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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Zombie Kush Weed Strain Review

If you are looking to be zombified, this Ripper Seeds product got you covered. The Zombie Kush weed strain hits you hard. It’s well-known for putting the mind at ease and causing relaxation. Also, users maintain focus for a while. The Zombie Kush cannabis strain is famous for its strong sedation. It’s potent and powerful. Further, this marijuana strain is effective in managing a lack of sleep and chronic pain.

This cannabis strain causes couch lock; hence it’s best used at night—additionally, the high causes a pleasant buzz, with blissful and happy thoughts. Users enjoy the fruity, woody yet sweet taste. The flavour is spicy and earthy. However, its aroma is intense. It’s a strain stoner should not miss. Growing this weed strain is easy.


Zombie Kush Marijuana Strain: What is it?

This cannabis strain is a crossbreed of Classic Sideral and Bubba Kush. Notably, it’s an Indica dominant variety. Zombie Kush has an Indica to Sativa ratio of 80% to 20%. More so, it has THC levels of 20-21%.

This weed strain offers happiness, euphoria, relaxation, focus and sleep. Besides, it spurs motivation and cerebral uplifting. It is ideal if you want to lay on the couch all day long. With that in mind, it’s healing abilities are known widely.


Wondering Where to Buy Zombie Kush Weed Strain in Canada?

This weed strain can be bought at local dispensaries. Availability, season, quality and location determine the cost. Further, this weed is available online. Newbies can ask around for reliable selling joints. Using online info enables you to know when the weed is accessible and affordable. At Cannabis Ontario, we have compiled a menu of some of the top-rated weed dispensaries, cannabis stores, and mail order marijuana services. Check out our listed weed stores and find the perfect cannabis dispensary in Toronto and surrounding areas. In fact, we service every city in the Province of Ontario. 


Zombie Kush Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

The Zombie Kush weed strain smell is pungent and can attract unwanted attention. Its aroma stays in a room for long periods. However, it emits a sweet earthy smell. This aroma is familiar to Kush users. This weed is exceptional. At close range, this marijuana strain has hints of sage, berry, pine and spice. Also, it has notes of fruity and sweetness. Even after cleaning your hands, this scent clings on.

During smoking, it produces dense white smoke. The flavour is mild but clean overall. Earthy describes it best. Also, it has a fruity berry with undertones of pine.

Regarding appearance, the Zombie Kush cannabis plant has a medium size. Its leaves produce thick buds that are grape shaped with jungle green nugs. They are also compact with fair yields. Similarly, it has purple undertones. It has small crystal trichomes with long amber-orange hairs. These flowers, when you handle them, they are a little oily and sticky.


Zombie Kush Marijuana Strain: Grow Information

Growing this cannabis strain is easy, thriving both indoors and outdoors. It’s low maintenance and hardy. Importantly Zombie Kush is resistant to mildew, mould and diseases. Nonetheless, it takes eight to nine weeks to flower when grown indoors, yielding 15 ounces per square meter. When grown outdoors, it is ready to flower in early October, producing 24 ounces per plant.

Further, using low fertilization results in the enhancement of aromatic and taste properties. Novice growers wishing to grow this strain can look for grow info online. Similarly, they can seek advice from growers with experience.


Effects of Zombie Kush Weed Strain

The Zombie Kush weed strain is ideal for easing the mind and causing relaxation. After smoking, you maintain focus for a while before drifting into the building sedation. The high begins behind your eyes, crowding the cerebral with an uplifting sense. It fills motivation and focuses when needed. After a while, these mellow effects fade. Hence, turning into heady stone, causing euphoric, with happy thoughts plus a blissful warmth.

Further, as the effects crawl in, muscles flex and become comfortable. This effect subdues any pain. Lastly, the couch-lock creeps in, leaving you in a blissful state as you fade into a peaceful and long sleep.


Medical Benefits of Zombie Kush Cannabis Strain

High THC levels make this strain useful in the medicinal marijuana field. Most notably, it’s effective in treating lack of sleep and mental disorders. Also, Zumba Kush helps stop discomfort or pain in muscles and joints. In addition, it relieves stress, depression and chronic pain.


Possible Side Effects of Zombie Kush Marijuana Strain

Despite having pleasurable and healing effects, the Zombie Kush weed strain has side effects too. Users experience dry eyes, dry mouth and sleepiness. These side effects are normal and easy to control. Drinking fluids contain dry mouth. Buying cheap eyedrops eases dry eyes.

Although rare, there have been cases of dizziness and headaches. Users should not smoke past what they can handle, to avoid unwanted effects.


Zombie Kush Strain: Final Thoughts

The Zombie Kush weed strain offers unique recreational benefits. It creates a long-lasting effect, happiness and physical relaxation. It causes a couch lock, thus not good if you don’t plan to sleep on the couch doing nothing. This cannabis strain has a fuel and pine aroma with a surprisingly rich flavour. Importantly, users must maintain the discipline to avoid unwanted effects. 

So browse through the Cannabis Ontario dispensary list and find the perfect cannabis store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day weed delivery in Ottawa, and throughout the rest of the great Province of Ontario.


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