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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Fruity Pebbles Weed Strain Review

The Fruity Pebbles weed strain is a hybrid created by combining 55% Indica and 45% Sativa strains. Bringing various strains together created this unique strain. It was bred through crossing Alien Kush, Tahoe OG, Green Ribbon and Granddaddy Purple strains. It boasts of a high THC content, ranging from 18%- 21%. As a result, this strain is potent and delivers immediate and long-lasting effects.

Fruity Pebbles boasts of a fruity flavour, which captivates more users. The tropical and herbal aroma will fill you with greatness, and you cannot get enough. It is an enjoyable strain to consume, and it will gush you with both medical and recreational benefits.

The plant is easy to grow, and it thrives in a consistent climate of both dry and warm temperatures. Fruity Pebbles grows tall, with the buds being ready for harvest between September and October. When the buds are ready, they appear fluffy and light green. The lovely trichomes and orange pistils give the buds an attractive look.

The Fruity Pebbles cannabis strain has a soft onset of high, which later sends a strong body buzz. Consuming this strain will relieve your mind and body. As a result, you will feel relaxed and become somehow couch-locked. If you want to experience an energetic high and, at the same time, feel calm, try this strain.


Fruity Pebbles Marijuana Strain: What is it?

Fruity Pebbles is also known as FPOG. It became popular in 2006 due to its wonderful effects. Just like its name, this strain has a fruity and sweet fragrance. The buds have an attractive appearance, which has gained many users all over the world.

This strain provides a cerebral high that will make you feel energetic and uplifted. It also increases creativity, and taking it in the morning will help you get through a busy day. Besides, you will feel giggly, happy and lively. 


Wondering where to Buy Fruity Pebbles Weed Strain in Canada?

Fruity Pebbles is a rare strain, and it is not readily available in the market. If you are interested, you can get it from authorized online dispensaries. At CannabisOntario, you can find some of the highest-rated cannabis clinics, weed stores, marijuana dispensaries, and online cannabis stores in town. Find the perfect weed dispensary in Richmond Hill and surrounding areas. As long as you are in Ontario, we have you covered. 


Fruity Pebbles Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

Fruity Pebbles has variable colours that give it an attractive look. It is saturated with blinding and bright colours. The nugs are green, with varying hues of deep forestry shades and green colour. In addition, the nugs have hints of purple, pink and blue colours as you look closer.  It has an incredibly delicious taste and aroma like tropical fruits with herbal undertones.


Fruity Pebbles Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Growing this strain is easy, and you can either use the seeds or clones. Commercial seeds are available online, and you can source them from distinguished suppliers. Alternatively, farmers can obtain clippings from mature plants. This strain thrives in both indoors and outside settings.

Growing the plants outdoors will require indirect sunshine and a steady climate. The plant grows tall, and you should trim it to allow penetration of light to lower branches. Indoor plants have a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Under proper care, this strain will give a generous harvest.

Raising plants indoors can produce an average of 16 ounces in each square meter. Growing this strain outside will result in rewarding yields. Each plant can produce 18 ounces. In addition, outdoor plants are ready for harvest between September and October.


Effects of Fruity Pebbles Marijuana Strain

The Fruity Pebbles weed strain is incredibly strong and will knock you with an impressive high. You will experience a cerebral rush a few minutes after taking this strain. As a result, your head will feel light and clear. The cerebral high is stimulating, and you will feel energetic and uplifted.

This strain is ideal for use in the morning, and you will enjoy the steady euphoria throughout the day. As the high gets deep, your body will become relaxed. Besides, this strain may make you feel somehow lethargic and leave you couch-locked. It also promotes creativity and the flow of positive thoughts.


Medical Benefits of Fruity Pebbles Marijuana Strain

Fruity Pebbles marjiuana does provide not only pleasurable moments but also treat various medical conditions. Its ability to uplift mood will quickly fade away symptoms like anxiety, depression and stress. It sends a soothing and relaxing body buzzes that make an excellent choice for treating chronic conditions. As a result, this strain may relieve back pain, joint aches, muscle spasms, muscle pain, headaches and migraines. Besides, this strain will help the user to recover the lost appetite.


Possible Side Effects of Fruity Pebbles Weed Strain

This strain delivers strong effects, and you should handle it with care. If you are a novice user, take it with caution, starting with a low dosage and increasing as you observe your body limits. You may experience undesirable effects like dry eyes, itchy eyes and dry mouth. Consequently, you may suffer dehydration, and you should take plenty of fluids to curb the impact.

This strain may also make you anxious, especially if you are taking it for the first time. In addition, you may experience paranoia and feel dizzy. To avoid these adverse effects, consume this strain with moderation and don’t exceed your body limits.


Fruity Pebbles Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Are you wondering how you will go about a busy day with a challenging task ahead? Worry not, the Fruity Pebbles weed strain got you covered. Consuming this strain in the morning will provide an energetic high, enhance mood, and make you feel uplifted. It will also promote creative thoughts and induce happiness. Taking this strain will increase productivity, and you will have a great day ahead. 

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Dry Eyes
Cotton Mouth

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