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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Platinum Kush Weed Strain Review

Being the most popular strain in the West Coast and Denver, the Platinum Kush weed strain is a potent weed. It got its name from the silver and platinum appearance as a result of the resinous frosty trichomes. Due to its high yielding rate and potent sedative effects, Platinum OG Kush is also an award-winning strain. It won the first prize in the 1994 High Times Cup for Best hydro strain.

Although the origin of Platinum Kush is highly disputed, legends say that it is a cross of Master Kush and Afghani strains. Other sources claim it’s a hybrid of OG Kush and Afghani strains. But whichever the case, it is evident that Platinum Kush isn’t an ordinary Indica. It is also known as Platinum OG or Platinum OG Kush strain.

Platinum OG Kush strain is an Indica leaning variety with an Indica to Sativa ratio of 90:10, and quick psychedelic high. Similarly, it has relatively high THC levels of 16%-21%, with 1% CBD and 1% CBN contents. Its high creeps slow, emerging around the forehead and eyes, flowing swiftly to the other body parts. 

The buds of Platinum Kush Cannabis emit a sweet, skunky aroma with earthy and musky undertones when properly cured. Upon breaking, they produce a pungent odour reminiscent of cheese. Besides, it emits a harsh and thick smoke, a combination of the earthy, skunk and tangy notes when burnt. The smoke induces coughing and watery eyes. Similarly, the taste is sweet and acrid, with earthy pungent undertones.


Platinum Kush Marijuana Strain: What It Is?

The origin of the Platinum Kush Cannabis strain is highly disputed. However, some legends claim that it is a cross of Master Kush and Afghani strains. Others say it is a hybrid of OG Kush and Afghani strains. But, despite the dispute, one thing is quite clear; the Platinum Kush strain is robust and exceptional. It is an Indica dominant variety with quick narcotic high and slow body buzz.


Wondering Where to Buy Platinum Kush Weed Strain in Canada?

You can order the Platinum OG Kush Marijuana strain online from reliable distributors. Similarly, you can get it in your nearest Cannabis dispensary or coffee shop. At Cannabis Ontario, you can find some of the highest-rated cannabis clinics, weed stores, marijuana dispensaries, and online cannabis stores in town. Browse through our site and find the perfect marijuana dispensary in Aurora, Toronto, Ottawa, and surrounding areas. As long as you are in Ontario, we have you covered. 


Platinum Kush Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

The aroma and flavour of Platinum OG weed are delicious and mouth-watering. It has fruity, sweet and berry scents with grape spicy and peppery notes. The flavour has a sweet, grape and berry taste with hash, savoury and earthy undertones.

Platinum Kush’s plant is short and bushy with spade-like and medium-large sized nuggets. The buds are densely packed with pale green overlapping leaves. During cold temperatures, the leaves have purple shades as a result of the activation of anthocyanin pigment. Besides, the buds are covered in bright orange pistils and silvery-white trichomes.


Platinum Kush Cannabis Strain: Growth Information

If you wish to grow your own Platinum Kush plants, you will have to get a clipping from a mature plant to make a clone, since its seeds are not available. However, the plants are highly resistant to moulds, mildews and pests. So they will require minimal maintenance, making them easy to grow even to the novice growers. Due to its short stature, it can flourish in both indoor and outdoor settings.

For outdoor farming, it requires a humid Mediterranean climate. It can also thrive in colder climates due to its hardiness. In the Northern Hemisphere, the flowers are ready for harvest in late September or early October. Expect the harvest to be ready in March in the Southern Hemisphere, yielding 14 ounces per plant. In indoor cultivation, it flowers within 8-9 weeks, with a higher yield rate of 18 ounces per square meter.


Effects of Platinum Kush Weed Strain

With sedative high, the Platinum Kush Cannabis strain is ideal for late evening or night consumption. Besides, the high has psychedelic and narcotic sensations, causing a change in sensory perception.  The sensations are accompanied by euphoric effects that give positive thoughts and make you happy.

Afterwards, its relaxation effects will weaken your limbs, putting you under couch-lock. They will also induce hunger, stimulating appetite. So you will need to equip yourself in advance with enough snacks. In the long run, it will transport you to slumberland, giving you a deep and profound sleep.


Medical Benefits of Platinum Kush Cannabis Strain

Due to CBD, CBN and THC contents in the Platinum Kush strain, its medical values are numerous. First, it is a natural remedy for seizures and bipolar disorders. Secondly, the enhancement of moods will release stress, anxiety and depression.

The relaxation and sedative effects will stimulate appetite, treating related eating disorders. Besides, they will numb the body, helping alleviate pain, whether chronic or mild. Lastly, it will put you to sleep, keeping insomnia in check.


Possible Side Effects of Platinum Kush Marijuana Strain

Headache, cottonmouth and dry eyes are the common side effects of most Cannabis strains. However, you can combat these effects by hydrating yourself fully with a lot of water during intake. Paranoia, anxiety and dizziness are the adverse effects of overindulging. Always, remember to observe your tolerance levels.


Platinum Kush Strain Final Thought

If you are looking for a strain that will treat seizures, depression, bipolar, stress, anxiety or chronic pains, look no further. Platinum Kush Marijuana strain has CBN, CBD and THC contents, which effectively treat these disorders. It is also an excellent strain in treating eating disorders and insomnia. So browse through the CannabisOntario dispensary list and find the perfect cannabis store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day marijuana delivery in North York, and throughout the rest of the great Province of Ontario.


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