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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Strawberry Cough Weed Strain Review

The Strawberry Cough Weed Strain has a subtle aftertaste of its sweet strawberry scent, often followed by a cloud of smoke that leaves experienced smokers coughing. The Strawberry Cough Weed Strain is generally Sativa inclined. Besides, it is a crossbreed of Erdbeer and an unknown Indica strain. However, the Sativa prevalence of this Strain leads you to an uplifting sensational high. The medical marijuana community often uses the Strain for alleviating stress and anxiety. It has become renowned over time and gained prominence in different parts of the world. Further, recording numerous positive reviews due to its mental benefits.

Daytime Smoking of Strawberry Cough cannabis helps relieve all ailments without causing tiredness. Its components are very distinct in both taste and appearance. Even though the buds from the Strain’s plant are small, they are highly potent. Their buds are densely covered with dewy trichomes and are red-haired, identical to its name.


Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain: What It Is?

 Its breeder being the High Times Cultivation editor, Kyle Kushman, Strawberry Cough Weed Strain, has only one recognized parentage known as the Erdbeer. Users who want more than just the high should consider it. Of course, the Strain offers a clear, buzzing crisp-high from its high levels of THC. Yet, providing a broad spectrum of potent and delicious tastes results from its terpene profile found in its fruity flowers. It is famous for its full strawberry taste that leaves an aftertaste on the palate. As a Sativa/Indica hybrid, its effects offer a subtle body stone that perfectly complements the head experience.


Wondering Where to Buy Strawberry Cough Weed Strain in Canada?

The purchase of weed has been made more accessible. You can choose to obtain your marijuana from a cannabis dispensary near you or make an online purchase. There are currently several online cannabis stores available at your disposal. To place an order, you shall first make a payment and wait for the weed at your home’s comfort. However, ensure you settle for a renowned, reputable distributor who offers premium quality weed. At CannabisOntario, we have compiled a menu of some of the top-rated weed dispensaries, cannabis stores, and mail order marijuana services. Browse our site and find the perfect cannabis dispensary in Ottawa and surrounding areas. In fact, we service every city in the Province of Ontario. 


Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

As the name suggests, strawberry cough’s general scent is predominantly strawberry inclined, with subtle hints of fresh summer berries. Some undertones peak through the aroma profile with skunky and earthy hints, being the reason for this marijuana causes coughing upon inhalation.

Its taste is identical to its smell, apart from some little subtle dissimilarity. Its overall taste has a rich-fruity strawberry flavour with earthy hints. Comparable to when you eat berries picked from dirt. It has a spicy-herbal aftertaste that lingers on your palate even after smoking for some time. 

In appearance, Strawberry Cough Weed Strain has beautiful features with an array of colours often complimenting each other pleasantly. Its leaves are shades of neon-green, earthy yellow and purple, with patches of orange pistils. It also has tiny hairs that twist and curl among its smokable frosty leaves.


Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Growing the Strawberry Cough Weed Strain can be easy as it requires little maintenance compared to other Cannabis Strains. Therefore this aspect makes it ideal for beginner growers. This strain flowers from 8 to 9 weeks, for indoor cultivation with a medium to high output expectation.


Effects of Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain

This Strain is a somewhat complex Sativa hybrid as it portrays similar uplifting and energetic effects as most of its sister strains that fall in the same category as it does. However, it has a relaxing and mellow sensation simultaneously. This Marijuana Strain enhances your natural state and improves your general ability to focus and stay motivated while keeping the heart rate down and mind alert.


Medical Benefits of Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain

There are several claims that this Weed Strain is the ultimate health Cannabis Strain due to its efficiency and effectiveness when dealing with several health conditions and issues. This Marijuana Strain reduces stress levels by calming both the body and mind and ensuring the heart rate slows down to a relaxed pace. It also helps clear the mind while improving concentration levels.

Furthermore, this herb manages ailments such as anxiety, PTSD, paranoia, depression and bipolar disorders. Those who have these mental conditions need to start taking small doses of this Cannabis Strain, as they adjust slowly while gaining knowledge of how the plant reacts with their body.

For individuals seeking relief from physical difficulties and chronic pain, this Cannabis Strain will come in handy. However, for its effectiveness, a higher dosage will assist in numbing the pain.


Possible Side Effects of Strawberry Cough Weed Strain

However, there is no cause for alarm since dry eyes and mouth are manageable with extra planning and preparation. Have a bottle of water nearby and take lots of fluid before and after the high. This precaution will not only keep the mouth moist but also prevent you from experiencing headaches and dehydration. In rare cases, a user may experience dizziness and headaches, though relatively uncommon. So be sure to keep an eye out for any side effects.


Strawberry Cough Strain Review: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are probably serious about weed consumption and want to explore this Strain’s advantages, it will undoubtedly over-deliver its goodness. The Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain is a definite must-try herb. Its combined potent cerebral effect and smooth toke effects top the list. So if you are asking yourself, “what are the best weed dispensaries near me?”, then look no further because CannabisOntario provides a listing of the top-rated local marijuana shops in Ontario. This includes the best recreational and medical weed clinics in Toronto, and across the Province of Ontario. Come see if we deliver to your location now.


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