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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Dr. Funk Weed Strain Review

The Dr. Funk weed strain is the short form for Dr. Funkenstein. It is a cannabis strain that can offer its effects reasonably fast. Relying on its name, many cannabis users set high expectations when it comes to delivering the anticipated results. Fortunately, it does not disappoint since it offers a thorough Indica body high, alongside its berry-tinged, dank scent.

This is a marijuana strain that a doctor can order for relaxation, mainly after a long, challenging day. Also, it induces a happy and euphoric sensation, which, together with its relaxation effects, can help treat pain, stress, and sleeplessness. You can enjoy this marijuana strain with various activities, including watching TV.


Dr. Funk Cannabis Strain: What it is?

Created by crossing two celebrity weed strains: Bubba Kush and DJ Short Blueberry, this cannabis strain comprises 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. The two-parent strains are amongst the best Indica strains accessible in the industry. Bubba Kush is a famous exotic hybrid that won the best Indica prize in 2000. Consequently, DJ Short Blueberry gained popularity because of its chocolate-coffee tastes and full-body relaxing effects.

Therefore, Dr. Funk fuses their unique earthy and fruity tastes, while its homely smoke offers a numbing high to the mind and body. This marijuana strain boasts about a 20% THC level to help relieve your senses. 


Wondering where to Buy Dr. Funk Marijuana Strain in Canada?

There is less information about where to get this weed strain. However, many local dispensaries in Canada have various cannabis strains. Therefore, try checking your local dispensary if it has Dr. Funk on its menu. Furthermore, you can browse through online dispensaries to check if they have this weed strain. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite weed dispensary in Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Dr. Funk Weed Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and appearance

Regarding its aroma, Dr. Funk blends the smell of its two parent strains. It acquires its sweet scent of berries from Blueberry, and its unique pungent and earthy smell is from Bubba Kush.

This marijuana strain is captivating and enticing concerning its taste. When you inhale this weed strain, you will experience a sweet, thick, citrus taste. Whereas exhaling it delivers a sweetness that nearly vanishes as it’s funky and savoury diesel tastes creep in. Similar to culinary enjoyment, these extremely uncommon terpenes provide an ideal blend of savoury and sweet that works to emphasize its sweet and pungent flavour.

Concerning appearance, this marijuana strain has medium-sized buds that are tightly-packed in a dense spherical structure. Typically, this weed strain has a rigid, stable structure that is usually linked to Indica strains. Its leaves are not only forest green in colour, but also curly, red, brown pistils twist through them. Lastly, compact coverage of crystalline trichomes coats these buds, which account for the buds’ psycho-activity and stick when you touch. 


Dr. Funk Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

It is quite challenging to find a quality and viable seed when growing this marijuana strain. Nonetheless, this cannabis strain should be moderately easy to cultivate, but remember to keep it away from pests and high temperatures.

Dr. Funk can be grown both outside and indoors. For an indoor setting, this cannabis strain requires about eight to nine weeks to flower. What is more, is that it yields about twelve to fourteen ounces of leaves per square meter during harvesting.

For outside growing, this marijuana strain flowers around late September to early October. At harvest, you will get about fourteen ounces of leaves from every plant.


Effects of Dr. Funk Marijuana Strain

Dr. Funk has a diminutive Sativa effect; however, its psychedelic high kicks off with major cerebral thrill. Its euphoric effect stimulates ecstasy from within to leave the user in a pure bliss state.

After that, the Indica effects of this weed strain creep in, starting with a faint tingling sensation in your temples. As such feeling moves down, you will feel a deep body relaxation. Even though such a sensation is intense, it does not make you glued to the couch. Instead, it supplements the mental high.


Medical Benefits of Dr. Funk Weed Strain

Dr. Funk utilizes its cannabinoids and psycho-active compounds to fight numerous medical issues. For example, its mild mental effects can fight depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Its soothing effects help your body’s muscles act as it acts as an analgesic and eases various types of pains and aches, including tiredness, headaches, and cramps.

Furthermore, its sedative effects make one relaxed. This effects, in turn, helps insomniacs as it leads to deep sleep. People with hypertension can also benefit from this cannabis strain.


Possible Side Effects of Dr. Funk Cannabis Strain

This cannabis strain can lead to some adverse effects, such as dry mouth, headaches, and dry eyes. Because of these, ensure to take plenty of water or other hydrating fluids as they hydrate you to reduce such unpleasant effects.


Dr. Funk Marijuana Strain Final Thoughts

Dr. Funk is a cannabis strain that can help with various health issues. However, it is crucial to consult your doctor before using it for medicinal reasons. Although its fruity scent makes it a delicious nighttime strain, ensure to drink plenty of hydrating liquids to reduce its adverse effects. Find the best weed dispensaries in Richmond Hill, Toronto, Ottawa, and many other cities at CannabisOntario, your source for information on trusted recreational and medical marijuana in Canada. 


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