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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Love Potion Weed Strain Review

Here comes the fast-acting weed strain, Love Potion. At times, you will find it with an extension thus Love Potion #1. It differs from another strain Love Potion #9. This Cannabis strain is a nice variety for smokers looking for instant energy buzz. Besides, it comes with a cerebral experience. This Marijuana strain makes the user more alert than ever. It calms your nerves while causing lower inhibitions, thus increasing stimulation.

Weed enthusiasts find it suitable for pairing with other activities. For example, playing video games and carrying out exciting crafts. That is due to its body buzz. Consumers notice the woody pine on the spot. It also gives off an earthy aroma. Smoking experts will be quick to detect underlying citrus hints.

You cannot mistake the skunky fragrance after opening up the bugs. That is, even if you are a mere beginner. When you smoke, the taste may be a bit harsh. However, it immediately changes as you release the thick breath. You will enjoy pine and lemon flavours, with only some limited skunky aspects.


Love Potion Marijuana Strain: What Is It?

Sativa takes the bigger cake in Love potion at 70%. This Marijuana strain is a cross between Columbia Gold Strains and G-13. You should not confuse it with Love Potion #9. It has medium levels of THC between 15-18%. When it comes to body stimulation, this Cannabis strain hits precisely the perfect spot. Users find themselves in a joyful mood. There is also a slight euphoric mood. However, this Cannabis strain will not stick you to the couch. Therefore, daytime users need not to worry about that.

Instead, users feel equipped and prepared to move on with their daily activities. After completion of the tasks, there is still energy to take up a recreational activity. It is an ideal strain to use before the night starts. As the name suggests, it brings a horny feeling to most users.

It is also popular among those in the medical field. Love potion is a treatment for stress, fatigue, chronic pain, and anxiety. Besides, it plays a role in fighting nausea.


Wondering Where to Buy Love Potion Weed Strain in Canada

Most salespeople market Love Potion as an aphrodisiac. Its exceptional capacity to raise the bedroom game gives it an edge in the market. You can find it in local dispensaries all over Canada. You can as well search for it in online and recreational shops. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite online weed dispensary in New Market, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Love Potion Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour Appearance

This weed strain gives a citrus-scented smoke that is so pleasurable to the senses. Users can detect the underlying spicy hint. When you break the nugs, a skunky fragrance fills the surrounding.  Its fragrance carries over to the taste. Although there is some harshness, Love Potion flattens it with a citrus taste. It is apparent as you breathe the thick smoke out. Besides, there are also traces of skunk.


Love Potion Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Without a doubt, this Strain has an adorable name. Similarly, its appearance proves it. There are quickly noticeable blazing orange hairs. Besides, its green leaves have a coating of stick frosty trichomes.

You can grow this Marijuana strain in the field or in controlled conditions. Most farmers prefer indoor conditions. But they have to be cautious. This Strain is sensitive to any alterations in the light cycle. During the flowering stage, growers must make sure that dark remains so without light penetrations.

When growing this Strain in an indoor setting, the Sea of Green method is advisable to promote explosive growth. Expect to harvest your buds after 8-10 weeks. The yield is about 12 ounces of buds.

Love Potion performs well if the outdoor conditions are temperate or semi-humid. With proper attendance, you should expect to harvest before the end of November. Every plant produces around 12 ounces of buds.


Effects of Love Potion Weed Strain

Love Potion has an above standard potency and many beneficial effects. It might overpower you if you consume too much. However, users experience the best of its high when they use it within limits.

Upon smoking, a quick flowing wave runs from the spine to your fingertips, promoting mental strength. Users feel super excited. Its charge sharpens your imaginations, which reveal the creative side of you.

Due to Indica properties, tension will begin to disappear after some time. It soothes your muscle, which brings an overall relaxation feeling. This Cannabis strain spreads an uplifting sensation throughout the body without causing laziness. It does not betray its name but even does further. That is, it not only improves your libido but also increases your energy.


Medical Benefits of Love Potion Cannabis Strain

There are many medical benefits of the Love Potion weed strain. People usually market this Weed strain as an aphrodisiac. It is a pro when it comes to sex life. However, it also has other medicinal uses. Patients with depression find it useful in the management of stressful thoughts. Besides, it is a pain reliever helping patients with persistent aches. Finally, it is capable of fighting nausea. It stimulates the appetite of people with eating problems.


Possible Side Effects of Love Potion Weed Strain

Weed strains cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Love Potion can sometimes cause these two negative effects. However, they are easily manageable by drinking a lot of water during your smoking session. Other effects are dizziness, which may result from too much use.


Love Potion Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Love Potion is a unique strain due to its property of improving your bedroom game. It is suitable for evening use. Other than that, it also increases your energy to continue with your activities without causing lethargy feelings. Therefore, it won’t interfere with your schedule when you use it during the daytime. So if you are asking yourself, “what is the best cannabis store near me?”, then look no further because CannabisOntario provides a listing of the top-rated local weed shops in Ontario for your convenience. This includes the best marijuana clinics in Barrie, Toronto, Ottawa, and more!


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