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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

WiFi Weed Strain Review

The WiFi weed strain incorporates both Indica and Sativa properties, giving it distinct features. It contains 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. The high percentage of Sativa provides this strain with an uplifting high to help you become more productive.  

The strain boasts high THC levels (22% and 28%), making it one of the most potent strains. Various researches carried out on this strain have established traces of CBD and CBN.

WiFi strain is one of the easiest to cultivate. It can withstand extreme external conditions without affecting the yields. Novice marijuana cultivators can grow this marijuana without hassle.


WiFi Weed Strain: What is it?

The WiFi weed strain is a hybrid obtained from crossing White Rhino and White Fire. It is also known as WiFi OG and White Fire OG due to the parent strains. The flavour, aroma, and appearance of this strain are unique due to Indica and Sativa. The strain is gaining popularity in both medical and recreational fields due to its distinct features. It can alleviate both physical and mental disorders.


Wondering Where to Buy WiFi Strain Marijuana in Canada?

Canada continues to increase the licensing of various dispensaries and head shops to serve the growing demand for this marijuana strain. You can head over to a dispensary and get your dose of this marijuana strain for managing medical conditions. If you revere getting high, you can get this potent weed in a head shop. At Cannabis Ontario, we provide easy access to some of the best recreational and medical weed dispensaries around. You can pick and choose your favourite marijuana store in Toronto and any other cities in Ontario Canada. 


WiFi Strain Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The WiFi weed strain might not be the most pleasant when it comes to aroma. Its strong, pungent smell makes it hard to use in a public place since it could attract unwanted attention.  The pungent smell comes with notes of citrus, earth, and fuel. 

The black pepper and sweet citrus flavours in this marijuana strain compensate for the heavy pungent smell. You can feel the awesomeness in your tongue, long after completing a session.

The buds in this marijuana strain have spade-shaped buds. Besides, the buds have a heavy coating of golden crystal trichomes and red-orange hairs. The collection of these features makes the strain attractive and contributes to its insanely high potency levels.


WiFi Weed Strain: Grow Info

You can grow Wifi marijuana indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. The strain grows tall due to the high Sativa levels. Therefore, when growing it indoors, you should trim it from time to time to prevent it from overgrowing.

On the other hand, growing this marijuana outdoors allows the plants to attain optimal height and yields. Keeping tabs on the growing conditions increases the overall yield for this strain.


Effects of WiFi Marijuana Strain

The effects of this strange marijuana strain are a combination of both Sativa and Indica properties. The Sativa-THC combination causes an uplifting and euphoric feeling. The two also create an energizing effect, increasing your productivity levels.

On the other hand, the Indica levels might give you waves of calmness. The Indica also suppresses head-high effects from the THC, helping you to remain focused. You can also trust this strain when it comes to helping you remain focused, especially in thoughts. Taking a few puffs or munches of the WiFi marijuana strain can help you sleep better.


Medical Benefits of WiFi Cannabis Strain

A combination of THC, Sativa, and Indica in this marijuana strain is the ideal package to improve your health. THC’s non-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties in this strain help manage neuropathic pain, arthritis, and muscle spasms.

Taking this marijuana strain also helps in the management of various mental conditions. Medics recommend taking a small amount of WiFi to manage eating disorders, mood disorders, and sleep disorders.


Possible Side Effects of WiFi Weed Strain

Taking this strain might induce various side effects. Although most of these effects only last for a short period, some might last longer. Most of these side effects affect novice weed users. They include dry mouth, euphoria, itchy eyes, and dizziness.

Taking enough fluids during and after a session can help you reduce the side effects. If you are a novice user of this strain, you should start small to allow the body to adapt.


WiFi Strain Review: Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a strain that does not give Sativa jitters, WiFi is the best choice for you. It is jam-packed with high THC potency levels to keep you high. Besides, the medical benefits of this strain come in handy to help you manage various conditions. If you are a novice marijuana user, this might not be the ideal strain for you. 

Find the best recreational and medical cannabis in Ottawa and many additional cities at Cannabis Ontario, your source for reliable information on weed dispensaries, marijuana clinics, online cannabis stores, and same day delivery services in Ontario Canada. 


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