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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Black Tuna Weed Strain Review

Do you know that there are 15 tuna species? Believe it not, there are! (Of course, many of you have only seen Blackfin, Bluefin, and Yellowfin. You can, therefore, be forgiven for not knowing much about them). In this case, this weed-centred review will only focus on the wonderful Black Tuna weed strain – a type of tuna that you won’t eat using a knife and fork!

This cannabis strain is medicinal. However, for those of you who have puffed on the splendid Black Tuna weed, you’ll notice that the buds have more than enough THC to create a pleasing – if not a forbearing – high.

Do you want to know more about this strange small flower that has been named after the famous “chicken of the sea?” Read this detailed review of the Black Tuna cannabis strain for information on where you can get it, how it’s grown, and the anticipated feeling.


Black Tuna Marijuana Strain: What is it?

This cannabis strain is a genetic cross between Sativa (Lamb’s breed) and Herijuana, a somewhat exotic Indica cross-breed. Five Star Organics is believed to be the first brood of the strain in British Columbia and its THC levels are between 18 and 23%.

The Black Tuna marijuana strain isn’t suggested for novice users as it’s highly potent. There’s a bit of disarray about the exact classification of Black Tuna because several users believe that it’s Indica-prevalent. However, this marijuana strain is more or less a 50/50 cross-breed.


Wondering Where to Buy Black Tuna Marijuana Strain in Canada?

Black Tuna marijuana strain made a significant entry into the weed markets of Canada when it was initially launched. Nowadays, the strain is widely spread in numerous pharmacies in the country. You can also order online.

At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite weed dispensary in Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Black Tuna Marijuana: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Getting worried about Black Tuna weed’s smell is natural. Can you imagine if it smells like fish? Luckily, this marijuana strain gives you a strong and skunky smell with an earthy tone that makes it somewhat more pleasing than spending an afternoon at the fishmongers.

It’s also safe to say that the Black Tuna weed strain cannot win any trophy for the best-tasting cannabis. Although its smell carries over to the flavour, the Black mamba weed strain also has a lingering woody and herbal flavour. Simply put, its flavour should be appealing to most users.

This strain comprises somewhat dense dull green buds with clues of bluish-purple colour. If you don’t want to smoke Black Tuna strain, you can relish it in concentrate, wax, or in shatter form.


Black Tuna Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Getting information or seeds for the Black Tuna cannabis strain isn’t easy. However, the strain can grow well both outdoors and indoors.

Although the information on Black Tuna is scarce, it’s crucial to make sure that you adhere to the right growing procedure. This implies giving your Black Tuna plants adequate nitrogen in the vegetative phase. Then, increase phosphorus and potassium when the plant is blooming.

The Black Tuna marijuana strain’s blooming time is estimated to be between 50 to 60 days. It has an average indoor harvest of around 350 grams in every square meter planted. Outdoors, a well-groomed Black Tuna marijuana plant can produce an exceptional 200 grams of marijuana.


Effects of Black Tuna Marijuana Strain

Have you ever seen a cannabis strain being sold in tins? 5 Star Organics does exactly that. Therefore, heedless of how you feel about the marketing gimmick, the fact is that Black Tuna is a very powerful strain.

Like many marijuana products, Black Tuna gives you a mental hit from the start that’ll make you feel uplifted. Changing your mood is a good thing because it makes you feel happier, or even jubilant. Unlike other strains, particularly the hefty Sativa strains, the cerebral high is gentler instead of intense.

When the physical body’s high begins taking effect, users feel their bodies relax. In other words, the cerebral high determines the tone, and the body shows the amazing Black Tuna effects

The lack of an abrupt, intense hit makes it easy for people to misjudge the strength of this hybrid. Remember that if you smoke in excess, the effects’ intensity can feel like narcotics, and can make the user remain on the bed or couch.


Medical Benefits of Black Tuna Marijuana Strain

You can use the Black Tuna marijuana strain for stress and nervousness relief. However, it’s mainly used by those looking for the uplifting Sativa effects together with a calming high. As soon as you feel sedated and relaxed, your stress levels will vanish.

The main reason for using the Black Tuna strain is to fight chronic body pain. The total relaxation you feel after some puffs implies that you can find respite from all kinds of painful conditions like fibromyalgia.

Black Tuna cannabis strain is also popular among people who have gastrointestinal problems, comprising ailments such as cramping, nausea, and Crohn’s disease. Several users incidentally have a critical case of munchies when the high subsides. Therefore, it can be a perfect strain to counter appetite loss.


Possible Side Effects of Black Tuna Weed Strain

The biggest problem with the Black Tuna strain is its strength. This means that it’s not ideal for novice users. Consuming high-THC marijuana can lead to side effects like nervousness and psychotic disorder.

The most usual reaction is dry mouth, which you can conquer by taking plenty of water. However, this is recommended when taking any type of strain. It’s suggested that you drink water before, during, and after consuming the frequently-misunderstood Black Tuna weed strain.


Black Tuna Strain Review: Final Thoughts

If you’re suffering from nervousness, stress, or chronic pain – or you only need something to help you relax and unwind., the Black Tuna strain will help you in that. It’s a cannabis strain that’s recommended to be taken when you’re ending your day. It’ll uplift your mood and allow you to get a deep, sound sleep. So browse through the CannabisOntario dispensary list and find the perfect marijuana store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day weed delivery in New Market, Toronto, Ottawa, and many other cities in Ontario Canada.


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