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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Meat Breath Weed Strain Review

The Meat Breath weed strain, an Indica dominant hybrid, has unique physical attributes compared to other strains due to its trichome visibility. Further, it has long tapered mint-green nuggets with amber hairs and a thick blanket layer of crystal trichomes covering the leaf’s surface. Its flavour is as addictive as its high. Its effects are well balanced and hit both physically and mentally. It has a high THC potency level of between 24% and 29%.

You feel a euphoric high that settles in swiftly as your energy levels begin to shoot up. This Marijuana Strain puts the mind in a calm and relaxed state, leaving you with only positive thoughts and at ease with everything around you.  As a result of its effects, this Weed Strain treats conditions such as depression, chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Its ability to deal with these ailments has made it gain positive reviews over time.


Meat Breath Cannabis Strain: What Is It?

An exotic hybrid with an evenly balanced Sativa /Indica ratio, Meat Breath Marijuana Strain, is a cross of the infamous Mendo Breath and Meatloaf Strains. Its name pretty much explains its flavour, which leaves an aftertaste that lasts hours on the palate. It has a citrus, spicy diesel taste with subtle hints of meatloaf when exhaling. The smell is more pungent with spicy rotting meat and a harsh chemical diesel stench.


Wondering Where to Buy Meat Breath Weed Strain in Canada?

Several local dispensaries and recreational stores in Canada sell this Weed Strain, however very few have premium quality products. Therefore, ensure you obtain value for your money by purchasing from a reputable distributor. The good news is that you can make an online order and have the weed delivered straight to your doorstep in less than 24 hours. 

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Meat Breath Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

This Cannabis Strain has an aromatic bud that gives off vanilla and caramel scents with flavours that keep you guessing if the weed came from a candy shop. Its sugar-sweet flavour makes it irresistibly nostalgic when smoking, more so when the vanilla and caramel linger on the palate long after the smoke.

It has beautiful buds that are dense and tight, quite pleasant to the eye. It also has cone-shaped buds that are long and allow room for its trichomes to grow. Nearly the entire flower, from its leaves to the stem, has a resinous blanket covering.  Its earthy-sweet scent and the authentic flavour it emits makes it highly appreciated. An intense mixture of diesel and woody aroma creates its unique smoking experience that is comparable to none.


Meat Breath Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

Anyone intending to grow the Meat Breath Cannabis Strain on their own should try. It is because the Weed Strain is an easy-grow and flourishes indoors and outdoors. It has a flowering time of between 8 to 9 weeks with an average output for indoor cultivation.


Effects of Meat Breath Marijuana Strain

Users tend to enjoy  the Meat Breath weed strain’s uplifting sensations soon after the first inhale. Its cerebral rush follows slowly with a relaxing body high. While in a euphoric state, you may find yourself reaching for the couch as cannabis is well known for its severe couch-lock effect. Get to enjoy how fast your worries fade away as your mind clears and becomes full of positive thoughts.

Besides, this phenotype also gives you a buzzing high that flows through your body in a wave-like motion while keeping you happy and mellow in social situations. This Weed Strain has a calm undertone that blends throughout the body. Generally, you can’t get enough of the Meat Breath Marijuana Strain.


Medical Benefits of Meat Breath Cannabis Strain

For medical purposes, this Cannabis Strain is ideal for users suffering from headaches, muscle spasms, tension, insomnia and pain. With its potential to give individuals a euphoric and uplifting high, medical users tend to treat depression and stress with it. However, be informed that the Meat Breath Weed Strain is a hard-hitting herb that is overwhelming to new users.


Possible Side Effects of Meat Breath Weed Strain

Similar to most Weed Strains, Meat Breath can have adverse effects on users. These effects include dry eyes and mouth. This issue is often a result of dehydration. However, you can quickly mitigate these effects through constant hydration of the body. Ensure you always have a bottle of water with you to keep the mouth and eyes moist. You can purchase an eyedropper from a nearby local pharmacy, as it will assist keep the eyes moisturized continuously.


Meat Breath Weed Strain Review: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Meat Breath weed strain effects have been reviewed and known to be uplifting and relaxing with a body high that is mood-enhancing. Due to its sedative nature, users with experience on this Weed Strain find it quite overwhelming for first-time smokers. Therefore, ensure you take the appropriate dose to prevent you from experiencing any adverse effects. 

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