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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Fire OG Weed Strain Review

The Fire OG weed strain as the name describes is high-quality smoke. The key features are a fire-like appearance due to the vibrant green nugs which are surrounded by red pistils. This strain has a lemon pledge aroma and euphoric effects which are not only potent but also long-lasting. It is the most desirable strain among the users who have a high THC tolerance. Its effect remains on the body and mind for up to three hours. The effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes.


Fire OG Weed Strain: What it is?

Fire OG is an Indica overriding hybrid that contains 70% of Indica and 30% of Sativa genetics, which is a persuasive cross amid the enormously prevalent OG Kush X San Fernando Valley OG Kush. This damp sprout is considered as the utmost dominant of the OG Kush family plus avowals a dramatically great THC level vacillating from 20-25% on middling. Handlers define the Fire OG high as partaking a prompt inventive elevating sagacity of impetus plus fortitude. The user will feel haste of vigour, which leaves an elated and enthused. This gradually dwindles into an intense couch look with an insane case of the nibbles and comprehensive plus absolute restfulness. As the high diminishes, the user can be alleviated into a profound and passive sleep.


Wondering where to Buy Fire OG Cannabis Strain in Canada?

The Fire OG strain is the favourite medicine of Canadians who are suffering from insomnia, sleep loss, and different chronic pains. This can be found in any local dispensary. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite weed dispensary in Scarborough, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Fire OG Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour and appearance

Aroma: Fetid of garden-fresh citrus fruits besides an unsophisticated fullness, Fire OG is as soothing for the wits as a time disbursed drenched up persistent extents of LA sunbeams.

Flavour:  The flavour of Fire OG will propel your palate buds desolate because they spoilt with tip-offs of zing plus lemon-flavoured citrus. This strain likewise has some bitter, plain savours with hints of yearning and basil.

Appearance: Containing effective, densely-packed sprouts through blazingly upbeat red plus carroty strips, Fire OG is evocative of a rioting California wildfire. Its pistils are extended as well as wavy plus also contains a singed, vivacious orange. They enhance a discerning inflection to the inclusive presence of weed’s attractive pieces. Lastly, the buds guise like they have been plunged in a new fleece of slush, sparkly, and frigid. This substantial viscous glaze of trichrome emphasizes Fire OG’s added vivacious colours.


Fire OG Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Fire OG is the kind of strain that is not suggested for novice growers. This shrub takes extra time and patience to cultivate, as well as desires a well-engineered planetary to flourish in. This mixture can be very lavish in its harvest, plus chooses a meticulous environment within relatively than to be outside.


Effects of Fire OG Weed Strain

The initial effects of Fire OG are highbrow, overjoyed, and elevating. In distinction, Fire OG’s advanced effects are additional calming in nature. They are habitually escorted by couch-lock plus comprehensive body/mind slackening.

Fire OG will assist the body and mind in a pleasing and stress-free condition. If one does not want to bargain dwindling numbness in mid of the day, however, the physicians recommend not devouring Fire OG weed till the sunset.


Medical Benefits of Fire OG Cannabis Strain

Fire OG has remained poignant crags in the medical marijuana strain community. Owing to its compelling properties, it might assist in comforting the indications of a variety of situations, indicators, and illnesses. Few situations that Fire OG patrons say are valuable for long-lasting stress, despair, insomnia, or nervousness disorders. This helps in keeping the mind and body in a relaxed state.  Fire OG’s preliminary ecstatic influences may propose provisional respite for therapeutic customers with downheartedness because this straining’s Indica heredities persuade profound relaxation, it might be helpful for individuals with lingering stress plus anxiety. Fire OG users also said that it helps improve more bodily illnesses like lasting pain, migraines, plus the pain of joints. The particular strain has sleep-inducing impacts in its last phases, which can be beneficial for persons who have insomnia.


Possible Side Effects of Fire OG Cannabis Strain

The Fire OG marijuana strain is remarkably strong plus hard-hitting, also for experienced cannabis customers. As previously stated, Fire OG is considered to be not appropriate for a beginner. Even practiced customers are counselled to take only a single hit one time. This can provide the idea that how much tolerance the individual has to tolerate the effect of a strong strain. So be careful of side effects.


Fire OG Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Fire OG is extensively measured as an influential strain. Consequently, it is a bit much for beginner cannabis customers. Experienced cannabis users will additionally need to be cautious not to take too much of this strain. This strain has diverse negative effects as well, such as intensified nervousness, distrust, and giddiness. The Curative Fire OG patrons describe its usefulness for easing the indications of an unabridged host of situations. In the case of beginners, this weed strain is not appropriate. The consumption of weed stain or marijuana is the lone accountability on the part of the user, and precautions plus directions must always be taken.

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