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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Critical Mass Weed Strain Review

Critical Mass, an Indica dominant hybrid strain is reputable for its large flowers. Besides, it has a medium to high THC concentration. The Critical Mass weed strain has been so useful to breeders. It attracts attention due to its high yielding characteristics. Hence, it gives a lot of sweet buds in a short period.

This Weed strain causes a powerful high. Besides, due to its Indica dominance, it causes too much-stoned relaxation. Info on its popularity amongst doctors shows that most repute it for its pain-reducing properties. Growers honour this strain for its ease to cultivate. They find it good to grow due to its high yields. The buds become heavy to the point of requiring support. Even if you are a beginner, you will find this Marijuana strain easy to cultivate.


Critical Mass Marijuana Strain: What is it?

The Critical Mass strain is a cross between Skunk #1 and Afghani Indica. The name is due to its buds’ characteristic of breaking branches as they become insanely heavy. It is a rework of an older strain known as Big Bud. The reason behind the revision is to come up with a powerful strain. That is one that has both an abundant harvest and a powerful high.

This Marijuana strain causes an extreme relaxation feeling. Therefore, most users find it suitable for night time use. After that, it takes you into a sleepy feeling. Its medical benefits include reducing pain. Besides, people with sleep problems will find it useful. It eliminates worrying thoughts that keep you awake. Therefore, it brings you uninterrupted sleep.


Wondering where to Buy Critical Mass Marijuana in Canada?

Canadian growers consider this strain as a wonderful investment.  It brings a quick return on investment. Therefore, it is easily available in local dispensaries. Moreover, you can check it online or in recreational joints. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide a list of some of the best weed dispensaries so you can find the best marijuana dispensary for you. This includes timely same day weed delivery in Thunder Bay, Toronto, Ottawa, and every other city in Ontario. 


Critical Mass Marijuana: Strain Aroma, Flavour and appearance

This weed strain has a very distinguishable odour. It fills the atmosphere with a sugary citrus fragrance. Therefore, it causes an enticing feeling. It also has a slight skunk tone. The hint combines with the aroma of sweet and freshly scooped honey.

Critical Mass strain taste flavour does not disappoint either. It boasts of a combination of all pleasant tastes you can imagine. Upon smoking, it leaves an aftertaste of skunky citrus. The exhalation is reminiscent of sweet earth. 

This Marijuana strain grows to a height of around 65 inches. Its structure resembles most Indica varieties. It’s thin green sepals have a claw shape. Moreover, it has armadillo accents. They give it a brilliant appearance on a sunny day. It has short trichomes with a thick stalk that comes in a tight pack. They fill the buds which makes this strain appear dense particularly during harvest. 


Critical Mass Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Info on growing Critical Mass Strain reveals that it is relatively easy even for beginners. You only need to provide it with plenty of sunshine. Moreover, it needs a warm environment. In return, this strain will give you a generous harvest. You will have to support the branches as their heavy buds try to pull them to ground level. In an indoor setting, expect to harvest after 8-9 weeks. It gives a yield of around 27 ounces of buds per square meter.

If you intend to grow in field conditions, Mediterranean climatic regions are the best. You can expect to harvest around 21 ounces of buds per plant. Your outdoor plants are ready for harvest in mid-September.


Effects of Critical Mass Marijuana Strain

This weed strain has a reliable relaxation feeling.  If you wish to have a relaxed evening of watching your favourite movies, then consider Critical Mass strain. It has a heavy effect on your body. But will give you a smooth experience provided you don’t think of doing any difficult task during its high. 

It brings a sleepy feeling which slowly takes you into a deep sleep. Its strong body high effects will last for some hours. A euphoric feeling follows it for the whole night. It gives a complete uplifting and increases positivity in you. Therefore, it is also an excellent strain to raise your mood.


Medical Benefits of Critical Mass Marijuana

This Marijuana strain has high Cannabidiol levels that make it popular amongst medical users. It is a pain reliever treating joint pains, migraines, and muscle spasms. It is also ideal for treating inflammations.

Patients battling mood disorders find Critical Mass strain useful. Moreover, it is a relief for people with sleeping problems. It brings a sleepy relaxation. In addition, it does away with the worries that keep your eyes on throughout the night. It is a property that also makes this Cannabis strain a solution for patients with depression. Besides, it is also good for people with stress.


Possible Side Effects of Critical Mass Weed

This Marijuana strain has very few side effects. Similar to other weed strains, it causes dry mouth and dry eyes. The solution is to drink a lot of water during the smoking session. Some users experience slight dizziness, although it does not last for long.

This weed strain may also cause anxiety to its users. Moreover, be aware that it is a powerful strain. It comes with a lot of heaviness on the body.


Critical Mass Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Critical Mass strain is an excellent choice if you wish to have a chilly and enjoyable time. It brings a happy feeling and a light mood. Besides, it is a suitable investment for growers to pay back within a short time. So if you are asking yourself, “what is the best weed dispensary near me?”, then look no further because CannabisOntario provides a listing of the top-rated local weed shops in Ontario for your convenience. This includes the best cannabis clinics in Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, and more!


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