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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Pink Star Weed Strain Review

The Pink Star weed strain, also known as Pink Death Star, is an attractive hybrid developed by Riot Seeds. This bud is a rare 100% pure Indica, and a cross between the potent Indica Death Star and the classic Blood Rose. Unlike its Death Star parent, this cannabis strain leans more toward Indica sleepiness. However, its flavour and aroma are more profound due to its blend of terpenes. Also, it is a real creeper, with a whooping strain THC level of 18-26%. Thanks to its excellent THC content, this bud is perfect for treating various body conditions.

The Indica-dominant strain is a popular product in most dispensaries, and for a reason. Not only is it a beautiful bud, but it also delivers a mind-blowing high that experienced and newbie weed consumers love. What’s more, it’s readily available, easy to grow, and flowers quickly too.


Pink Star Cannabis Strain: What is it?

Pink Death Star gets its name from its appearance with densely beautiful heavy green nugs covered in pinkish undertones and crystal trichomes. By its name, terpenes profile, and colour, you might be tempted to think this bud is a gone-wrong child of Pink Kush, but no. It is one of many varieties produced by the incredible Netherlands breeder, Riot Seeds, by crossing two classic strains.

This cannabis strain can be a real knockout, even for experienced consumers. It creeps on you, usually taking time to take effect. Each inhale takes you higher on a steep high until you drop into an incredibly sleepy and relaxing state that renders you immobile. Due to these effects, it’s perfect for unwinding in the evening.


Wondering where to Buy Pink Star Weed Strain in Canada?

Pink Star is an exotic strain worth giving a shot. Cannabis lovers in Canada love this bud as it’s entirely organic, meets modern quality standards, and is readily available. You can get this weed strain from online stores, local dispensaries, and even recreational centers. At Cannabis Ontario, we have compiled a menu of some of the top-rated weed dispensaries, cannabis stores, and mail order marijuana services. Browse our site and find the perfect marijuana dispensary in Ottawa and surrounding areas. In fact, we provide a listing of services in many cities in the Province of Ontario.


Pink Star Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

This Indica-leaning strain is one of the stinky strains out there. When well-cured, Pink Star gives off a particularly spicy fragrance with notes of ginger and pepper. These buds explode in earthy and gassy scent when cracked open or squeezed. You may also get skunk and diesel smells due to the strain’s genetics. This weed strain also leaves behind a harsh smoke which makes the eyes watery.

Pink Death Star’s colour and flavour do correspondence at all. While it is visually an attractive bud, the flower’s purple colouring denies it the potent berry of grape taste. Instead, each inhale presents you with a delicious spicy cinnamon taste. On the exhale, Pink Star leaves behind a musky, herbal flavour. Nonetheless, it is a delightful surprise to those who love their buds a bit spicy.

Generally, Pink Star is an enchanting plant. The plants carry large, conical flowers with broad stems and narrow pointed ends. The leaves show off a bright shade of bright green with patches of dark green. In some instances, leaves display eye-catching flashes of purple. The pistils carry a lovely burnt orange colour. Completing the look are dense, creamy-white, well-manicured trichomes that add to the overall beauty of these gems.


Pink Star Weed Strain: Grow Info

Like most Indica strains, Pink Star grows short with bushy, strong branches. This plant is ideal for cultivating both indoors and outdoors. Luckily, the plant’s structure makes it the perfect choice for cultivators who have limited indoor space. Outdoor grown plants require a semi-humid climate for them to thrive.

Another great thing about this weed strain is it takes a shorter time to flower than other varieties. You can expect your buds to reach maximum flowering in about 7-9 weeks, meaning you spend fewer resources and time on this one. Additionally, it rewards you with excellent yields. For an even better harvest, you should make the green method your best friend. Also, its seeds are widely available.


Effects of Pink Death Star Marijuana Strain

With such a potent cannabis strain, you should expect super-intense effects. Pink Star is a total creeper, often taking some minutes to set in. Once it does, a mind buzz kicks in thanks to the excellent strain THC level. Like most Indica strains, this creeper takes control of your body and mind. First, your limbs feel heavy, and an urgent need to sit down takes over.

Slowly, the tension in the muscles eases, and you feel happy, euphoric and uplifted. Also, your mind gets cloudy and dreamy. With a larger dosage, tokers find that they are couch-bound and immobile, but relaxed. This effect often ends in sleep, especially for novices. Because of this, ensure you are in a comfortable place. Further, Pink Death Star is suitable for night time consumption because of the sleepy aftermath effect.


Medical Benefits of Pink Star Cannabis Strain

This weed strain’s combination of body high and reasonable THC content is a popular alternative for marijuana patients seeking to treat various conditions. First, its full-body stone can offer relief for depression and anxiety. Also, it soothes chronic pains, aches, and muscle spasms.

The Indica-dominant product is a great anti-inflammatory, an appetite booster, and treats nausea as well. A higher dose of this bud treats insomnia too. Additionally, since it lacks intense cerebral effects, Pink Star is the perfect choice for people with low THC tolerance.


Possible Side Effects of Pink Star Weed Strain

Thankfully, the Pink Death Star strain has very few side effects, including dry mouth, dry mouth and dizziness. You can easily control these effects by staying hydrated. Also, it would be wise to smoke in moderation to enjoy this bud.


Pink Star Strain: Final Thoughts

Beautiful, mind-blowing, and therapeutic are some of the words that best describe this champion cannabis strain. Not only will it wrap you in a mesmerizing aroma and flavour, prepare too for an out of this world high. Pink Death Star is sure to treat you to an unforgettable experience.

So browse through the CannabisOntario dispensary list and find the perfect cannabis store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day marijuana delivery in Toronto, and throughout the rest of the great Province of Ontario.


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