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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Kryptonite Weed Strain Review

The Kryptonite weed strain is a potent Indica dominant strain. Its effects are sedating in the latter stages. So, it is best suited for nighttime use. Ideal for unwinding after a stressful day. There is another Sativa-dominant Kryptonite strain by Pyramid Seeds. The Sativa strain has different effects. To be clear, this is an overview of the Indica heavy Kryptonite.

Do not let the name fool you. This stain is strong. Its earthy aroma with fruity and piney hints is not the best. Others claim that the strain tastes somewhere between good and bad. Suffice to say that the scent is tolerable.  


Kryptonite Marijuana Strain: What is it?

Oaksterdam University bred the Kryptonite weed strain. It is a cross of the popular Mendocino Purps and the Killer Queen. The strain also has the genetics of the potent G-13. Although that could be a myth, this weed is top-notch. With average THC levels, this weed strain is excellent overall. Its euphoric effect helps users with anxiety disorders. Temporary happiness is a good distraction. Besides that, athletes may use the strain for pain-relieving.

 First-time growers may have a hard time with this strain. First, the plants are clone-only. This means the grower must get clippings from mature female Kryptonite. Secondly, the plants have specific requirements. However, the strain is fast-flowering with generous yields.  


Wondering where to Buy Kryptonite Weed Strain in Canada?

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Kryptonite Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

The Kryptonite weed strain has a pungent odour with fruity and earthy scents. Its flavour is much more pleasant than its aroma. This strain has a sweet and sugary taste. Users can taste piney and fruity hints.

This strain may have gotten its name from its beautiful exterior. Thanks to its vibrant green appearance. It also has a large resin coating that makes it shine under the light. Kryptonite plants grow up to six feet in height.  


Kryptonite Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

The strain is clone-only. Therefore, prospective growers should obtain clippings from a mature female plant. Due to its growing difficulty, novices should try more straightforward cannabis.

The strain grows indoors and outdoors. Outdoor growers should protect the plants by sheltering them. After that, the plants are cared for regularly. The ideal harvest time is mid-September and early October. Grown outdoors, this strain yields generously. A successful harvest may have up to 22 ounces per plant. Indoor growers can expect up to 11 ounces per square meter after ten weeks.


Effects of Kryptonite Marijuana Strain

The effects of this strain are hard-hitting and long-lasting. Often, the user feels sedated and lethargic. Due to the nature of these effects, the strain is a good evening strain. Some claim that this strain uplifts.  

Artistic types claim that Kryptonite Cannabis makes them more creative. That the high makes them think more abstractly.


Medical Benefits of Kryptonite Cannabis Strain

Kryptonite marijuana scores well with medical patients. Firstly, the uplifting and euphoric effects treat anxiety disorders. Some of these disorders are depression, stress, PTSD, etc. This marijuana treats body aches and chronic pains. It is a favourite evening medication for people with insomnia. Lastly, others find that weed strain calms nausea. It also stimulates appetite. 


Possible Side Effects of Kryptonite Marijuana Strain

Dry red eyes and dry mouth are common side effects. Therefore, always take hydrating fluids to prevent dehydration. 

Also, some users experience high anxiety levels. Novice smokers may experience dizziness and headaches. Users should limit their usage since the strain hits hard.

Another side effect is inducing hunger. Make sure that you have some snacks around. This marijuana will make you both lazy and hungry.

Lastly, this Indica-dominant weed may cause unproductivity. Users become sluggish. With time the strain makes them couch-locked. Also, the strain has cerebral effects. Users may have twisted speech or become immobile.  


Kryptonite Weed Strain Review: Final Thoughts

This strain has health effects, but it is a remedy to some medical conditions. Kryptonite strain is popular for appetite boosting, relaxing, uplifting, and sleeping. This Indica heavy weed also helps to fight depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress etc. However, the strain may be unsuitable for novices. Beginners may find the long-lasting effects unpleasant. Experienced Cannabis consumers should limit their usage and use it at night.

Kryptonite strain is perfect for those looking for a relaxing buzz. And, the high deeply relaxes the body. The sedating and uplifting effects are a plus. So, get this strain for nighttime use and say goodbye to stress and pain. Listening to music or reading a book will be much more fun.

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