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Updated January 21, 2021

By the Cannabis Ontario team

Kush Berry Weed Strain Review

Berry Kush or the Kush Berry weed strain is a 100% Indica dominant strain. The THC content offers a mighty high. It is a mixture of Blueberry and OG Kush.

The strain has a famous Blueberry taste in varying degrees and is an excellent taste if you love the good taste of a cannabis product. The high you get from this weed strain is an uplifting and relaxing one, the best kind when seeking creativity and inspiration. The medicinal value of this strain comes into play when suffering from insomnia, pain, and stress.

The strain is also famous for leaving its consumers with dry mouth. Therefore, never forget your glass of water or juice when meditating. The cannabis strain flowering period comes after eight to nine weeks yielding up to 500-grams per square meter. The strain has large dark green buds with tonal highlights that give the Berry Kush its trademark attractiveness. The scent is earthly and woodsy, leaving you with citrus undertones.


Kush Berry Cannabis Strain: What is it?

This particular weed strain is attractive to the eye flaunting its large light green buds highlighted with tones. A blend of OG Kush and the Blueberry that fills your lungs, not only the smoke but also a very aromatic scent of Blueberry flavours. Once you light it up, the woodsy, earthly, and citrus aromas will float in the air.

The kind of mental high you receive from the Kush Berry Strain inspires creativity that is uplifting and offers relation. The feeling you get from using the weed strain is something you have never felt before. The strain has its use for patients suffering pain, insomnia, and stress-related ailments. Furthermore, patients’ on chemotherapy may also use the cannabis strain for pain management.


Wondering where to Buy Kush Berry Weed Strain in Canada

Canada is one of the countries that have regulated marijuana recreational clinics and booths. You can get your dose of Kush Berry strain virtually in all provinces where you will likely find a team ready to advise you based on your medical needs. You can make an order in person or via phone and get your delivery depending on how it operates.


You can also make an appointment to speak to a professional about the desire to use this particular weed strain. You can do this in three easy steps, booking, consultation, and treatment. Some recreational shops operate on a 24/7 basis to make sure you never miss a dose.

At Cannabis Ontario, we put together a list of the best weed stores, marijuana shops, cannabis clinics, and online dispensaries in Ontario Canada. Browse through our site now and find the perfect marijuana dispensary in London, Toronto, Ottawa, and every other city in Ontario.


Kush Berry Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The original scent of OG Kush could be what the Kush Berry strain has. At the moment of blending with Blueberry, the scent does not correspond to its taste. That is why the smoke you churn out carries the Blueberry flavour. The dominant taste is a sweet berry that gives out an earthly, Blueberry, herbal, dank, and sweet aroma. Sometimes you may catch a scent of earth or wood with an undertone of citrus.

The marijuana strain’s overall appearance is that the buds maintain the large dark green buds with highlighted tones. The plant grows up to six feet high and is attractive to the eye.


Kush Berry Marijuana Strain: Grow Info

Cultivating the KushBerry strain is not a difficult undertaking, and it will be helpful if you have some experience. The strain will do well in a Mediterranean climate in an outdoor or indoor setting. Arguably, hydroponics is the best way to grow the marijuana strain. You will have a better harvest when you combine hydroponics and the sea of green technique. The formation of a dense kola in the middle with glittering trichomes is due to its stocky stature.

Indoor plants will start flowering after 8 to 9 weeks. Kush Berry strain in this setting matures faster, leading to a modest harvest. The yields could be somewhere in the zone of 18 ounces for every square meter.

In an outdoor environment, Kush Berry has no problem with flourishing in the right environment. The best time to harvest comes in the third or last week of October. It would help if you had a yield of 18 ounces per square meter or more


Effects of Kush Berry Weed Strain

The powerful Kush Berry Strain effects are inherited from OG Kush. That is why you will always feel uplifted at its onset. The feeling of euphoria and happiness comes before the cerebral high, which may overwhelm a new user. The good news is that most users do not reach the numbing psychedelic high.

Berry Kush has a dominant 70% Indica that delivers the most devastating physical high. As relaxation sets in the Blueberry part of the weed, strain balances off the mental high. Cannabis strain enthusiasts will swear that combining physical and mental highs makes the Kush Berry strain one of the best.


Medical Benefits of Kush Berry Cannabis Strain

The incredible power of the Kush Berry strain in the induction of both physical and uplifting effects makes it a suitable candidate in the medical field in managing stress. The high you get from this strain eases away from the pain you get from aches.

Consuming the Kush Berry strain increases your appetite, and therefore it is an appropriate dose for patients dealing with eating disorders. Insomnia patients will also find the weed strain useful because of its relaxing effect that will help take them back to the regular sleep-wake cycle.


Possible Side Effects of Kush Berry Weed Strain

Regardless of how beneficial a cannabis strain maybe, some adverse effects are still unavoidable. The amount of Kush Berry dosage you use defines its adverse effects on you. There is the feeling of having a dry eye and throat due to overdose. You may be calm but dizzy due to the intensity of its effects on your body.

Some users may experience headaches or become paranoid in rare cases. Paranoia is a temporary effect that will go away. Therefore, there’s no cause for alarm.


Kush Berry Strain Review: Final Thoughts

There is no denying that the Kush Berry cannabis strain is sought after weed in Canada. If you are one of those users who enjoy Blueberry’s sweet scent, then the Kush Berry is worth that shot. Enjoy every degree of sweetness coming out of every puff. Find the best recreational and medical cannabis in Markham, Toronto, Ottawa, and many other cities at CannabisOntario, your source for information on trusted recreational and medical marijuana in Canada. 


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