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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Chemo Weed Strain Review

The Chemo weed strain, also known to cannabis consumers more often as UBC Chemo, is a 100 percent pure Indica hybrid. Its origin is of unknown genetics that was specifically bred for the treatment of patients undergoing chemotherapy. This strong bud provides extremely potent heavy Indica effects distinguished in both mind and body by a high degree of pain relief. You will unexpectedly be struck with a substantial sensation behind before collapsing into a full anesthetic daze.

It is an effective remedy for disorders like depression, nausea, anxiety, nightmares, chronic pains, and cancer. This is due to the strong effects it delivers and its crazy THC level that ranges between 18-21 percent. These nugs have a fragrant impactful gritty pine aroma and a sample of sweet flower pine that upon breathing out gets sharp and vicious.

Chemo buds have harsh resinous nugs of dim purple spade-moulded rock that are covered in dull rich orange wavy hide. A layer of thick stout white gem trichomes and a fine layer of tacky sweet pitch are caked into each nug.


Chemo Weed Strain: What is it?

Due to its combination of pine and earthy flavours, most cannabis consumers enjoy this strain. Besides, its THC level of 18% to 21% delivers potent effects that every cannabis fanatic loves to experience. Besides, this is the best marijuana strain you can choose to have at home if you have a problem with your appetite. It is renowned for raising the mood and putting a smile on your face. A combination of its impacts also makes the hybrid hub ideal for medicinal purposes. It helps to treat a variety of illnesses, for example, cancer, depression and chronic pains.


 Wondering where to Buy Chemo Cannabis in Canada?

For most Canadian farmers, the Chemo weed strain is a favourite herb. This cannabis strain can be found in our store. Additionally, you can find it in our online store. It’s perfect for checking out local dispensaries’ latest menus and asking for support. At CannabisOntario, you can find some of the highest-rated cannabis clinics, weed stores, marijuana dispensaries, and online cannabis stores in town. Find the perfect weed dispensary in Oshawa and surrounding areas. As long as you are in Ontario, we have you covered. 


Chemo: Aroma, Flavour and appearance

It has fragrances of pine and earthy with pungent suggestions. Besides, it has a very organic scent. The Chemo weed strain has a unique woody flavour due to its earthy and pungent scent. The flavour is concealed in the first puff in a sweet and floral pine taste. Later, the pungent and harsh taste of pine becomes more noticeable when you exhale the smoke. Chemo buds have rugged resinous nugs of dark purple spade-shaped rock that are covered in dim rich orangeish wavy hair. Each nug is hardened with a sheet of thick stout white gem trichomes and a fine layer of tacky sweet tar.


Chemo: Grow Info

Since this plant is so rare, it needs some expertise to grow effectively. If you are seasoned with cannabis, cultivating works well both indoors and outdoors.

However, the SOG (Sea of Green) method should not be included in the ideal indoor cultivation. This prolongs the flowering stage. This strain can tolerate cool to hotter climates if grown outdoors. The fact that it’s resistant to moulds and pests is another positive thing about this strain.

The flowering period depends on the medium you use indoors. It takes about 7 weeks of the flowering period if cultivated using hydroponics. Expect a yield of around 18 to 28 oz per meter squared if well taken care of. For those who prefer outdoor cultivation, ensure that the climate is cool to warm for great results. Harvesting typically happens in the early 10th month, with about 24oz production per plant. 


Effects of Chemo

Since the Chemo cannabis strain has higher amounts of THC level, it’ll knock you off your feet. It is anticipated to give its consumers a physical high with its 100 percent Indica concentration that no other weed can. Some users have recorded a degree of cerebral elevation, but this is typically limited.

Since it is a strain of pure Indica, Chemo is known as a creeper herb. Therefore, if you plan to try this for the first time, you should be ready for a surprise. It produces a strong physical high. After some time of taking this weed strain, you’ll find yourself coach-locked. Therefore, is best to be used during the night with its powerful sedative effect.


Medical Benefits of Chemo

One of the most prominent features of the Chemo weed strain is its therapeutic benefits. It has something to do with cancer and chemotherapy, as the name implies. It helps to relieve the suffering that patients with cancer have to deal with during their treatment.

Chemo is known to offer its users “the munchies” in addition to its initial intent. It is also effective in stimulating your appetite. Additionally, it can help you cope with insomnia, depression and stress. Some reports may also say that Chemo can control seizures and nausea.


Possible Side Effects of Chemo

The Chemo weed strain can also be associated with the normal dry mouth, dry eyes, headaches and periods of dizziness and symptoms of anxiety. Staying hydrated will help control these side effects.


Chemo Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a weed strain that can cause an uptick in energy and mood? Well, you’ve got the Chemo weed strain to try. It is a popular weed well known for relieving depression and stress as well as other major illnesses such as cancer. The flavour and the aroma are enough to make you try this delicious crossbreed. 

So browse through the Cannabis Ontario dispensary list and find the perfect cannabis store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day weed delivery in Guelph, and throughout the rest of the great Province of Ontario.


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