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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Duke Nukem Weed Strain Review

The Duke Nukem weed strain got its catchy name from a laidback alien-exterminating video game character. But unlike its action hero namesake, this Sativa dominant hybrid is anything but laid back. It picks you up and keeps you there in a euphoric state. It is an attractive bud too, with some catchy fragrance. A product of Cabin Fever Seed Breeders, this bud is 65% Sativa and 35% Indica with a good punch of 20% THC level.

This crossbreed marijuana strain does more than provide a relaxing high; it is also a cure for anxiety, headaches, loss of appetite, fatigue and more. What’s more, the plants are relatively easy to grow, and yields can be impressively high of not notch quality.


Duke Nukem Cannabis Strain: What is it?

Most weed fanatics swear by the Duke Nukem strain for its mental and uplifting high that awakens their creativity. Its aroma is equally refreshing with a blend of tropical punch and earthy sweetness. This marijuana strain was introduced to weed lovers by Cabin Fever Seed Breeders. It is a product of a crossbreed between a female Chernobyl strain and a female Chemmado variety.

A strain that adopts some characteristics from its genetic parents like Jack the Ripper and Trainwreck, Duke Nukem is a sure bet to cerebral effects. It uplifts your mood within seconds and leaves you feeling happy and giggly until the effects wear off. Its massive effects also make it the perfect remedy to a myriad of body and mind ailments.


Wondering Where to Buy Duke Nukem Marijuana Strain in Canada?

Duke Nukem weed strain is highly regarded in Canada. You can find this weed strain in most of your local dispensaries. A rule of thumb is to do some research and settle for a dispensary that suits you. Your other option can be recreational retail shops. Also, you can order online and have it delivered to you. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in town. You can pick and choose your favourite weed dispensary in Vaughan, Toronto, Ottawa, and any other city in Ontario Canada. 


Duke Nukem Weed Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Its bud has an aroma of a sweet blend of earthy sweetness and tropical punch with a hint of orange and lemon citrus. The earthy hint undertones especially make the smoke easy on the lungs and throat. What follows is a slightly aggressive scent of skunkiness.

The diversity found in this type of strain is responsible for creating unique and exceptional flavours that are typical of various Sativa-leaning strains. Fruity notes like that of Jack the Ripper and the berry-like sweetness of Mendo Purps blend with the diesel-like flavour of Chemmado to create a rare, bold, and pungent taste.

The Sativa-dominant cannabis strain grows quite tall. Its buds are colourful with shades of oranges and frosty pinks. The buds are also dense and generously frosted with a layer of trichomes that contain every marijuana therapeutic property. Careful not to confuse Duke Nukem with Nukem, as this is a different Indica dominant strain.


Duke Nukem Marijuana Strain: Grow Info

Duke Nukem thrives well both outdoors and indoors. Anyone can grow it regardless of their level of experience. This weed strain has two phenotypes, Chemmado and Chernobyl. The Chemmado phenotype grows shorter but stretches to approximately 50% of its size when flowering. Chernobyl phenotype is taller and grows to about 75% of its original height when flowering.

What makes this plant a favourite of most weed growers is its resistance to parasites and fungus attacks. It also does exceedingly well in a cool climate. Maximum flowering takes nine to eleven weeks and a medium to booming yield.


Effects of Duke Nukem Weed Strain

If you’re looking for mind-blowing cerebral effects, this cannabis strain is just the thing for you. A toke or two of it will transport you to a world of your own. It throws you into a fit of giggles and also gives you a razor-sharp focus. Further, it induces energy, focus, and creativity and leaves you happy. It also prompts socialization and laughter, followed by relaxation and sleep.

Duke Nukem is best consumed during the day, as it is not as potent as most strains. Hence, it does not overwhelm and allows users to accomplish their tasks with no trouble at all. Because of its ability to induce a euphoric state, it is the best substance to consume during social interactions or on the weekend with friends.


Medical Benefits of Duke Nukem Cannabis Strain

This hybrid strain is a most sought after substance for its medicinal value. It has been an alternative for many people dealing with physical and mental problems and never has it disappointed. This marijuana strain is a solace to those dealing with stress and boosts their energy to remain vigorous. This herbal strain is also useful in easing chronic pains and dulling migraines and headaches.

This magical herb is effective in treating inflammation, spasticity, and muscle spasms. It is also the go-to solution if you suffer from fatigue and lack of appetite. Also, it is the ideal solution for insomniacs as it helps one relax and fall asleep. Further, it can stabilize mood for those dealing with mood swings.


Possible Side Effects of Duke Nukem Marijuana Strain

The Sativa dominant Duke Nukem has some mild effects common to this type of strain. Fortunately, paranoia and anxiety are not on the list. Instead, it may give you a dry mouth and dry eyes followed by dizziness. A higher dosage may also give you a headache. Therefore, it’s best to take enough water and take your dose in moderation to enjoy this incredible strain.


Duke Nukem Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Just like its alien-slaying character namesake, this herb can eliminate most of your worries. The stress, the physical issues, and mental struggles can be a thing of the past with this beautiful strain. Duke Nukem will give you a reason to look forward to another day full of energy, creativity, focus, and free of stress. Its aroma and flavour is a bonus treat to keep you enjoying this unique bud.

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