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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Mango Haze Weed Strain Review

A three-way hybrid, the Mango Haze weed strain, is a potent strain with robust psychoactive effects. Connoisseurs love this marijuana strain due to its long-lasting high, tropical flavours and refreshing aromas. Further, the outcross herb has impressive THC levels, making it ideal for those fighting depression.


Mango Haze Cannabis Strain: What is it?

The herb is one of the most popular strains in Canada. Mango Haze is a tasty crossbreed that provides as much potency as its flavour. It’s a Sativa-leaning cannabis strain that is said to be a product of Mr. Nice Seedbank. Further, the weed strain is a descendant of three popular strains. These herbs are the Northern Lights, Skunk as well as Haze strains.

Besides, the strain contains about 60% Sativa, 40% Indica and THC levels as high as 24%. It’s famous marijuana for inducing an energetic and uplifting high. However, the strong cerebral psychedelic effects of this strain make it unsuitable for novices.


Wondering where to Buy Mango Haze Weed Strain in Canada?

There are several cannabis wholesalers and retailers with Mango Haze herb. Also, you can purchase the hybrid strain from various online dispensaries or local recreational shops. However, it’s crucial to research to identify reliable sellers with the best quality and fast deliveries. Friends and online reviews can provide you with all information you need when choosing the best distributor. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite online weed dispensary in Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Mango Haze Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour and appearance

The Mango Haze hybrid indeed stays true to its title and that includes its fragrance. The outcross is genetically almost identical to the Skunk strain. However, the mango scent makes it different from other varieties. This ripe mango aroma comes along with earthy undertones, which results in a unique and pleasant aroma.

The cannabis strain is most likely one of the tastiest hybrid varieties out there. It has fruity mango and tropical citrus flavours that any toker is going to enjoy. Further, earthy undertones are present, which slowly turn into a sweet sensation after exhaling.

To boot, the marijuana strain sets its bag appeal clear with large and elongated buds. These buds have a large spade-like shape, which makes them appear like oversize pine cones. The leaves have a Sativa-like structure, and they look loose, ready to be torn away from their stems. These fluffy and soft leaves have a bright shade of spring-green with hairy, orange and yellow pistils. Further, foliates are covered with translucent amber trichomes.


Mango Haze Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

The Mango Haze weed strain can thrive both outdoors and indoors. It does best in a hydroponic or a greenhouse setup. Though this herb may produce good yields, new growers need to have adequate cultivation skills. The minimum requirements for indoor growers are 600watts lamp and good branch pruning during the vegetating period. Nonetheless, the hybrid plant is resistant to pests and diseases.

Indoor cultivations have a flowering period of about eight to eleven weeks. Also, the strain produces about 16 to 20 ounces of buds per square meter with adequate indoor care. On the other hand, the outdoor herb matures between October and November. Also, it yields about 24 ounces of bud per plant.


Effects of Mango Haze Weed Strain

To start with, the Mango Haze weed strain isn’t one of those common hybrids out there. It’s a wide variety with high THC levels. Therefore, the outcross may be unsuitable for newbies with low tolerance to robust psychoactive effects. The marijuana strain gives an onset cerebral high that is not only immediate but also long-lasting. Consumers enjoy the uplifting, energy-boosting and creative impact of this herb.

Further, the cannabis strain is famous for offering social and chatty effects. Therefore, this is an excellent option for social gatherings. The body-buzz and overwhelming head-high promote full-body relaxation while enabling the tokers to stay awake and alert.


Medical Benefits of Mango Haze Cannabis Strain

The adoration of the Mango Haze strain is not among recreational users but also medical cannabis users. The powerful Indica-Sativa effects make the herb a top choice among several patients. For instance, it has a robust uplifting high that induces positive thoughts, which relieves stress. Also, it’s a powerful antidepressant alternative for those struggling with depression and anxieties.

Also, the hybrid weed strain contains analgesic properties that help with body aches management. Such properties also help individuals suffering from chronic pains, migraines, fatigue and headaches. Marijuana lovers experiencing muscle spasms, arthritis or inflammations can again try this strain out.


Possible Side Effects of Mango Haze Marijuana Strain

As one of the strains on the market with THC levels, Mango Haze comes with a warning sign. Like other marijuana strains, this variety can cause mouth and eye dryness and dehydration. Further, both newbies and experienced smokers can experience headaches, paranoia, dizziness or anxiety. However, regulating your intake level and taking adequate hydrating liquids can avert most of these side effects.


Mango Haze Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Good things come to those with patience. The ideal elevating high and tropical flavours of the Mango Haze is a reward to a patient grower. Also, this is unquestionably an evening strain as it helps users to relax and enjoy mental calmness. Although it gives an initial energy boost, it’s ideal for relaxing on the couch instead of performing any chores. Find the best recreational and medical cannabis in Scarborough, Toronto, Ottawa, and many other cities at CannabisOntario, your source for information on trusted recreational and medical marijuana in Canada. 


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