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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Pink Rhino Weed Strain Review

Breeding the Strawberry Cough and White Rhino strains produce a Pink Rhino weed strain, which takes an Indica dominant strain profile. This marijuana strain has a pungent smell hence its name.

By appearance, the marijuana strain is appealing through the medium-large buds that produce dark glitter. There are signs of the white Rhino genes that pass the pink colouration. The strain has a good curative and calming effect on its users. The weed strain is easy to cultivate because it is not labour-intensive. The scent you get from the Pink Rhino marijuana strain is a distinct gassy odour that is aromatic and will fill the room as soon as you get it off the package. You will also get an earth-like scent coming off from the blunt.

The uniqueness of its effects is placing the Pink Rhino on a lane of its own because it is a hybrid strain with not-so-powerful effects. The light effects make it a suitable weed companion on movie nights or when attending a social-friendly event during the holidays.


Pink Rhino Weed Strain: What is it?

If you want a cannabis strain for relaxation and not a potent effect, this marijuana strain will do just that. You will not be head high and will not fall asleep even after consuming several buds within your limit. The Pink Rhino is one of the most attractive pink buds with a remarkably strong scent that easily fills the room.

Some users will report a piney flavour accompanied by the sweet scent to produce a relaxing effect on the body. You will feel at ease as your muscles relax, keeping you awake and more active. The strain could be why you eat more, allowing patients with eating disorders to start eating because the marijuana strain is a good appetizer. The mild calming and relaxing effects of Pink Rhino strain can help you handle anxiety and tame the racing thoughts.


Wondering where to Buy Pink Rhino Weed Strain in Canada

Everyone over the age of 18 in Canada can legally purchase the pink rhino cannabis strain from a store under regulation. The online stores are making the purchase of different marijuana strains easier by enabling online ordering and shipping to land on your doorstep within the same day.

Some of these recreational cafes have the best discounts and even encourage you to smoke before you leave. The smoking units in different cafes accommodate as many consumers as possible. The next time you visit any Canadian province, you do not have to look so hard. The marijuana recreational facilities are working in full support of law enforcement. 

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Pink Rhino Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The Pink Rhino marijuana strain’s distinct aroma is a gassy odour coming out as a sweet scent filling your nostrils. Upon opening the package, you will instantly get the room filled with a myriad of scents such as pine and damp earth. When you light the buds, a piney flavour will not escape your sense of smell since it gives that relaxing feeling.

On its appearance, the Pink Rhino weed strain is attractive when you look at its medium to large green buds that shine with a dark glitter. The genes of the white rhino are evident through pink colouration on the leaves.


Pink Rhino Marijuana Strain: Grow Info

Growing the Pink Rhino cannabis strain is easy, and growers with no experience can handle the plant largely due to the plant being free from diseases, mildews, and moulds. You can do the cultivation both indoors and outdoors. The weed strain takes at least eight weeks to start flowering. For outdoor cultivation of the weed strain, you should get a yield of 11 ounces for every square inch. The yield should give 13 ounces per plant for the outdoor grower with the harvesting period between late September and early October.

The height of this particular marijuana strain is of medium height and does not grow too tall.


Effects of Pink Rhino Weed Strain

As much as the effects come from the Indica side of the crossbreeding, you are not heavy. Pink Rhino is the best choice for light socializing with friends because no one will fall asleep.


Medical Benefits of Pink Rhino Cannabis Strain

The weed strain is a recommendation from patients suffering from anxiety and inflammations. The calming effect is what cools down your nerves and thus stopping the running thoughts. Physicians who work with alternative therapies will recommend the Pink Rhino strain for patients who do not have lost appetite and insomnia. Body aches and muscle spasms will go away by lighting up the right dose of this cannabis strain.


Possible Side Effects of Pink Rhino Marijuana Strain

Marijuana, regardless of the strain you are using, will give some side effects. The Pink Rhino strain will leave your eyes red, a dry mouth, constantly thirsty. You may experience headaches if you smoke the blunt without a proper hydration formula. Take water or fluids before, during, and after your smoking session.


Pink Rhino Strain: Final Thoughts

The cannabis strain that will not overload you with its potency and still keep you in charge of events is the Pink Rhino strain. It is attractive among its pink peers and will surely help you kick-start your evening without the fear of being overly high. 

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