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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

LA Confidential Weed Strain Review

If you are after an almost pure Indica strain that offers a sedative and relaxing high, then the LA Confidential weed strain should be your choice. The cannabis strain can help with uplifting your mood and may prove to be an excellent choice for those with anxiety or depression.

The combination of the great Afghani-based in LA and any choice of an Afghani specimen creates a potent weed strain resulting in the LA Confidential strain. The flower has big large fan-like leaves that are disease and mould resistant. Take good care of your weed strain and get better yields with proper farm care. This cannabis strain retains the sweet and spicy Afghani tastes.

After lighting up the LA Confidential bud, you start feeling the relaxing effect of a gentle touch. Your mental acuity rises alongside a sudden burst of energy surrounding you. The flavours and aroma from the LA Confidential marijuana strain come from the resin-covered buds. 


LA Confidential Cannabis Strain: What is it?

Some users see this strain as an Indica and consider it a hybrid. More than 90% of this weed strain is Indica with 10% being Sativa. However, the Indica leaves a mark by pushing its consumers into deep sedation mode. This type of strain is sufficient for the presence of THC standing out at 25%.

The strain gets its charm from the Afghani Indica and OG LA Affie Indica, displaying lime green buds adding to its skunk-like scent. The powerful effects are one of those good attributes smokers appreciate.


Wondering where to Buy LA Confidential Weed Strain in Canada

Canadians have the best options for buying the LA Confidential strain from any regulated recreation shop, booths, or clinics. By conducting an online search or review of shops, selling the best strains will land you in a shop of choice.

You can also do an online search for marijuana medics who will listen to your case and make a matching prescription for you. Shopping at any of the Canadian’s leisure clinics will be assured of the marijuana strain quality. Most shops around here source from reliable and reputable sources that handle cannabis growing seriously. 

At Cannabis Ontario, we provide a list of some of the best marijuana shops so you can find the best weed dispensary for you. Browse through our site and find the ideal cannabis dispensary in Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa, and every other city in Ontario. 


LA Confidential Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

The strain is famous for its skunky aroma that sometimes surprises its consumers when it comes to differentiating the scent from the taste. Imagine where you buy an orange that ends up tasting like a banana. Regular consumers also get confused when they take in a flavour that does not correspond to their taste buds register. Scent and taste should always be distinct but complement each other, making the LA Confidential marijuana strain stand to represent many flavours or aromas.

On matters of appearance, the LA Confidential weed strains grow short. The buds take the lime green colour with small purple leaves that highlights the popcorn-like appearance. Its flowers look scruffy and are covered in frosty trichomes. Even the everyday consumer cannot ignore an appealing site.


LA Confidential Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

The short stature of the weed strain makes it a grower’s favourite both indoors and outdoors. It has a natural resistance to molds and mildews hence less maintenance on the farm. The professional growers and beginners will be at ease growing this cannabis strain.

In a warm and dry climate, the LA Confidential strain will give the best yields. In an outdoor environment, this marijuana strain given enough light will flower between 6-8 weeks. While outdoors, flowering starts in late September to early October. The indoor yields at 14-ounces per square meter as the outdoor yields reach 16-ounces per square foot.


Effects of LA Confidential Weed Strain

The effects the LA Confidential strain leaves your body with when you overdose can also send you to instant sleep. If you desire to enjoy every moment of relaxation, the measured dosage of LA Confidential will do you that favour. When facing too much stress or having a difficult day at work, this weed strain will help lift all the weight resting on your shoulders.

Feed your body with pleasant feelings as you unwind to the comforting bubble and warmth that creates an impression of floating in the heavens. A person living with depression and surrounded by negative energy should use this weed strain to get some joy and happiness. 


Medical Benefits of LA Confidential Cannabis Strain

The clamour for the legalization of marijuana led consumers to believe that all marijuana strains will serve as medicinal alternatives. Some strains, such as the LA Confidential, are exceptional weed because of their potential to help manage some ailments.

Some strains may target the mental aspects as this marijuana strain helps in reducing pain on your physical body. You can use the strain to manage insomnia and restlessness. The administration of LA Confidential strain in small doses can put one in deep slumber as some pain relief and physical discomfort.

This marijuana strain can help other possible areas when dealing with arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, and swellings.


Possible Side Effects of LA Confidential Weed Strain

The LA Confidential Cannabis strain can prove to be strong and potent to beginners. The most common reports of side effects indicate dry eyes and dry mouth to avoid by taking fluids as you enjoy the smoke. Taking lots of water during and after the session, help keep a possible headache away.

You may experience paranoia or dizziness. These two should not be a cause for alarm because it will disappear as the weed strain loses its effects on you.


LA Confidential Strain: Final Thoughts

Some consumers look for a possible alternative to medicines they use to handle specific ailments. LA Confidential strain is one such alternative. One of the cannabis strains you can use to ease the body of physical discomfort is the LA Confidential strain.

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