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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Walter White Weed Strain Review

The Walter White Weed strain gets its name from the leading man in Breaking Bad. It is a mouthwatering strain. You are quick to notice its cottony flowers. They come in a round shape. It has a shiny layer of trichomes. You will also see a distribution of medium orange hairs around it.

Like most Sativa strains, the Walter White cannabis strain hits very fast. It causes heaviness around your eyes. A review of its effects on smokers indicates an increase in salivation. Besides, there is noticeable flushing in the walls of their mouth. However, these funny sensations disappear after some time.  Thereafter, expect active mental stimulation.


Walter White Marijuana Strain: What Is It?

This weed strain is not as threatening as its imaginary namesake. However, it is a powerful strain. It is a product of the Mephisto Genetics in the United Kingdom. It results from a breeding project meant to increase substance production from The White strain.

After realizing that The White is such a great strain, Mephisto Genetics could not leave anything to chance. They crossed it with an unknown Sativa strain to come up with Walter White. It ends up becoming one of the most powerful strains in their records. It comes with THC levels of 15-21%. After your first hit, expect a buzzing feeling.

Moreover, it comes with a happy feeling. A review of its effects on users also shows that it causes a relaxed feel. Moreover, medical cannabis users find it useful in the treatment of pain.

The Walter White weed strain comes with a citrus aroma. Besides, as you breathe out its smoke, expect some creamy feel fragrance. Its aroma carries to its taste. 


Wondering Where to Buy Purple Punch Walter White Marijuana Strain in Canada

You can find this Marijuana strain in your local dispensaries. However, you can also check out in online shops and have this sweet package brought to you. At Cannabis Ontario, you can find some of the highest-rated cannabis clinics, weed stores, marijuana dispensaries, and online cannabis stores in town. Browse our site and find the perfect weed dispensary in Toronto and surrounding areas. As long as you are in Ontario, we have you covered. 


Walter White Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour Appearance

This weed strain has large marijuana flowers. Their appearance resembles clouds. Its green leaves come together in dense groupings. Besides, they twist through with dark brown pistils. Walter White buds have a coating of white hairs. Therefore, its leaves appear less bright from a distance.

Well cured flowers release an earthy scent. A keen person will notice some zesty traces of citrus. After grinding, its buds release a fresh pine aroma. This Marijuana strain gives a thick smoke on burning. It might irritate your sinuses due to its pungency.

Its smoke has a flavour of pine –citrus combination. Releasing its smoke leaves a creamy aftertaste in your mouth.


Walter White Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

If you wish to grow the Walter White marijuana strain, you are lucky since Mephisto Genetics has made its seeds available. You are free to decide whether to grow it in the field or indoors. Field growers need to know that this Weed strain needs a semi-humid climate.

Moreover, it requires daytime temperatures between 70-80oF. Its plants are relatively bushy. Besides, they are short. They won’t grow past three feet in height. Its flowers are ready for harvest in 10-11 weeks in outdoor conditions. When flowering begins, growers need to support its branches.


Effects of Walter White Marijuana Strain

This Cannabis strain causes a free flow of thoughts with its wide range of positive effects. Furthermore, it increases attention to detail. Therefore, it is a perfect strain when you want to complete your tasks. It does not matter whether it is a difficult task or some simple chores. The Walter White weed strain also improves creativity. Therefore, it becomes perfect for open-ended projects.

Unlike other Sativa strains, its stimulation is pleasantly calm. Besides, it is more grounded. Therefore, users can continue with smooth communications. That is as they continue with their daily activities. In addition, you can use it before social events. It is a conversation starter.  Although its high comes with a relaxation feeling, it is not sufficiently strong to lock you on your coach. Besides, it in no way interferes with your motivation.


Medical Benefits of Walter White Cannabis Strain

Medical users find several medicinal benefits in this Weed strain. It is suitable for bringing focus to people with attention problems. Besides, its buzz effect is ideal in dealing with stress and depression. 

It causes hunger, thus helpful to people with eating problems. That is especially cancer patients who lose appetite after receiving treatments. This Cannabis strain also relieves pains such as headaches.


Possible Side Effects of Walter White Weed Strain

Users report dry eyes and dry mouth effects. Of course, those are common side effects with any weed strains. Drinking plenty of water during your smoking session is a proven solution. Other negative effects include a dizzy feeling.


Walter White Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Powerful and long-lasting are two words that would best describe Walter White. During that time, expect a pleasant relaxation. The good thing is that Walter White won’t lock you on your couch. Find the best recreational and medical cannabis in Ottawa and many additional cities at Cannabis Ontario, your source for reliable information on weed dispensaries, marijuana clinics, online cannabis stores, and same day delivery services in Ontario Canada. 


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