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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Moby Dick Weed Strain Review

Talk of energizing sweet buds. The Moby Dick weed strain has an incredibly powerful set of properties. Where this Weed strain gets its name from is still not clear. However, without doubts, it is a strong Sativa strain. It causes a cerebral high that flows through your system. In addition, it leads to an awakening experience for any tired soul. This strain works more on mood instead of relaxation.

It has a delicious taste that suits any tongue. Besides, it is perfect for increasing energy. However, this strain is yet to secure a top position in the Marijuana market. However, even with its little popularity, its efforts to rise are noticeable.


Moby Dick Marijuana Strain: What Is It?

This Cannabis strain has 75%t Sativa while Indica is 25%. It is a cross between the  Haze and White Window strains. It has a THC level of 21 percent. Due to its Sativa dominance, it leads to an impressive cerebral high. It assures to optimize productivity. Therefore, it is ideal for night time use. Users experience a euphoric effect.

Moreover, this Weed strain turns your mind into a source of creative thoughts. Think of a creative activity you can do during its high. You will need a plate of snacks within your reach.

Moby Dick has several medicinal uses. One is its capacity to kick-start craving for food. Besides, it is suitable for patients with depression and anxiety.

Moby Dick comes with some negative effects. Users claim to experience dry eyes and cottonmouth. However, they are two side effects that disappear within no time. That is especially if you drink a lot of water. It is not likely to cause paranoia. However, it might occur if you take more than what your body can handle.


Wondering Where to Buy Moby Dick Weed Strain in Canada

Moby Dick is not a popular weed strain in Canada. Find out whether it is available in your local dispensaries. Online shops may give you higher chances of finding this Marijuana strain. Besides, you can as well check it out in recreational shops.  At Cannabis Ontario, we put together a list of the best weed stores, marijuana shops, cannabis clinics, and online dispensaries in Ontario Canada. Find the perfect marijuana dispensary in Thunder Bay, Toronto, Ottawa, and every other city in Ontario.


Moby Dick Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavour Appearance

You will be quick to notice oversized nugs in this Marijuana strain. They have light green exteriors. The exteriors are bluish. Moreover, they are in a tight pack. However, they still try their best to show an outstanding inner bluish-purple shade. Its nugs have a coating of shiny trichomes.  They grow near the leaves.

Trichomes usually determine the complexity of a strain. Moby Dick has a lot of them. Other than producing cannabinoids, they also release terpenes. Those are the compounds responsible for fragrance. Moby Dick cannabis has a peppery citrus mix of aromas.  It awakens you before you make a hit. This Marijuana strain has a distinct scent.  You are not likely to forget it. It quickly fills the surroundings as it puts your nostrils on hold.

Its fragrance carries over to the flavour. A sour lemon element scratches your tongue. That is before it turns into a sweet and earthy taste. In breathing out, the breath leaves behind a piney taste that lies between lemony flavour.


Moby Dick Weed Strain: Grow Info

Moby Dick gives you generous yields. Therefore, it is a great choice for growers. It performs well in both indoor or field settings. However, it seems to do better in field conditions. Sunny Mediterranean regions are suitable for outdoor conditions for you to realize maximum yields.

Indoor plants yield about 23 ounces per square meter. Flowers are ready for harvest in 9-10 weeks. Outdoor plants can give you up to 53 ounces of buds per plant. You should expect to harvest in early November.


Effects of Moby Dick Marijuana Strain

Moby Dick weed causes a wide range of positive sensations. Moreover, it leads to an increase in energy. The two effects that make this Weed strain popular in the industry. It increases creativity to users.  At first, there is a light and euphoric feeling. You feel like you can overcome anything that comes your way. 

It is capable of causing a mood lift. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for social gatherings. It brings a smile even on the hardest faces. As a strong Sativa, its uplift remains throughout the entire high. This Marijuana strain is exceptional in that it causes relaxation. At the same time, allowing you to remain productive. 


Medical Benefits of Moby Dick Cannabis Strain

Moby Dick is popular among medicinal weed users. First, it is ideal in the treatment of persistent stress. Secondly, it is helpful to patients with mental issues. It eases anxiety and depression. Besides, its ability to bring a calm feeling allows you to have positive thoughts. That is even in challenging situations. Moreover, it is an excellent pain reliever. Cancer patients find this Cannabis strain helpful.  It deals with the loss of appetite that occurs after treatments.


Possible Side Effects of Moby Dick Weed Strain

Moby Dick weed has relatively few side effects compared to other strains. Users claim to experience cottonmouth and dry eyes. Using too much of this Weed strain may lead to slight paranoia. In rare cases, users may experience slight dizziness.


Moby Dick Strain Review: Final Thoughts

This Cannabis strain is suitable for any user. Even beginners can try it out without concerns. However, it’s important to be cautious of the amounts you take. Minimal intakes allow you to enjoy a balanced Sativa experience. So browse through the CannabisOntario dispensary list and find the perfect marijuana store for you. You can find top-rated cannabis dispensaries, mail order marijuana, and same day cannabis delivery in Brantford, Toronto, Ottawa, and many other cities in Ontario Canada.


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Common Usage

Loss of Appetite

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Dry Eyes
Cotton Mouth

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