containers you can use to store distillates

Use A Silicone Jar

A silicone container can accommodate any distillate and let it off easily. We recommend silicone approved for medical use to ensure you store your concentrate hygienically and free from contamination.

The jars are convenient, but their storage is short-term. Use them when storing an extract you can consume within a week. Silicone containers allow air flow, so your cannabis distillate will not last long.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are also ideal for storage over short periods. However, some concentrates may stick to a point, making it hard to get all off. 

You may get a distillate packed in a plastic jar from a dispensary; unless you plan to finish the content soonest, it’s better to transfer the concentrate to another container.

Glass Container

The size of your glass container depends on the quantity you’re storing. Ensure the content to put inside leaves the smallest possible space for air inside the container.

 For extended storage, vacuum seal your container and keep it in a cool, dark place.

 Parchment Paper

Parchment paper alone is ideal for storage in the short-term period. Use a size paper that can fully cover you and keep outside elements away. If you are storing more than one type of concentrate using parchment paper, wrap each individually.

Suppose you are storing to consume within a short period; store your parchment paper container wraps in a cool place away from light. For extended storage, seal your parchment in something airtight and keep everything away from light and heat.

Can I Freeze Cannabis Distillate When Storing it?

Freezing offers an option for a more extended storage period. First, vacuum seal your glass jar or parchment paper so that no moisture is present inside the container.

You can remove the air manually by placing your closed glass jar or parchment wrap in a sealable bag, preferably a make that removes surplus air when sealing. Next, place your sealed bag inside an airtight jar for freezing.

In the future, when you retrieve your hoard, allow it to defrost, attain room temperature, and then break the seal. If you open your airtight container or break the seal in case of vacuum sealing immediately, condensing moisture on the container surface may find its way into the distillate. 

The moisture will produce a sizzling sound when dabbing, and if the quantity affected is significant, be ready to hear the sizzles for the next few weeks or months.


Where to Buy THC Distillate Online in Canada?

Canada has some of the best online dispensaries and weed delivery services, offering various cannabis products. So if you are looking for the best deals on THC distillate in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. We offer distillates of different types and packaging. So browse and pick your choice and enjoy your weed by mail order.



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