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Tangerine Dream Weed Strain Review

From Barney’s Farm, the Tangerine Dream weed strain offers great citrus and tangerine flavour profile with sharp, earthy hints on exhale. This Sativa-leaning weed strain was crowned a Cannabis Cup of 2012. One of the properties of this herb is its well-balanced body and muscle relaxation and pain-relieving characteristics.

The hybrid strain grows relatively large and chunky flowers with dense buds. Besides, its leaves are attractive with forest green with a phenotype of purple shades.

The strain is reasonably challenging to cultivate. The good thing is that it is naturally resistant to common pests and diseases. It grows well indoors and outdoors environments. Growers also use hydroponic and soil systems.


Tangerine Dream Marijuana Strain: What is it?

Tangerine Dream is a Sativa leaning cannabis strain. It is a creation of Barney’s Farm, an Amsterdam-based Seed Company. Notably, it’s a crossbreed of the infamous G13 and classic Haze hybrid, a descendant of Neville’s Haze.

It has a hybrid ratio of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Also, it brags an impressive THC level of about 25 %. However, the CBD and CBN are still under review.  

The plant of this weed grows to a medium height. It produces relatively large flowers with dense bud structure. Its leaves have notable forest green leaves with purple shades. Besides, its nugs have a covering of hairy white frosty trichomes with a resin that magnifies its beauty.

This bud is distinguishing itself for its relaxing characteristics. It can soothe and relax the muscle and ultimately relieve aches or pains. Further, its high induces energy uplifts and euphoric bliss. 


Wondering Where to Buy Tangerine Dream Weed Strain in Canada?

According to some sources, this cannabis strain is accessible in dispensaries on the West Coast of Canada. However, Tangerine Dream is available in almost every region in this country. Therefore, registered recreational shops and local dispensaries visit them to purchase your doses. Online sourcing is also an alternative approach on how to buy this alluring kush. At Cannabis Ontario, you can find some of the highest-rated cannabis clinics, weed stores, marijuana dispensaries, and online cannabis stores in town. Discover the perfect weed dispensary in Toronto and surrounding areas. As long as you are in Ontario, we have you covered. 


Tangerine Dream Marijuana: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

When you pull the nuggets apart, a sweet fragrant hits your nostrils. The buds produce a sweet citrus aroma with an earthy undertone. On top of that, its flavour is pleasant and recognizable among veteran smokers. The smoke is tangy and instantly fills the mouth with a unique sensational blend of berry, orange and sweet taste with tropical hints.

This medium-height plant grows bushy yet with an appealing appearance. It produces comparatively large flowers with thick buds with vibrant pistils. It contains charming forest green leaves that make it stand out. Besides, the nugs have a coating of resinous crystal trichomes that are sparkly and a sticky touch that assures its potency. 


Tangerine Dream Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Tangerine Dream is a comparatively challenging weed to cultivate. Naturally, the strain is resistant to common diseases and pests. It can grow in both indoor and outdoor settings. This hybrid prefers warm and dry weather conditions.

The plant is also more productive in the hydroponic system, especially when combined with the Sea of Green method. Since this branch is bushy regular pruning is necessary to enhance light exposure and air circulation. Additionally, supplementing this herb with nutrients will improve its health and increase the output.

For indoors, flowering between 8 and 10 weeks with an average yield of about 16 ounces per square metre. In contrast, the output is approximately 18 ounces per plant for outdoors setting, and harvesting happens in late October.


Effects of Tangerine Dream Marijuana Strain

Tangerine Dream consumers love this weed for its immense effects that one may be longing for. At first, with a few tokes, you get an instant head rush that leaves you in a buzz. Subsequently, the high escalates through a warm emotional uplift that is temporary. Gradually, you feel introspective and intense cerebral stimulation but still very alert. It, in turn, makes you active with a bold euphoric sensation. Soon after, it calms the mind and body with a soothing feeling. 

Besides, it triggers a relaxing feel that makes you forget the filthy thought as it soothes your nerves, alienating any pains. Eventually, it relieves you of the mind stressing thoughts and body pains. Also, uplifts your emotions, and that leaves you active and giggly. Thus it can be suitable for use while in social circles or doing a mentally draining task.


Medical Benefits of Tangerine Dream Cannabis Strain

Tangerine Dream has provided relief to individuals with depression and chronic stress. Due to its soothing and relaxing impact, it can eliminate anxiety and restlessness. Also, the high THC is significant as it enhances its potency. 

Apart from that, this strain has frequently become a go for a prescription for other medical conditions. So much so that it is an alternative prescription for patients with insomnia, chronic pain, low appetite, inflammation and fatigue. 


Possible Side Effects of Tangerine Dream Weed Strain

Like many other cannabis strains, this herb also has adverse reactions. Consumers mostly report experiencing cottonmouth, dry eyes and dehydration. However, this can be avoided by taking large amounts of water as you consume the weed.

Equally, if you overindulge in this strain, you may have paranoia, intensified anxiety and dizziness. The best way to manage the reaction is by taking meaningful doses that don’t overwhelm your system.


Tangerine Dream Review: Final Thoughts

The Tangerine Dream weed strain is a potent hybrid with an unrepeatable flavour. Its delightful aroma and complex spicy berry and citrus flavour profile are incredible. Besides, its relaxing and uplifting effects are topnotch. Finally, the strain is suitable for morning head start and social uses. So browse through the Cannabis Ontario dispensary list and find the perfect cannabis store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day weed delivery in Ottawa, and throughout the rest of the great Province of Ontario.


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