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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Phantom OG Weed Strain Review

The Phantom OG Weed strain is a balanced-complex hybrid and a descendant from the OG Kush family tree. Its effects are exceptionally vital and enjoyable, hence making it ideal for medical and recreational purposes.  It is easy to grow and a perfect choice for new growers without any cultivation experience. 

This Marijuana Strain is not only known for the dreamy state it heightens but also for the numerous medicinal uses it offers. Its popularity continues to grow due to its valuable medical benefits. This hybrid’s advantages include the treatment of chronic pain, fatigue, and insomnia. It offers users a steady supply of energy, especially at the onset of the high.


Phantom OG Cannabis Strain: What Is It?

This Cannabis Strain is somewhat Indica dominant with balanced effects. Its high sets off with an energy burst that quickly changes into a euphoric state of deep relaxation. Its precise heritage remains disputed and unknown, although believed to originate from the OG Kush genetics.


Wondering Where to Buy Phantom OG Weed Strain in Canada?

When it comes to purchasing Phantom OG, be sure to settle for a reputable weed store, known for its premium quality products and outstanding after-sales service such as home deliveries. You can make an online purchase from your home’s comfort and wait for its delivery, which shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical weed dispensaries around. You can pick and choose your favourite cannabis store in Guelph, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Phantom OG Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

This Marijuana strain has a powerful and natural scent that makes it easily recognizable. It has a sweet earthy, pine smell and carries a subtle hint of sour and fresh lemon.

Its flavours have a similar structure when inhaling its sweet earthy taste is quite distinct. Upon exhaling, you notice its pungent taste that finishes off with a sour lemon flavour, making you desire to lick your lips after every puff.


Phantom OG Marijuana Strain: Grow Info

This Cannabis Strain can be grown with ease as long as the environment meets the ideal climatic condition requirements. It is resistant to moulds, mildews, and common diseases. Cultivation of this Marijuana Strain is done both indoor and outdoor. The grower expects a yield of 13 ounces for every square meter of plant harvested from 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. While an outdoor expectation output of 16 ounces per plant from mid-October.


Effects of Phantom OG Weed Strain

It is quite relaxing with irresistible effects. It is perfect for evening use or an off day when you have adequate time to enjoy its mellow high without any responsibilities awaiting you.

It also induces slumber when consumed in high doses. Therefore, if you intend to remain awake for a while, it is prudent you take it easy on the dosage. The Phantom OG Marijuana Strain helps you achieve a mellow state that makes you feel motivated, excited, and creatively inspired.

This Cannabis Strain is excellent at putting you in a good mood, so if you experience a rough day and need to relax and unwind while experiencing some mental clarity, this strain will do the magic for you. You will experience a different sociable and giggly mood, quickly forget your worries and troubles instantly.


Medical Benefits of Phantom OG Cannabis Strain

The Phantom OG Marijuana Strain is quite useful in the medical field. It’s known for treating several chronic ailments and insomnia. It has the characteristic of heightening the energy levels when the high begins. Therefore, an excellent treatment for fatigue.

It is also a perfect selection for individuals struggling to manage chronic stress, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. This positive effect is because the Marijuana Strain relieves the user from their negative thoughts and clarifies the mind.

This Weed Strain is highly significant as a treatment option for chronic aches and popular in relieving patients’ pain. It helps deal with conditions such as joint aches, migraines, severe backaches, and muscle spasms.


Possible Side Effects of Phantom OG Weed Strain

The Phantom OG Weed Strain can be quite potent considering its high THC content that is about 24%. Therefore, you are more likely to experience minor side effects when smoking it. The most commonly known result is the dry mouth effect. You can quickly mitigate the impact by continually hydrating the body.

The hybrid also causes dry eyes, which leave them irritated and itchy therefore purchasing an eyedropper will assist significantly in dealing with the issue. The Phantom OG Cannabis Strain may, in some cases, cause paranoia or anxiety. In rare cases, you may experience a slight headache and dizziness from using it.


Phantom OG Strain Final Thoughts

Although this Cannabis Strain often affects the head, patients with low tolerance levels will prefer using the stain when relaxed, mostly in the evening. It is ideal for pain relief and full-body relaxation. At the same time, it is quite uplifting for treating mood disorders. However, its high potency requires the user to adhere to the prescription dosage and avoid its adverse effects.


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