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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Violator Kush Weed Strain Review

The Violator Kush Weed Strain is an Indica dominant variety with an Indica to Sativa ratio of 80:20. Barney’s Farm bred it by crossing the infamous Hindu Kush and Malana strains. It has a high THC content of up to 24% and CBD levels ranging between 1.5% and 2%. Therefore, these contents make Violator Cannabis a popular strain among recreational and medicinal users.

Its high is sedating, slow and long-lasting, with euphoric and uplifting effects. It will enhance your moods, making you more talkative, social and friendlier. Besides, it will give you positive thinking, helping erase the negative ones. It will make you happy, helping treat related mental and mood disorders.  Also, it will induce laziness, putting you under couch-lock. Besides, it will lead you to sleep, keeping insomnia in check.

The flavours of the Violator Kush strain are spicy and piney, with herbal and woody tones. Similarly, the aroma is spicy with hashy and earthy undertones. Its nugs are small to medium in size, bright neon green with a spade shape. The buds are long and dense, covered in orange hairs and sticky thick whitish trichomes. Besides, the plant has an Indica structure, short and bushy.


Violator Kush Marijuana Strain: What It Is?

With the Indica to Sativa ratio of 80:20, the Violator Kush weed strain is a potent Indica dominant hybrid. It is a cross between Malana and the legendary Hindu Kush strains. It is one of the many Cannabis hybrids from Barney’s Farm.


Wondering Where to Buy Violator Kush Weed Strain in Canada?

You can get the Violator Kush Marijuana strain from its breeder Barney’s Farm. You can also order online from viable vendors such as those featured on Weed List. Similarly, it is available in Cannabis dispensaries and coffee shops. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical weed dispensaries around. You can pick and choose your favourite marijuana store in Toronto and any other cities in Ontario Canada. 


Violator Kush Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

The buds of Violator Kush Marijuana emit an intense and harsh aroma with earthy tones. Its flavour is spicy and pine with woody and herbal undertones. About the appearance, its plant is short and bushy with dense and long buds. The nugs are small to medium in size, bright neon green with spade shape, and orange hairs. Due to its sticky thick whitish trichomes, the buds are hard to break.


Violator Kush Cannabis Strain: Growth Information

Growing the Violator Kush cannabis strain is relatively easy. Besides, it’s highly resistant to most pests and diseases, but not against mildew. It thrives well in both outdoor and indoor settings. In outdoor farming, it loves cold climates due to its mountainous lineage. Similarly, it can flourish in both hydroponics and soil growth, using the Screen of Green Method.

Violator Kush Marijuana is a heavy yielding strain with a shorter flowering period. The flowers are ready for harvest after 8-9 weeks indoors and mid-September outdoors. Besides, the yield rate is 16-18 ounces per square meter indoors and 22 ounces per plant in outside farming. 


Effects of Violator Kush Weed Strain

With slow and heavy-hitting sedative high, Violator Kush weed’s effects will start to manifest a few minutes after the first hit. It will run to the head, slowly spreading to the entire body parts. Besides, uplifting and euphoric effects accompany this high boosting mood. They will make you more talkative, social and friendlier. Similarly, they will help you erase and forget negative thoughts and experiences, making you happy.

As the high accelerates, your body will become numb and immobile, putting you under couch-lock. It will also stimulate appetite, so ensure to equip yourself with enough snacks before the intake. Lastly, you will succumb to the high, giving you a quality and deep sleep.


Medical Benefits of Violator Kush Cannabis Strain

The high THC levels and CBD contents in the Violator Kush strain are useful in the medical field. For instance, with the uplifting and euphoric effect, the sedative body buzz is an excellent painkiller. It will help alleviate inflammation pain, arthritis, cramps, chronic pains and muscle aches. Similarly, it will help you release stress, depression and anxiety. It will also treat nausea and eating disorders for cancer patients. These are the devastating effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.


Possible Side Effects of Violator Kush Marijuana Strain

Cottonmouth, dry and red eyes are the common side effects of the Violator Kush Cannabis strain. However, to combat these effects, ensure to take enough water during your intake. Also, equip yourself in advance with moisturizing eye-drops for your eyes. Besides, on overdose, you may experience headaches, anxiety, dizziness and paranoia. Ensure you observe your tolerance levels.


Violator Kush Strain Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a strain that will relax and calm your mind and body, Violator Kush is the perfect strain for you. Its sedative high will numb your body and, at the same time, enhance your moods. Similarly, it will help alleviate arthritis pain, inflammation, muscle aches and cramps. It will also help relieve depression, anxiety and stress. Lastly, it will make you sleep, treating insomnia. 

So browse through the Cannabis Ontario dispensary list and find the perfect cannabis store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day weed delivery in Ottawa, and throughout the rest of the great Province of Ontario.


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