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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Purple Candy Weed Strain Review

The Purple Candy Weed Strain is an Indica dominant variety with a deep therapeutic body high and eye-catching flowers. It derives its name from its purple-coloration and delicious candy-like flavour. With THC levels of 15%-19% and Indica to Sativa ratio of 75:25, Purple Candy weed’s smoke is potent even to the experienced consumers.

Its original lineage is confusing and still a mystery since it is highly disputed. Some legends claim that it is a cross of Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps strains from the BC Bud Depot. BC Bud Depot is also the breeder of God Bud and Optimus Prime strains.

Rumours are that they denied that claim, leaving us with the second version, a product from the Canadian growers, Smoke-A- Lot. They crossed the offspring of Purple Wreck and OG Kush with Godzilla Grape strains.

Whichever the case, one thing is for sure; Purple Candy Weed is a strain to reckon. Its high is slow, which takes several minutes after the consumption to manifest. This high is characterized by energizing sensation, making you more focused, creative and productive.

As the high sinks, relaxation effects creep in, inducing laziness. Euphoric and uplifting effects accompany, making you friendlier and happier. With larger doses, it will put you under couch-lock, drifting you off to deep sleep.

With berries, honey grape and candy-like taste, Purple Candy Cannabis is surely a delicious and mouth-watering strain. Its aroma is strong with grape and sweet notes.

The buds of the Purple Candy Marijuana strain are large and pine-cone shaped with multi colorations. Besides, they blend with small dark forest green leaves, which sometimes have purple shades. The buds are also covered in cloudy white sticky trichomes without any hairs.


Purple Candy Marijuana Strain: What It Is?

The Purple Candy strain’s original lineage is confusing and still a mystery. One version is that BC Bud Depot bred it from British Columbia. They crossed Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps strains. It’s rumoured that they declined that claim, leaving us with the second version, to be bred by Canadian growers Smoke-A-Lot. They crossed an offspring of Purple Wreck and OG Kush with Godzilla Grape strain.


Wondering Where to Buy Purple Candy Weed Strain in Canada?

You can order the Purple Candy Marijuana strain online from reliable suppliers. Also, it is available in licensed cannabis dispensaries and coffee shops. At Cannabis Ontario, we have compiled a menu of some of the top-rated weed dispensaries, cannabis stores, and mail order marijuana services. Find the perfect marijuana dispensary in Oshawa and surrounding areas. In fact, we service every city in the Province of Ontario. 


Purple Candy Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

When cured properly, its buds emit grape and sweet berries aroma with woody and pine undertones. Similarly, upon grinding, they produce earthy and musky odours. When burnt in a joint or pipe, the buds produce smooth and palatable smoke. Also, they have a sugary, candy-like tone with fruit flavour. The buds are large and dense, blended in small dark forest green leaves. Cloudy white sticky trichomes cover the buds.


Purple Candy Cannabis Strain: Growth Information

The Purple Candy Marijuana Strain can flourish both indoors and outdoors. It thrives well in warm, semi-humid climatic areas with temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant is short and bushy, requiring regular pruning of the top buds. The process ensures there are enough light and air in the lower nodes. It flowers in 7-9 weeks indoors, producing 12-14 ounces per square meter. The harvest is ready by early October, with a larger yield rate of 18 ounces per plant in outside cultivation. 


Effects of Purple Candy Weed Strain

The high of Purple Candy Cannabis strain is slow with energizing effects. It will first hit the eyes and temples, distorting visual and senses, making you introspective. As a result, you will become more focused, creative and motivated. The strain is ideal for problem-solving, analytical as well as creative brainstorming sessions.

Subsequently, relaxation effects will creep in slowly, inducing laziness. Euphoric and uplifting sensations accompany these effects, enhancing your moods. Besides, it will make you more social and happier. It will put you on couch-lock with larger doses, leading you to deep and peaceful sleep.


Medical Benefits of Purple Candy Cannabis Strain

With mood-lifting properties, the Purple Candy Marijuana strain will help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Its numbing body effects will also alleviate arthritis pain, lupus, chronic pain, and even muscle spasms. Besides, it will induce hunger and sleep, treating eating disorders and insomnia, respectively. It’s ideal for people with low THC tolerance since it has low cerebral energy compared to other Sativa dominant genes.


Possible Side Effects of Purple Candy Marijuana Strain

Cottonmouth, headache and dry eyes are the few side effects of the Purple Candy Cannabis strain. You can, however, combat these effects by taking a lot of water during consumption. Also, equip yourself with eye-drops in advance.


Purple Candy Strain Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a delicious and mouth-watering strain, Purple Candy Cannabis is an excellent strain for you. It has a berry, grape and candy-like flavour with honey and sugary notes. The aroma is also spicy, with grape and sweet overtones. Find the best recreational and medical weed in Guelph and many additional cities at CannabisOntario, your source for reliable information on cannabis dispensaries, marijuana clinics, online weed stores, and same day delivery services in Ontario Canada. 


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