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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Bluefin Tuna Weed Strain Review

Also known as the BlueFin Tuna weed strain or Bluefin Tuna Kush, this Marijuana strain is highly potent. It is heavy hitting and gives novice users a blow. Although its smell contains a pungent hint of rotting tuna, its flavour is surprisingly fruity. This Kush won the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup under the Best Indica category.

The Bluefin Tuna Cannabis strain bears stunning nugs. However, it leaves its users sleepy, therefore ideal for nighttime use. Additionally, the strain treats various health distresses.


Bluefin Tuna Cannabis Strain: What It Is?

This Weed strain derives its genetics from Tuna Kush and Blueberry. It is an Indica-dominant strain with a hybrid ratio of Indica 75% and Sativa 25%. Its THC content ranges between 20%-25%, thus highly potent.

Bluefin Tuna bears green, pepper-like, fluffy, and medium-sized buds. It has orange pistils that stick out between the green leaves. A layer of frosty trichomes and white hairs blanket these nugs. Finally, a liberal resin sprinkling makes the flowers gummy. This resin also gives the strain its characteristic potency. It leaves users energetic, sedated, and couch-locked. Therefore, it is ideal for evening time use.


Wondering Where to Buy Bluefin Tuna Weed Strain in Canada?

This Cannabis strain has a high demand. Therefore, it is available in many reputable online dispensaries. You can also visit a nearby Weed store and inquire about this product. Furthermore, it comes in various forms. You will get the dried formula for smoking, vaporizers, or edibles. At CannabisOntario, we have compiled a menu of some of the top-rated weed dispensaries, cannabis stores, and mail order marijuana services. Find the perfect cannabis dispensary in Vaughan and surrounding areas. In fact, we service every city in the Province of Ontario. 


Bluefin Tuna Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

The strain’s smell leans more on the Tuna Kush while the flavour resembles the Blueberry’s. The buds give off a pungent aroma that reminds you of a rotting fish. You will also notice some diesel and skunk accents.

When you smoke this Marijuana, a pungent fishy and diesel flavour will make you cough. Citrusy and sour berry tangs will linger on your lips for hours after expiration.

This strain has green, pepper-like, fluffy, and medium-sized buds. Long, curly, orange pistils stick out between the green leaves, giving them a perfect colour match. Frosty trichomes and white hairs blanket these nugs, giving them a shiny outlook. Finally, a liberal resin sprinkling makes the flowers gummy. This resin also provides the strain with its characteristic potency.


Bluefin Tuna Cannabis Strain: Grow Information

The Bluefin Tuna weed strain is relatively easy to grow due to its high resistance to diseases. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Farmers can acquire seeds online or obtain clippings from mature plants.

The plants take a moderately short duration to flower both indoor and outside. However, this Weed is not a heavy yielder.


Effects of Bluefin Tuna Weed Strain

The high of this Weed strain sets in immediately and hits hard. Initially, you will experience a blood-rush through your head. You will also feel energized, uplifted, and euphoric. It transforms your shy personality into a talkative one. Furthermore, the strain makes you enlightened, meditative, and creative.

After a few minutes, the Indica effects set in, delivering intense body buzz. At this point, the smoker feels relaxed and pain-free. On top of that, complete body numbness envelops you giving you a compulsion to lie on your couch and grab a magazine. The strain rocks you over and over and eventually pulls you into a deep sleep. It sneaks away while you are asleep and leaves you with extreme hunger.

This Weed is suitable for evening time consumption. It is also ideal for spending a cold day indoors when you have no tasks to accomplish.


Medical Benefits of Bluefin Tuna Cannabis Strain

The Bluefin Tuna Cannabis Strain is a potent sedative that treats pain, nausea and insomnia. Therefore, it helps patients suffering from chronic illnesses. You can use the strain to alleviate muscle pain, cramps, and spasms due to its relaxing impact.

The euphoria that this Marijuana brings boosts your mood. Therefore, it alleviates depression, anxiety and mood disorders. You will experience hunger after toking the Ganja, consequently relieving appetite loss. It also helps with migraines, back pains, and menstrual pains.


Possible Side Effects of Bluefin Tuna Weed Strain

The strain’s adverse effects are mild as opposed to its potency. The most common negative impact is dry mouth, usually accompanied by dry, itchy eyes. Drinking plenty of hydrating fluids alleviates these symptoms. You can also use an ophthalmic lubricant to ease eye irritation.

Other uncommon adverse effects include headache, dizziness, and paranoia. Do not exceed your tolerance limit when consuming this Marijuana. Novice smokers should begin with less potent Kush strains.


Bluefin Tuna Strain: Final Thoughts

The Bluefin Tuna weed strain is the ideal marijuana you need in the evening after a hard day. Experience the great euphoria and uplifting that the strain gives you and forget all your troubles. Also, beat all your pains using this potent analgesic. Get it from a nearby dealer and consume it responsibly. 

So browse through the Cannabis Ontario dispensary list and find the perfect cannabis store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day weed delivery in Kitchener, and throughout the rest of the great Province of Ontario.


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