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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Honey Badger Weed Haze Review

The Honey Badger Haze weed strain is a slightly Sativa-dominant strain. It is a genetic cross of C99, Miss Universe #10, and the White Widow. Additionally, its high sets in rapidly, leaving the user uplifted, happy, motivated, and relaxed. Never let your day get boring. Light it up with the magical Cannabis.

This Weed with a touch of honey helps alleviate various health distresses, thanks to its boundless medical uses. Moreover, you can use it during the day or in the evening. It also works well with social occasions.


Honey Badger Haze: What It Is?

The creative breeder of the Honey Badger Haze weed strain mixed the genetics of C99, Ms. Universe #10, and the White Widow. This rare Cannabis has a Sativa dominance of 70% and 30% Indica. Moreover, its THC levels reach 22%.

Furthermore, its dense, spade-shaped olive green buds have long, dark orange, curly hairs that spiral out among the tiny leaves, giving the nugs a stunning colour blend. A thick layer of white resinous trichomes makes the nugs frosty. The flowers emit pungent mixed earth and lime aroma. Taste its sweet, spicy, fruity flavour with honey and lime hints.


Wondering Where to Buy Honey Badger Haze Cannabis Strain in Canada?

Like other Weed strains, Honey Badger Haze is available in Canadian Cannabis stores. Visit our online store to inquire about this Kush. Our online store delivers the products at your doorstep. At CannabisOntario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical weed dispensaries around. You can pick and choose your favourite marijuana store in Oshawa and many other cities in Ontario Canada. 


Honey Badger Haze Weed Strain Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

During blossom, the Honey Badger Haze weed strain emits pungent earthy and limey aromas. When dried and burnt, the buds give off thick smoke. Taste the sweet, spicy, and fruity flavours that are evident in it during inhalation. Furthermore, a honey flavour with lime accents tickles your taste buds during exhalation.

The dense, spade-shaped olive green buds have long, dark orange, curly hairs spiralling out among the tiny leaves. They give the nugs a stunning colour blend. Additionally, a thick layer of white resinous trichomes makes the nugs frosty. Your hands become sticky when you touch the buds.


Honey Badger Haze Grow Information

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, it is moderately difficult to cultivate. Novice farmers should undergo training before attempting farming. It thrives in a warm climate. Moreover, a soil PH of 6.5 favours the growth of the plants. The plants take about nine weeks to flower.


Effects of Honey Badger Haze Strain

The Honey Badger Haze weed strain high sets in rapidly. Once you take a puff, this potent Marijuana uplifts you, making you happy, motivated and creative. Additionally, increased mental focus and energy help the consumer tackle challenging tasks.

As the high intensifies, the creepy Indica effects kick in. The user experiences a complete muscle relaxation that helps ease their tension. Finally, this Cannabis locks you onto a couch, making you barely immobile. The Weed goes well with good company around you.


Medical Benefits of Honey Badger Haze Weed strain

Apart from its recreational uses, Honey Badger Haze also has numerous medical implications. This strain is the ultimate alternative to bitter pills. Do you feel weak and unable to perform your tasks? Try this powerhouse and get instant energization.

Furthermore, its muscle-relaxing effect eases your physical pains. Take it when you experience muscle cramps, menstrual pain, or spasms. Depressed patients have a reason now to smile. The Ganja uplifts one’s mood and frees all concerns.

Do you have stubborn pain? Try this herbal analgesia and watch it perform magic on your distresses. Furthermore, its moderate anti-inflammatory effect alleviates arthritis symptoms.


Possible Side Effects of Honey Badger Haze Cannabis Strain

Like any other strong drug, the Honey Badger Haze weed strain comes with some adverse effects. However, unlike other strains, its effects are mild and require simple interventions.

The most common adverse effects are dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes. Drink plenty of water when consuming this Weed to avoid these effects. An ophthalmic lubricant also helps ease eye irritation.

Headaches, dizziness, and paranoia are inevitable if you consume an overdose. Always use it responsibly. 


Honey Badger Haze Strain Final Thoughts

Taste the great and unique honey-flavoured Marijuana strain on the planet. The Honey Badger Haze weed strain serves you potent effects that help propel you through a boring day. Enjoy it with a group of friends. You do not have to take many bitter pills or painful injections to ease your pain. Try this herbal remedy and conquer all your health distresses in a single puff.

Visit the nearest Cannabis store and get this product. You can also place an online order and get it delivered to your doorstep. Remember to stay hydrated and enjoy your Marijuana responsibly to prevent its adverse effects. 

So if you are asking yourself, “what are the best marijuana dispensaries near me?”, then look no further because Cannabis Ontario provides a listing of the top-rated local marijuana shops in Ontario. This includes the best recreational and medical weed clinics in Guelph, and across the Province of Ontario. Come see if we deliver to your location now.


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