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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Romulan Weed Strain Review

Interestingly, the Romulan weed strain derives its name from the famous alien-humanoid race of the Star Trek TV series that blew the television airwaves in the 60s. This Indica-leaning kush has been featured in Cannabis Culture and High Times magazine. Thanks to its therapeutic and narcotic-like effects.

The genetic lineage of this cannabis strain is still a mystery. However, some sources mention it could be a descendant of the White Rhino hybrid. Notably, the weed delivers a relaxing high that sinks you into a cherry and refreshing introspection.

 Equally, the buds are compact with bright green leaves that appeal to its looks. Besides, the aromatic profile is topnotch with earthy pine fragrances. This bud also brags a super fascinating flavouring of sweet, spicy, woody taste with a citrus hint. 


Romulan Marijuana Strain: What is it?

From a recent review, this strain is increasingly gaining popularity for its arguably massive Indica effects. Its high is insanely a creeper. It hits you with therapeutic and narcotic-like effects. It takes you on hold delivering deep tranquillity with a refreshing cerebral introspection.

Although the Romulan is an Indica dormant, the Sativa level is still under review. Besides it, potency is not a compromise thanks to its high THC level of about 20-24%. Its attributes make it a suitable antidepressant and alleviate the loss of appetite and depression.

 However, some sources claim that it is not a top-shelf kush though it rates high among the consumers.


Wondering Where to Buy Romulan Marijuana Strain in Canada?

This classic marijuana strain is turning out to be a household product among Canadians. As a result, many local dispensaries have been stocking the shelves to meet the demand. Besides, if the strain is unavailable around your home area, you can order from online recreation shops and dispensaries. At CannabisOntario, you can find some of the highest-rated cannabis clinics, weed stores, marijuana dispensaries, and online cannabis stores in town. Check out our cannabis store listings and find the perfect weed dispensary in Mississauga and surrounding areas. As long as you are in Ontario, we have you covered. 


Romulan Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Romulan has a distinguished catchy aroma. The nuggets release a unique piney, earthy fragrance. Upon burning, the bud produces a seat aromatic scent in the end. This kush’s smoke is smooth and is never irritating either as you exhale the tangy smoke, a sweet, spicy aftertaste with woody citrus undertones.

One thing that stands out in this hybrid bud is its gorgeous appearance. It has dense green nugs surrounded by blazing furry hairs. The nugs have resinous crystal trichomes that have a sparkly touch. These trichomes are frosty clear, improving their overall looks. 


Romulan Marijuana Strain: Grow Info

Comparatively, this hybrid is less challenging to cultivate. Therefore, novice growers can try it out. Its plant height is relatively tall and has dense branches. Hence, if you are growing indoors, ensure spacing in seeds.

The Romulan weed strain is resistant to common pests and diseases. Also, it needs caring management to keep its stature compact. That aside, it prefers warm and dry weather conditions. It can thrive indoors and in outdoors settings. The flowering takes place from 8-9 weeks, yielding about 9 ounces of buds per square metre. For outdoor growing, the yield is about 9 ounces of buds per plant. Harvesting season happens in mid-October.


Effects of Romulan Weed Strain

As a recreational weed strain, Romulan does not disappoint. The kush offers extreme cerebral stimulation with narcotic-like effects. It takes you on a ride creeping into a cerebral sensation that lands you into deep introspection. Consequently, your mind melts into fascinating cherry tranquillity.

These cerebral effects make you slightly heady yet alert as thoughtfulness increases. Ultimately a feeling of being spacy knocks in. Finally, your mind and body calm down, accompanied by a relaxing sensation full of euphoria. Be warned this straight increases hunger. So, have plenty of snacks and drinks to have an outstanding recreational experience.


Medical Benefits of Romulan Cannabis Strain

Recreation uses aside, in medical usage, the herb is indeed potent. It allows patients with debilitating medical conditions to regain their comfort. Prescription is an alternative to help people with stressful cases to avert depression thanks to its relaxing impacts.

In case you have filthy thoughts that affect your sleep and insomnia problems, this strain offers a cure. Besides, its soothing effect can help relieve arthritis, migraines, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. It also acts as an alternative in combating PTSD and cell inflammatory cases. Note for medical use; it is essential to seek guidance from a specialist.


Possible Side Effects of Romulan Weed Strain

The most frequent reactions to this potent kush are dry mouth and droopy itchy eyes. However, this should not be a bother. You can manage them. Therefore, to avoid these adverse reactions, ensure you drink fluids before and after the recreation.

Also, to mention, taking excessive amounts may cause unintended adverse reactions. These effects include headaches, paranoia and dizziness. So, the best way to enjoy the smoking experience is by taking tolerable doses.


Romulan Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Are you experiencing stressful moments? Do you need you to want to soul-search? If yes, Romulan is the right potent strain for you. The herb delivers intense cerebral stimulation and narcotic-like effects that land you in a state of introspection. Conclusively, it is an ideal strain for spacey recreational moments. 

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