What Is Shatter Weed

What Is Shatter Weed?

Shatter is a potent cannabis concentrate perfect for experienced users and anyone who wants an elevated weed session. Like all concentrates, shatter contains lots of active ingredients in a small amount of material. So what is shatter weed’s best use? You can learn how to smoke shatter to enjoy powerful, reliable highs. Explore everything you need to know about shatter, including the difference between weed and shatter, how to smoke shatter, and more.


What Is The Difference Between Weed And Shatter?

If you’re new to concentrates, you probably have some questions. Precisely what is weed vs shatter, and how are they different? It all depends on how you look at it. If you’re using “weed” to describe cannabis in any form, then shatter is weed. Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that’s loaded with THC and other cannabinoids. 

On the other hand, if you’re talking about dried flowers and buds when you say weed, then shatter is something different. Shatter, and all concentrates are made by extracting active ingredients from cannabis flowers. The extracted compounds are then refined and processed into a solid form. 

Shatter has a distinctive physical appearance that’s very different from weed. So what’s the difference between weed and shatter? No one would confuse shatter vs weed by looking at them! Shatter is a solid concentrate with rich amber, honey, and golden tones. Unlike semi-solid concentrates like wax or budder, shatter is hard and inflexible. The name “shatter” was inspired by this rigid, easily-broken texture. 

How To Smoke Shatter

This versatile concentrate can be enjoyed in many different ways. If you’re curious about how to smoke shatter, you have many options. The most effective way to enjoy shatter is with a dab rig. Rigs are glass water pipes that offer more features than you’d find on a standard bong. A dab rig contains a chamber called a nail. When you’re learning what shatter weed is and how to smoke shatter, heat the nail and add your concentrate. The shatter will vaporize so you can inhale the potent THC.


Dab rigs are a fantastic way to enjoy shatter, but they aren’t the only method. If you haven’t invested in a rig yet, you can enjoy shatter alongside flowers. Add shatter shards to a joint, bong, bowl, or another method to take the experience to the next level. Make sure to sandwich the shatter between layers of buds, so you don’t scorch it. You can even use shatter in some vape pens, provided the pen can reach high temperatures.


Where To Buy Shatter Weed Online

Shatter is a versatile, potent concentrate loved by many cannabis fans. You can enjoy shatter with or without special equipment, making it an easy way to explore more concentrated products. Cannabis Ontario is the best place to find cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services to buy shatter online in Canada! In addition, you can get shatter delivery in Vancouver or any local city.

We love their fantastic selection of top-rated shatter. Comprehensive customer service, low prices, and guaranteed shipping make the experience even better. So check out all your shatter options at CannabisOntario for an incredible high!


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