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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Harlequin Weed Strain Review

The Harlequin weed strain was named after a pantomime comedian from ancient Italian theatres. The astonishing thing about these individuals was their outfits that had different coloured patches of diamonds. However, unlike the laughingstock performers, the strain is an elevated performer. This marijuana strain is special for many reasons. First, it has diverse parentage. Secondly, it mixes the best effects from the parent strains plus its high CBD levels that are sure to capture any cannabis lover’s attention. 

Harlequin Weed Strain has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards due to its CBD levels in both concentrate and bud form. This particular cannabis strain is widely used to manage many pain conditions, including inflammations and aches. Additionally, its calming effects help manage mental health disorders. The strain is a generous yielder and mostly thrives in an indoor setting because it needs a controlled environment. Read this review below to discover more about this marijuana strain with a diverse parentage, unique aroma, flavour and pleasant effects.


Harlequin Cannabis Strain: What is it?

The Harlequin weed strain boasts diverse parentage as it is the hybrid cross of Colombian Gold, Swiss and Thai Landrace Sativas combined with a Nepali Indica. Harlequin is a Sativa leaning cannabis strain, constituting a Sativa/ Indica ratio of 75/25. The strain carries THC levels of 7-15% and CBD levels as high as 10% on average. This special weed strain delivers an energizing high, heavily leaning on Sativa effects. The high CBD levels Indicate that the strain has numerous medical benefits. This is especially for patients suffering from chronic pain.


Wondering where to Buy Harlequin Marijuana Strain in Canada?

Various physical marijuana dispensaries sell this cannabis strain. Additionally, there are online dispensaries where you can purchase the weed. At CannabisOntario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical weed dispensaries or delivery service like Power Plant. You can pick and choose your favourite marijuana store in Brampton and many other cities in Ontario Canada. 


Harlequin Weed Strain: Appearance, Aroma and Flavour

The Harlequin weed strain has a typical Sativa strain appearance. The buds are medium-sized, dense and round with a forest green colour mixed with purple and blue hints. These buds are surrounded by orange pistils that have a thick and sticky trichomes coating.

This Sativa-dominant strain is sweet-smelling, filling the room with natural and pleasant notes. Its smell is not strong, adding to its perfection as the earthiness is not overwhelming. Some users also describe the strain as having gentle whiffs of fresh mangoes.

A strong herbal taste with some spiciness hits the palate after smoking the strain. The flavour is mostly earthy, with fresh pine notes. As you smoke, you will notice a creamy and woody flavour that many find pleasant and refreshing.


Harlequin Cannabis Strain: Grow Information

It is more rewarding to grow the Harlequin weed strain indoors as compared to outdoors. This is due to the strain’s sensitive need for proper temperature and humidity levels, challenging in an outdoor setting. The strain thrives in a warm climate with low humidity levels. When grown outdoors, the plants produce about 21 ounces of weed per plant. Indoors, the plants yield about 25 ounces of bud per square meter, taking 8 to 9 weeks to start flowering. To maximize the strain’s CBD levels, harvest the buds early without compromising the quality.


Effects of Harlequin Weed Strain

The Harlequin cannabis strain is a perfect strain for when you desire some mental stimulation without feeling tired. This marijuana strain has inherited all the positive effects of its parental strains. Harlequin cannabis will make you greatly relaxed while calming your mind and increasing your focus and creativity. As the effects kick in, you will begin to feel uplifted and euphoric. Your worries and distress fade as you continue smoking. Luckily, even after smoking the strain, you will still be in a place to function properly. Therefore, you can even use the strain in the morning before facing a tough day ahead. The energy will also drive you towards starting conversations and socializing more freely. Due to its Sativa-dominance, the relaxing high will not numb you or end up in couch-lock.


Medical Benefits of Harlequin Cannabis Strain

The high CBD levels make the strain medically useful in alleviating several health conditions. It has strong pain-killing effects. Therefore, users dealing with common pains such as migraines, joint pains and muscle spasms find relief using this weed strain. The hybrid is equally effective in dealing with stress and depression. The mood-altering effects help manage mental health disorders. Lastly, the strain is useful in relieving moderate nausea.


Possible Side Effects of Harlequin Marijuana Strain

The strain has few adverse reactions due to its THC and CBD combination. On rare occasions, users experience mild dizziness, anxiety and paranoia when using the strain. This is mostly due to its potency. Generally, however, the most common negative effect is dehydration, which causes dry mouth and dry eyes. To counter this, ensure you have plenty of hydrating fluids in handy.


Harlequin Strain Review: Final Thoughts

The Harlequin weed strain’s delightful aroma, coupled with the creamy flavour, is an experience on its own. Harlequin is the ideal strain when seeking to feel euphoric, energized and relaxed, yet wholly functional. The high shouldn’t cause you to be overwhelmed and can be used at any time. Fight persistent pains, inflammations and aches using this strain. Use the strain before or after a stressful day to get a calm and relaxed mind. It isn’t difficult to grow the strain provided you keep the humidity and heat levels in check.  

Find the best recreational and medical cannabis in Mississauga and many additional cities at Cannabis Ontario, your source for reliable information on weed dispensaries, marijuana clinics, online cannabis stores, and same day delivery services in Ontario Canada. 


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