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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Jack Frost Weed Strain Review

The Jack Frost weed strain is an evenly-balanced hybrid marijuana strain.  The weed strain gained its popularity due to the production of sweet tastes suggestive of pine and pumpkin. Buds of this weed strain are moss-covered green with yellow pistils and a prominent, crystallized layer of chilly trichomes. Due to these features, Jack Frost got its name. The woody taste and sweet citric smell impress the consumers searching for euphoria uplifting. Also, the weed strain is among the leading herbs in pain and anxiety medication.

This weed strain is among the exceptional crossbreeds enjoyed for its extraordinary experience for both growers and users. Growing the cannabis strain is undemanding. It performs well both indoors and outdoors with above-average production.


Jack Frost Marijuana Strain: What is it?

A significant percentage of cannabis fanatics love this weed strain for its sweet citrus aroma and woody taste. Besides that, the weed is well balanced originating from crossing weed strains. That is a hybrid White Widow and  Sativa Jack E. Jack Frost was bred and improved over five years by Goldenseed.

 The strain has a quality potency level of 23% THC. Although the weed is equally-balanced, it gives the user Sativa leaning effects. They experience an uplifting effect with extreme euphoria. The Indica effect sets in after a few minutes of consumption. Combining these two effects makes the Jack Frost marijuana strain a suitable strain medically. It treats several mind and body disorders.


Wondering where to Buy Jack Frost Weed Strain in Canada?

Being a favourite indoor plant for most Canadians, this weed strain is available in several convenience centers.  You can find this cannabis strain type in your local dispensaries and numerous recreational weed delivery services. You can also find it online where after placing an order, you will get the weed in your comfort zone at home. Further, you can consult your friends in case this does not work. At CannabisOntario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical weed dispensaries around. You can pick and choose your favourite marijuana store in London and many other cities in Ontario Canada. 


Jack Frost Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Jack Frost has a sweet citrusy aroma with hints of earthy undertones. Trivial skunk hints are also injected scrumptiously that make certain to tempt and charm terpenes’ fans all over. Jack Frost’s general sweet scent is supplemented by elusive woody and hearty fragrances, giving it a more adjusted smell.

The weed strain has earthy-sweet flavours that are most noticeable on the inhale. When you combust this marijuana, it produces a downy and smooth, which isn’t severe on your lungs. You experience a lasting perceptible lemony taste after exhaling.

This marijuana strain has an intensely iced covering of trichomes. The nugs nearly look like Christmas trees in forestry that have recently gotten a crisp neatening. Conversely, the strain has lively orange pistils. The pistils stand apart conspicuously against the light green and chilly white plant’s surface.


Jack Frost Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Jack Frost marijuana is an easy to grow strain; hence novice growers are free to try it out. It does well both indoors and outdoors. Indoor growers should use organic soil cultivation medium for excellent produce. Also, it is advisable to use vessels with water overflow holes to prevent overwatering, destroying the results.  It takes 9-10 weeks flowering period if cultivated indoors. Expect a yield of around 16oz per meter squared if well taken care of.

For those who prefer outdoor cultivation, ensure that the climate is sunny and warm for great results. Harvesting typically happens in the early 10th month, with about 19oz production per plant. 


Effects of Jack Frost Marijuana Strain

The Jack Frost weed strain exhibits Sativa induced effects at the beginning of the high. It produces an uplifting, happy, and energizing effect. After some time, it boosts your creativity and euphoria. Its sedative effects make you feel relaxed, making it a good option after a tiresome day.

Like other marijuana strains, this weed will make you have hallucinatory experiences that come in sometime after smoking.  Since you might have some fear due to these experiences, you can choose to take the weed with a small company of friends to lessen it.


Medical Benefits of Jack Frost Cannabis Strain

The marijuana strain is a most loved clinical weed among people looking for choices to alleviate their body ailments and brain disorders. It permits smokers to get help for their underscoring issues while elevating their energy to stay lively. Additionally, the Kush strain is fit for those with chronic headaches, arthritis, and lingering fatigue.

Also, the strain has the potential of rendering life at ease for those dealing with depression. It does this by elevating users’ moods as well as positivity. Since the Jack Frost weed strain has provided total body relaxation, insomniacs find it a good option for a night of sufficient sleep. Finally, this cannabis weed strain can restore appetite to individuals suffering from nausea or other medical complications.


Possible Side Effects of Jack Frost Weed Strain

Contrasted to other potent weed strains, Jack Frost has relatively moderate negative effects. The side effects are attributed to its more than average THC level. The most frequently recounted side effects are dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Both of these side effects are easily controllable with a little extra preparation. You can maintain hydration by drinking adequate water before, during, and after munching the weed strain. On the issues of eyes, you can get eye drops from your local drugstore for control.

Other less common side effects are headaches and dizziness.  Another way of controlling side effects is by taking the strain carefully without overdosing.


Jack Frost Weed Strain: Final Thoughts

Jack Frost is a go-to marijuana strain for the exclusive and diverse experience it offers to growers and consumers. It’s medical and mood uplifting effects should give you an urge to try it out. It is also easily accessible online and in local centers. Its side effects are easily controllable, so you should not have any worries about that. 

At CannabisOntario, you can find some of the highest-rated cannabis clinics, weed stores, marijuana dispensaries, and online cannabis stores in town. Find the perfect weed dispensary in Markham and surrounding areas. As long as you are in Ontario, we have you covered. 


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